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  1. Observer

    Luggage Shipping Service

    I have had one unsatisfactory experience with Luggage Concierge and never used them again. I have had very good luck with Luggage Forward. I agree with Keith that most of the services use the same carriers (Fedex or UPS or DHL). But they use different local forwarding services at the ports to get the luggage between the ship and the air carrier. I think as Keith said that there is a lot of wisdom about using the forwarding service associated with the cruise line at the end of the trip.
  2. Observer

    Silver Whisper arrives in Fort Lauderdale

    Thanks very much. It looks to be refreshed but otherwise quite familiar. Further photos (inc public areas) would be welcome!
  3. Observer

    Silver Whisper arrives in Fort Lauderdale

    I am bumping this message. I would appreciate comments on the results of the drydock – especially from the first two posters. I doubt there were radical changes as with Spirit. But are there cosmetic changes? Are they pleasing? Has the ship been Musified within the limits of an older vessel? Thanks for any reports.
  4. Observer


    I believe that Whisper offers a late 2019 cruise with a number of days in Cuba (perhaps four or five) and an overnight in Havana.
  5. Observer

    Silver Spirit Holiday Cruise

    Not a great way to start a holiday cruise -- esp. for the medically removed folk. I gather the winds in south Florida (and presumably elsewhere in the region) have been ferocious. Hope you will continue posting. It's fun to cruise (if only vicariously). BTW: Who is the Captain, CD, and HD on Spirit now?
  6. Observer

    Whisper has departed drydock

    I stand corrected. Thanks.
  7. Observer

    Whisper has departed drydock

    Thanks! Look forward to reports (photos?) of changes that will directly impact customer experience. As I recall, some of the changes were to be specific to WC 19 and its Antarctic visit.
  8. Observer

    Silver Muse dining reservations

    Do we know with certainty whether Moon will have dining arrangements similar to Muse/Spirit? There are certainly advantages to the variety offered by the Muse/Spirit arrangements. But there are also challenges. I think that, on balance, I would be pleased if they returned to a large MDR/Restaurant. But then I would really miss some aspects of the current offerings. It would be a close call for me.
  9. Observer

    Questions from new to Silverseas Cruiser.

    There is also the option of The Grill on the pool deck, where no jacket is required. I am fairly certain that the outdoor pizza restaurant on deck 10 if Spirit is also always casual.
  10. Observer

    Silver Muse dining reservations

    I suggest you lock in the 7 pm option and then, once onboard, talk with Maitre d’ that you want to arrive at 7:45 pm. There should be no problem.....
  11. Observer

    Questions from new to Silverseas Cruiser.

    There is, of course, no MDR on Spirit on which OP will be sailing. It is enormously frustrating to see maitre d’s permit many men in sport shirts into restaurants for which a jacket is required on informal nights. A bit more enforcement is necessary here. Perhaps Silversea could rent jackets to passengers who say they did not bring one.
  12. Yours is an interesting and clearly informed post. (You could add Crystal’s new ship to your inventory of expedition ships.)Is it not possible, however, that this sector is being developed at a frenetic pace and that there may very soon be more capacity than demand in this specialized sector. In retrospect, Silversea prove wise not to have invested heavily in new build expedition ships. On the other hand, they could well be left behind if demand in this sector grows beyond capacity. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. For the record, I do not believe there has been any announcement that Wind will become an expedition ship or fitted with Zodiacs. As far as I know, this is mere speculation with no basis in fact.
  14. Observer

    Silver Whisper drydock

    There is much more and more current information here: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=8520
  15. Observer

    Disappointment on Whisper in Venice

    Your post is filled with a good deal of speculation about the effect of the RCL purchase of a majority share of Silversea. But I was struck by your assertion that Shadow failed a CDC inspection this summer. This was (alarming) news to me. So I checked the CDC webpage and can find only that Shadow was inspected on May 26, 2018 and earned a quite respectable -- and certainly not failing -- score of 93. Were you on a later cruise that was inspected and failed? Would you kindly share the source of your information that Shadow failed a post-RCL purchase inspection by CDC. An assertion like your needs to be factual.