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  1. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. To give me a boost, my parents surprised my family and I with a booked cruise on the Prinsendam to the Baltic in July 2007. It was wonderful to focus on something positive during all the treatments and we were very excited about our first cruise. The experience was beyond any expectation we had. We loved every minute aboard! I will never forget Captain Chris Turner taking the time to visit our table in the dining room to wish my daughter a happy 9th birthday and the kindness of the entire crew. To say we were hooked on cruising
  2. My husband found this on YouTube, the Rotterdam on its way to dry dock. from about 1 minute in. A special ship......she will be missed!
  3. Thank you for the pictures and videos! Had tears in my eyes seeing her arrive for the last time in Rotterdam. We have traveled on her many times, last year to the north pole. Little did we know that was our last trip on her! I do hope the lovely art work gets transferred to the Rotterdam VII!
  4. Terribly sad to hear of the loss of these smaller ships-especially the Rotterdam has a special place in my heart. I just hope something of what HAL used to be remains in the future.....
  5. We have just received our refund for a cancelled 5 July cruise. I sincerely hope that we can return to cruising as soon as is possible!
  6. Let’s hope and pray the passangers and crew members who need the care, get the proper care. As to costs, of course I cannot speaking for every nationality, but most western Europeans have excellent health insurance which will pay for medical care in the US.
  7. Dutch news reports HAL is requesting a second test to verify that the passanger has corona. Meanwhile another news source says a second passanger (81 year old man) has been tested twice positive for the virus. Dutch passangers are not allowed to fly home yet. I suspect when they do they will be in quarantine at a Dutch military base until cleared. This is what happened to those returning from mainland China.
  8. A clip from the Dutch news of passangers disembarking. Safe travels home to everyone! https://nos.nl/l/2322940
  9. Dutch news reports the Westerdam has docked!
  10. I am so happy for passengers and crew that this situation is resolved!
  11. The Westerdam was highlighted on the main Dutch evening news. The Dutch government is trying all diplomatic routes to get permission for the ship to dock in Thailand. The ship is still heading towards Thailand. The Dutch Public Health Authorities are in contact with the ships medical team. I will keep you posted if anything new breaks from the Dutch side of things.
  12. Latest Dutch news is that three people on board were suspected of having the virus. All were tested, and the tests came out negative. Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs is working on a diplomatic and political level to resolve this matter.
  13. Regarding muster drill etiquette, can I please ask English speaking guests to also refrain from speaking when instructions are given in Dutch. On many of our European cruises, I noticed that while listening attentively when the Captain was speaking English, as soon as he switched to Dutch, many passangers considered the drill over and began chatting. There are many elderly Dutch passengers on European cruises who benefit from hearing instructions in their native language, so please be respectful of this!
  14. When we were there on the Nieuw Amsterdam, we were advised on board not to take the Donkey’s up as they are not well treated. I was very impressed that HAL notified passages about this. Since then I do know that the UK based Donkey Sanctuary is working with the local government in Santorini to improve the welfare. To those of who visit there, please be aware and think twice about taking a donkey ride up! If you would like information about the Santorini donkeys see link: https://www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/support-us/campaigns/santorini
  15. Captain Turner was the Master of the Prinsendam on our first cruise in 2007. He stopped by our table to wish my daughter a Happy 9th Birthday. She has never forgotten it! Have a wonderful retirement Captain Turner-you will be missed!
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