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  1. Hi Patty, you don’t sound snobby at all. We will be on our first Crystal cruise in November and have sailed many other cruise lines where passengers are used to lining up for a meal. I always say that I am not going to run for a flight or line up for a meal but sometimes I find my self falling into this bad habit. Now that I have been forewarned I will ensure that my schedule does not include lining up to dine at 6pm. i have looked forward to sailing with Crystal for so long I don’t want anything to ruin it!
  2. Thanks so much for the information. Very much appreciated. Now I will contact my ta.
  3. I know that I may have asked this question a few months back, but as we are getting closed to our first Crystal sailing, here it is again. We sail for the first time on the Symphony in November and also on the same ship, Singapore to Dubai in April. Since I have an existing booking, can I get any discounts while on board in November for the already booked cruise in April? Also, if yes, how do I go about doing this?
  4. For our next two Crystal cruises we are booked in an outside guaranty, however, we have assigned cabins for both sailings. Our ta says that the assigned cabins are likely to change. I actually am quite pleased with our assignments........I will keep you posted.
  5. Funny, because they se the airport code for Monaco, not Nice.
  6. I Recently booked this cruise and flight details from Oceania indicate a flight into Monaco. I thought that Monaco only had a heliport. Has anyone ever flown into Monaco and if so, what was the aircraft used?
  7. I am trying to edit some personal information in the check in area on line. I am unable to access the medical insurance area to add my medical insurance data. Does anyone know how to do this? I am 100% checked in but need to edit a few things.
  8. Thanks Ann and Keith. We normally do not eat off the ship as I have a compromised immune system. I will ensure all my shots are up to date. Many thanks.
  9. We are booked on this 15 day Symphony cruise next April and just wondering about the requirements for inoculations. Other than Hep shots, we didn’t get anything special for our cruise that stopped in Egypt, Jordan, Oman, and Dubai. Looking for input from cruisers who have done similar itinerary, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and the UAE.
  10. Lovely videos......so anxious to sail Crystal!
  11. Thanks so much, really looking forward to being Crystallized. I just hope that a nine night cruise will long enough but time will tell. Then next spring we are booked on a 15 night voyage from Singapore to Dubai. I pray for peace in the Middle East!
  12. Hi Cindy, hope we are on the same sailing in November. We are on the Symphony November 8. You have my agreement on all your well stated points!
  13. Thanks Coral, I really believe that this cruise will be fantastic. We are also booked on another Symphony next April, Singapore to Dubai. Can’t wait to try Crystal!
  14. On a recent Azamara Cruise my husband remarked on how friendly everyone on board was. A seasoned ta responded that if we were on a Crystal or other luxury cruise line fellow passengers may not be quite so nice......they may not even converse with you. I certainly hope this is not the case as my husband and I are booked on our first Crystal cruise in November. We are not the ‘whooping and hollering’ types and have experienced this type of behaviour on many upper premium lines and certainly detest it! I do believe that we all have the right to travel on whatever cruise lines that we can afford. And what one considers a low entry price for some may be very expensive for others, as in the case of Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders who have to pay an extra 35 to 50 percent to purchase a US dollar. I hope that the passengers on our first Crystal cruise are a welcoming as other ships we have sailed.
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