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  1. I have called the freephone number, recorded message saying they are closed and go on to give out opening hours. Very strange
  2. What is the email address for guest relations please?
  3. Mini /conservatory suites don’t get the same upgrade facilities. I booked a suite at the weekend and asked if conservatory suites had the same benefits and was told no.
  4. I have just seen on a different site that Britannia transatlantic is cancelled. The ship will be sailing back tonight. I wonder when P&O where going to inform us?
  5. How did you manage to get 50% cash back? I thought it was only FCC.
  6. Very impressed with the revised cancellation policy from P & O👏 Having just read about Fred Olsen cruise being cancelled due to people testing positive in the Caribbean, our transatlantic might still be canceled.
  7. I have just read online that air condition on the cruise ships could be to blame for the amount of people infected. The use of recycled air was to blame. apparently the filters cant filter out particles smaller than 5.000 nonometers. Will P&O alter the cancellation policy now.
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