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  1. Good news! My PCC got me changed to an aft balcony!! I’ve never had one, but am excited to try that room type. It goes to show that being kind goes far. Plus, I have learned a lesson in regards to picking a room in advance! 😁😁😁😁
  2. Did you make it through on the phone line? I was on hold for 93 minutes, then hung up because my husband got a calling saying wait until Monday.
  3. I logged into my cruise planner today and it appears to be all out of sorts! I can’t download my e doc even though my cruise is 16 days away, instead there’s a link to make a payment (I owe $0), then when I go to my summary it says that NCL owes me $2,700?! Anyone else’s planner look crazy? I checked this morning and this afternoon, nothing has changed! And, I’m still waiting for flights! This new system upgrade is driving me nuts!
  4. Hello! We’ve been chatting on my thread about my nonexistent flights for a cruise in Europe 16 days away! I had mild luck emailing air@ncl.com. I got a reply back within a few hours from someone saying that I had somehow reached the U.K. Flight office. The person let me know that I have flights (first time I have been told this after numerous calls and emails) although they couldn’t give me specifics. So, if you haven’t tried air@ncl.com it “worked” for me; made me feel a little more comfortable that I at least DO have flights.
  5. Thank you! I like to think so! I just got off a cruise to Cuba that obviously didn’t go to Cuba. I was disappointed, but didn’t let it spoil my vacation. You would not believe how many people onboard let it ruin their entire vacation. We work way too hard to let these things affect our happy times cruising! 😁
  6. I’m just struggling to understand why someone can’t go in and manually take care of this! I have a lot of money on the line and I’m trying to be cool about their software update, but my patience in running thin. No one seems to be able to do anything and all I hear every phone call or email is wait 48-72 hours. Do you know how many times I’ve been told that in the last few weeks?! I have another cruise booked for Nov, but am ready to cancel it if I am not happy about how NCL takes care of this. Funny how their payment department is working just fine, but the areas where they have customers that have paid thousands waiting for something they were promised weeks ago is not!
  7. Wow! That was lucky! Enjoy your flight and your cruise! 😁
  8. Thank you! I am not the kind of person that lets something like this ruin my vacation! 🙂 I will enjoy every second on the Mediterranean!! This is just a good lesson to learn for the future!
  9. This is very good to know for the future! I usually pick a room, so I have learned a lesson about what a “guarantee” is. I am still super excited for my first Mediterranean cruise and I will not let this ruin my very expensive vacation for me!
  10. Thank you! We were able to walk to both. It was hot and humid but a wonderful experience!
  11. Where do you see flight times? I don’t even have that! Odd how they can give you specific flight times, but not specific flights??
  12. I get the same response from NCL, it will be ready in a day or so. Frustrating!
  13. Just checked, I have my airport transfers, but still not showing flights. I’ll be checking this throughout the day, thanks for your help!
  14. Yes, I will be flying out of PHX. I’m just getting concerned that I am going to get 1- a really long trip with long layovers 2- not be able to sit with my family. I can’t imagine that there is a large selection of seats left on planes at this point.
  15. Yes it is. That is the only upside, at least to me! I would rather the smaller cabin and regular balcony.
  16. I picked a specific balcony category (BF) on floor 9 or 10. This room is technically more expensive, so that is why they called it an upgrade. The first time I called, the lady said that all of the balconies are sold out and that she could put in a request. Which has resulted in nothing. Then, I called my cruise consultant and he said that their new software is so messed up that it’s difficult to do anything. So far, no real answers from anyone. Annoying because I don’t have flights either due to their new software.
  17. I booked a balcony room and was “upgraded” to an accessible enclosed balcony. This is not an upgrade to me. NCL did not ask if I wanted this room, they just chose it. I’m not happy about it because I do not want an enclosed balcony. Has anyone had any luck getting their room location moved within 3 weeks of sailing? So far, I’ve had no luck calling in.
  18. I called again today and was told that my reservation is being “migrated” over to the new system in about 48-72 hours. No fun to wait, but we’ll see!
  19. According to NCL they got new software and are having difficulty and with the whole Cuba situation. At least that’s their excuse. I’m not impressed!
  20. I just downloaded the docs and there is no flight information. I’ll keep checking though, good idea!
  21. I’m having NCL book my flights to Barcelona for me. I sail away in 20 days and I still haven’t received travel plans. Is this normal? This is my first time having the cruise line book my flights. Thanks!
  22. I just got off the Sensation that left June 3rd. Our stop to Cuba yesterday was changed to Cozumel. We found out Wednesday morning. Carnival gave everyone $100 on board credit. It was a big bummer! There were many unhappy, disappointed passengers on the ship. 😞
  23. Has anyone been to the Hotel Carlton for a beach day? Was it worth the day pass fee? Thank you!
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