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  1. Yes everything has changed everything in my mind (after watching the livestreams of those last year on the Diamond in Japan. In the past it was all about as much cruising for the best deals (all cabin categories, although mostly insides, 28 days once inside, no problem, lol). But that was the past. I don’t think I’ll ever go in anything less then a balcony again. Needing something to look forward to, DH and I booked my dream cabin (that I’ve never had) Vista Suite for 10 days in Feb 22. I know that will not become the “norm “ unless we win the powerball! Doing my best to not book anythin
  2. Yes, we rescued him in March and took him in our RV, from Glacier NP to Corpus Christie TX. Only to come home and have him “escape” for a couple of weeks. We were very lucky that he finally climbed into the live trap on Christmas Eve morning, in the SNOW! Best Christmas present EVER to get him back!
  3. What a nice thread. This was Houdini’s first Christmas. Thought the cat lovers might enjoy his first look at the tree (that was completely decorated with non-breakables). Haven’t had fruit cake in a decade, seems like I enjoyed it though. Happy New Year Everbody!
  4. Hi Beg, how are you? We were on the 28 LA, Tahiti together in 2012. I also agree with you. It was always impossible to figure out just how many spaces were left for an excursion. I have no doubt that excursions are the last thing on their minds right now. EXCEPT, they are still letting people book and PAY for them. Argghhh, I thought it was terrible when they started that practice. NOW, they are just adding more work and chaos on top of what they are already experiencing. Ok let’s just keep taking money for things that may/may not happen. Good grief. I used to
  5. 👍Thank You! The bottom line is NOBODY is an expert, when it comes to “traveling by cruise ship during a pandemic “. Well except for the experts that studied the transmission of the Spanish Flu (um WW1 infected soldiers on war ships). They however were not cruising for leisure. Anybody know how quickly and for how long leisure passengers stopped sailing during that. Or did they? Calling all history buffs for this one.
  6. Make sure you are logged in, when you pick your cabin, the price will change.
  7. I agree with you GMJ, the one thing I agree with ride-the-waves about is cruising is likely to become much more expensive. When I started cruising 30 years ago, it was very expensive, but it was also very luxurious. Most of us have watched the changes, as the ships became bigger, the basic cost was less, but the extra costs rose. Yes you could still have luxury, but it had to be paid for. Now they have these monster ships that they “might” not be allowed to fill anymore. It might become an expensive “luxury” to disembark at a port. Yikes. Yes I’ll still go, I want
  8. Well at least we’re talking/thinking about the actual cruise experience. As I said earlier, I didn’t think I would book until they actually started cruising again (for several reasons I did not have any fcc when all this broke out, or any cruises booked for that matter). Imagine the entire on-board experience on port days, should large quantities of the passengers not go ashore. Come to think of it, I have experienced that in less then desirable ports. Those types of days can be a bummer, no fresh sailing air, shops/casino closed, etc. DH doesn’t come on here, but I’ve been tel
  9. Thanks for posting this, interesting to hear how MSC is doing it. As I stated earlier in this thread I can only hope that Princess still reads this stuff. I couldn’t take a tour like that anymore. But IF Princess does make it policy (I have already apologized for using the word mandatory ), that you can only get off the ship in port , via a ship tour, I can only hope that they think out of the box and come up with better options.
  10. I’m with you, it reminds me of a ship tour I took in Casablanca with armed guards. Thanks for posting Caribil, glad you enjoyed it. Wonder what happens during a tour like that when somebody is not feeling well and wants to take an unexpected break.
  11. No offense, it posted out of order. I understand you are only talking about Princess. However they are not sailing yet, as Caribill described above in MSC which IS cruising, it is the only way to get off the ship.
  12. Missing my question folks. I don’t have any problem taking ship tours either. I was asking for those who are booked, are you happy with the offerings ? As in the specific excursions currently being offered For your specific cruise/cruises you are booked on. I guess I’m posting this in the hopes that people discuss it and Princess actually reads it. I’m sure it’s currently at the bottom of their priority list. However, DH and I love the beach and on my cruise, only Cabo shows beach time at a hotel . No worries, if we can go we’ll go. But I’m going to stay on the ship and use th
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