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  1. I'm excited to get to go on the Fascination out of PR in 2021, thanks for the picture, gives an awesome view of my room!
  2. Which week did you book? I am on the 10/10/21 cruise.
  3. I booked for 10/2021, I figure with how many stops there are, I might not mind the fascination. Would be neat if they switched ships, but I'm not holding my breath. I did like that the prices were cheaper for the fascination. I booked an AFT balcony room, which I am excited about.
  4. Side note, if you have the carnival mastercard you get 12% back on carnival excursions. You get 2% on the purchase, and then they refund you 10% This isn't a big difference, I'm sure you are getting 11% back currently 10% gift card and 1% credit card.
  5. We were on there in October and they didn't have Diet Dr. Pepper, so they are dead to me.
  6. We just did the glory with our 2 kids. One slept on the couch, and the other had the pullman from the ceiling. It worked nicely.
  7. They have the small cans of rock star, and still should since Pepsico distributes rock star.
  8. I do get an additional 10% off of cheers by using gift cards. I'm sure I would still skimp out on certain drinks knowing that my money is counting down with every purchase. Even with cheers I will bring 2 bottles of wine and purchase water for the room.
  9. Have you ever splurged and bought drinks at the coffee shop? It is fantastic to get morning drinks there. They also have milk shakes. Without cheers I wouldn't go there. The big one for us is the Alchemy bar, they have some crazy drinks. I'm pretty sure on my last cruise I tried almost all of them.
  10. I've said it before, but here is my take again. If I didn't buy the cheers package, I wouldn't be able to enjoy drinking on the ship, yes I can afford the drinks, but thinking about the prices.... I just can't stomach it. Cheers allows me to prepay, and then I do not feel bad getting an $11 drink that I might not like.Without cheers I would probably stick to beer. Cheers makes it easier for me to focus on vacation and not worry about the money I am spending.
  11. Not to mention all of the non alcoholic drinks you can get. I probably almost hit $50 a day in NA drinks. I would get a rockstar, a fancy coffee, bottles of water for the port, soda, maybe another coffee, and would usually end the night with a milk shake.
  12. I promise this is the last one for today 2020summersave 20summersave summersave2020 summersave20
  13. These also work: 2020friendsday 20friendsday friendsday2020 friendsday20
  14. Just tried these and they work: cooltreats2020 cooltreats20 2020cooltreats 20cooltreats
  15. I am booked for the fascination October 10th 2021, curious what the dry dock will include.
  16. Both times we went, we booked through carnival. It might be cheaper to book on your own, but there is security in knowing the ship will not leave you if you get stuck in traffic. Remember you can also do the price comp if you find a similar excursion.
  17. How does one know how early they can actually board with FTTF? I will be on the Glory in October, and my scheduled time is 12-12:30. Thanks!
  18. Last time we were there, we went to an the viva Wyndham for an all inclusive day.
  19. Good news, I have a new excuse to use. I'm morally bankrupt so I can't be held accountable. 😆😆😆😆😆
  20. 😭😭😭 I appreciate your honesty, I clearly have some soul searching to do. I didn't realize my position in the world and how terrible I am. Maybe with your guidance I can become a better person. Maybe we could plan a cruise together. Maybe you can help me remove my hat before entering the mdr. I don't know how to dress up for formal night, maybe you could help me replace my jeans with some slacks. Maybe you could help me quit smoking so I don't break the rules and smoke on the balcony. All honesty, thank you for the entertainment.😂😂😂
  21. Couldn't let it go could you? Alright, let's begin. You do realize I bought the drink package. Here is the equivalent of what I did, I go to a restaurant and pay for all I can eat, but I also brought in some extra food. Did the restaurant lose money, no. Did carnival lose money, no I didn't lie. I didn't cheat. I didn't steal. Congratulations on being a keyboard warrior and judging others.
  22. One of the first things they taught me was to treat others the way I wanted to be treated, and if I couldn't say something nice not to say anything at all. So with that being said have a nice life, and I hope you have many cruises in your future.
  23. In life more than likely, don't know what my vacation has to do with that.🤣
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