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  1. Does the Anthem have a "Park Cafe"? Looking for soup,salad,sandwich options for lunch. Also the "Kummelweck". Need to have that. 4 days away!
  2. You said that you would not sail with Royal anymore. Problem solved as I see it.
  3. Follow up. The bars never closed that I saw. Shorter bartender in the English bar said they were working until 7 am New Years Day morning. We rarely left any bar before 1 am...and they weren't closing any time soon. Jeff
  4. We were on Symphony for New Years. Best trip we have ever had. Bar service in every part of the ship, including the English bar on Promenade, and On-Air, could not have been better. We never waited at all, in fact they were bringing me drinks. And the ship was at max capacity.
  5. Thanks for all answers. I have taken the necessary cords, connectors for others ships, which have worked fine. Symphony would not allow me to change inputs. The input button on the TV was covered over with a piece of plastic, and the Samsung remote that I brought would not switch. The volume, channel and other buttons would...just not input. Thanks all for your help. At least I know that my upcoming Anthem, and most likely Adventure trips will not give me such grief. Small price to pay (no external connection) on the Symphony. The best ship in the fleet, in my opinion. Jeff
  6. Hello: recently I have had success on Allure, Harmony and Grandeur in switching input of the TV, to my Roku. Move tv to see the back, connect another HDMI cable, and switch input on the TV. Although there is no Internet in this scenario, I can attach a thumb drive to the Roku, and watch video, movie, etc that I bring with me. Once done, move everything back as it was. On Symphony, they totally made it impossible. You could not change the input of the TV. Seems all tv now are Samsung, so I brought a Samsung remote. It would not change the input. In fact, it brought up lines of computer code on the screen, made it very difficult for me to get back to regular tv. So I gave up. I know what you will say "spend money on a cruise, then watch tv", so save it. I am talking about 1 hour or so per day where I would like to watch something that interests me, and not the nonsense that is on the 4 English channels that they provide. I travel with 3 woman that like to take their time preparing themselves, so watching some tv keeps me happy. It is a very easy thing to do, allow a person the ability if they choose, to connect the HDMI to something else temporarily. But it seems on Symphony they went to length's to make sure you can not do this. Have you done this on Anthem? Jeff
  7. Thanks for sharing the menus. Stupid question here. Were they all for the same place, meaning, Chic, or Grande? I understand there are 4 places, Chic, Grande on Deck 3, and Silk and Icon on 4. Would the menus above be for all 4 places, or 1 specifically? The ships I have been on have had 1 "Main Dining room", which would take place on 3 decks. The menu for the day was at the main dining room. Anthem, with 4 different places, is confusing to me. Thanks for any help. Jeff
  8. I have, all Oasis class do. IMO, it is the best breakfast on any ship. Fast, tasty, and many choices. MDR is slow, and not often any good. Park Cafe is limited to cereal, Bagels, etc. Not knocking that, just not the same as the choices that come from Johnny Rockets. Not to mention the location on a Oasis class, boardwalk, makes it the best choice. Ordered white toast at the MDR on Grandeur. Could not cut it with a knife. Jeff
  9. What happens if your level changes while on a cruise? Our level will change from Gold to Platinum on day 4 of our upcoming Symphony cruise. At that time I would like to check Next Cruise for further discounts...for some trips in the future. I am hoping that Next Cruise will see the total of "Platinum" and offer deeper discounting for future trips if possible. Jeff
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