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  1. Our 50th. Anniversary cruise from Singapore to Dubai was cancelled on March 3rd. We waited a few weeks then contacted Crystal direct, as our ta was sick with Covid. After getting nowhere with an agent, I requested to speak to a supervisor. She said that they didn’t have supervisors! Well, I did not believe this to be true so I kept pushing to speak to someone in charge. After a long wait I was transferred to a supervisor who advised that she had already processed my refund. So I was credited for the amount of final payment but not for my deposit. We finally received that a couple of weeks ago, but I had to contact Crystal once again. We are still waiting for our 500 dollar air credit, but I was advised hat this would be done by another department. Not a bad outcome but stressful, nonetheless.
  2. I think that people feel that if a majority of city workers get the virus the water filtration plants may go off line. In any case the preppers tell people to stock up on water.....
  3. As a passenger with only one Crystal cruise under my belt kindly allow me to give my opinion on this matter. For dining my DH and I have no issues with anytime dining as we enjoy sitting alone. I do, however, think that passengers who have sailed with Crystal for many years are upset that there are newbies sailing. Case in point, on our November Symphony sailing there were some rowdy gals who were posing as mannequins in the boutique and many other passengers commented negatively to this behaviour.i didn't agree with their behaviour either, but they were really harmless! Also we took transfer to the Pullman Hotel in Miami and I overheard a lady complaining about the quality of cruisers on our sailing. We have sailed for over 40 years and have never encountered this attitude on other lines. So are passengers sociable on Crystal, not sure. There is certainly an old boys network and if you are new to the cruiseline it is very difficult to fit in. Both Keith and Terry do a great job at promoting friendliness on board but I am still unsure. As someone said,I guess I haven’t drank the Crystal Kool Aid!
  4. Thanks Anne..... not sure what to do next. Want to sail as it was supposed to be our 50th. Anniversary trip.
  5. Ones anyone out there know what the deadline is for accepting the April 23 Symphony cruise ?
  6. We are booked on the Symphony, Singapore to Dubai and really want to sail! Having said that I am looking at alternatives, as we have booked our air separately, Toronto to Dubai to Singapore, board the ship for 15 days to Dubai the fly back to Canada. i don’t think that we are eligible for fcc unless they say the cruise is cancelled.
  7. Hi Keith, DH and I always take the flu shot, sometimes they get it right other times not. I know so many people who don’t take the shot....does not make sense to me as it is free where we live in Canada. I hope that they find an inoculation for this virus soon. We are scheduled to sail on the Symphony April 23, Singapore to Dubai. Like so many others we have been planning this voyage for over a year. It is our 50th. Anniversary cruise and it is very special to us!
  8. We stayed at the Marriott Al Jaddif and loved it! We were on the executive floor with access to the lounge included. They have a shuttle bus to the Dubai Mall. Overall it was great value for the money!
  9. Just read your information. We sailed on Azamara 2 years ago, Athens to Dubai, and I have to say it was one of our very best cruises. Should you like more info. Please let me know. I would be more than happy to help. By the way,we did stay a few days after the cruise and loved it so much we are returning in April!
  10. We Canadians love relish on our hot dogs and burgers! p.s. loved your review of Crystal, we sailed the Symphony for the first time inNovember and your sentiments were the same as ours! We are sailing her again in April, Singapore to Dubai, and hope we enjoy ourselves more!
  11. Hi Patty, you don’t sound snobby at all. We will be on our first Crystal cruise in November and have sailed many other cruise lines where passengers are used to lining up for a meal. I always say that I am not going to run for a flight or line up for a meal but sometimes I find my self falling into this bad habit. Now that I have been forewarned I will ensure that my schedule does not include lining up to dine at 6pm. i have looked forward to sailing with Crystal for so long I don’t want anything to ruin it!
  12. Thanks so much for the information. Very much appreciated. Now I will contact my ta.
  13. I know that I may have asked this question a few months back, but as we are getting closed to our first Crystal sailing, here it is again. We sail for the first time on the Symphony in November and also on the same ship, Singapore to Dubai in April. Since I have an existing booking, can I get any discounts while on board in November for the already booked cruise in April? Also, if yes, how do I go about doing this?
  14. For our next two Crystal cruises we are booked in an outside guaranty, however, we have assigned cabins for both sailings. Our ta says that the assigned cabins are likely to change. I actually am quite pleased with our assignments........I will keep you posted.
  15. Funny, because they se the airport code for Monaco, not Nice.
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