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  1. Thanks for posting the link blue sea, you posted while I was typing.
  2. Bless you, you are exactly who I was just talking about. Best wishes for your cousins health.
  3. THANK YOU! I was composing something similar earlier but was getting too upset. Unfortunately I’m not sure about the end of your post. I was reading a heated thread on another forum. They hadn’t mentioned “our ship” at all. It is after all ostensibly , OUR ship, I say that as most of us have either : Cruised on the DP or with some of her CREW on other ships, CREW who are still on there AND could be reading this! Have family/friends or just people we have come to care about like the Abel’s and others from social media. Yikes!!, come on, can’t we at least be decent human beings to each other on here. I haven’t seen this kind of nastiness since all the smoking threads years ago.
  4. Why not bring them home, we’ve already got the Westerdam people not to mention tons of others, on their way: This is just going to get bigger. DH has a friend who is currently on a celebrity ship. That ship was originally scheduled to sail from Singapore to Dubai. Celebrity said, oh Singapore is a hot spot, let’s change this ship to a round trip Dubai (they did this on a Monday before a Saturday sailing ). Well guess what, people (I dont know how many) were either already in Singapore or went anyways then flew to Dubai and boarded the ship. AFTER spending days sightseeing in Singapore . Anyone else see the potential problem here?
  5. Thank you for posting this, I had given up looking. My heart absolutely breaks for them (For ALL of them). But I have been following them all along. I had pretty much figured their silence was “adjusting” to their news. The thought of being in their shoes makes me cry.
  6. Oops it might say Hamilton, but it’s UK registry either way.
  7. Why the US? The back of the ship reads LONDON, the ship sails under UK registry. A silly point I guess. But following the Abels, all along I wanted to point it out to him.
  8. Thanks to both of you, still trying to decipher it all. I guess I want it all. Babr, I hate to say it, but I have seen way too many air lifts off of ships , to not care anymore. US, ok maybe free, but in all other countries? Thanks
  9. Sorry to be talking so much about Princess. I actually posted this on the Princess Forum. It had 30 views in 30 minutes, and moved here (I never realized this section existed). I posted on the Princess Forum as there has been a lot of discussion on multiple threads about insurance while discussing the DIamond Princess mess. Ok so moved here, is everyone talking about insurance over here? Any answers for me? Thanks. Tammy
  10. So, I was very lucky not getting insurance for 25years of cruising (just a couple times when cruising solo). Then husband was injured two days before a cruise (not only lost money but got charged by travel agency for NOT taking the cruise) have bought insurance since, but never had to use it. Would love to understand everything better. What is this cancel for any reason Princess insurance being talked about on the Diamond Princess thread? I know elite gets a discount right? What about other insurance companies? When I have booked insurance in the last it was mostly out of concern for air lifts etc. Has anyone figured out what companies offer what? Are we allowed to have a thread discussing this all in one place? Especially the pandemic exclusions now? Thanks Tammy
  11. Unless I missed it, he did not make his two announcements, despite people “asking”
  12. Can you tell me how to find this? Hubby and I have been watching the live-streaming of the British couple. But would like to hear someone else.
  13. Hum, someone else might be able to comment on the restaurants in the middle of the beach. But I honestly don’t think any of them “rock the music” like on Cabo. My thought would still be to go to the end. Lettys seems to draw the Mariachis for a little while, then they seem to leave. Good luck, have a great time!
  14. Hubby said it was $4 dollars total (he gave him $5). He got that price outside of the security gate. Just be firm, you will find someone willing to take you, it is a VERY short ride. The driver tried to stop on the street but hubby pushed and said no, to the shack (as was the agreement) and the driver obliged..
  15. Lighthouse on Stone Island? hum, just to follow up to my above post. After the cruise in October we decided to go back again and do a back to back. Did the exact same thing both times. The first week we had 18 cruisers we met follow DH and I . It was a riot, we had to split up, to “lead” the groups. We all made it in one piece. DH led a group that included several handicapped. One with a walker. They rented a taxi for $4 , that took them to the ferry shack. They made it to Carmelitas where we had several able bodied people who helped him get out to the beach and even into the water later. A couple of ship workers even met up with us (then came back the next week again). Everyone had a blast. The second week we had 4 couples go with us. a side recommendation to anyone going mid November thru ? The last week we went, the water seemed different and there was a definite need for water shoes as there were nasty spiky shells on the beach. Happy sailing everyone!
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