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  1. On day 188 we finally received our 85% refund for a "Round Australia" cruise that was suspended in mid-March. We were a few days into it when Princess suspended all operations worldwide. Arrived back home in the U.S. on March 18, and just got our refund today (credit to the credit card we used to pay for it). Made many calls to Princess to no avail; finally got the email address for the head of customer relations (csteinke@princesscruises.com) from this forum and sent an email on 15 August. It took a little while, but it looks like the email I sent reached someone that could do something about
  2. Thanks, but I'd rather not go that route because I think that would be more complicated. Also, I've seen on this forum where some other people have had some problems with Princess clawing back some of that on their credit cards. Don't really understand how they can do that, but just another potential hassle I'd rather not get into.
  3. I am beyond frustrated at this point. We were on one of the cruises that was interrupted mid-cruise back in March when Princess suspended operations, so it has been 141 days since we arrived back home. For the first several months we were patient and wanted to let the process play out, but when we received the mass email from Princess stating that we hadn't informed them of our choice of FCCs vs. cash refund (we had) and that we were being given the higher value FCCs (which we didn't want), we knew we had to get involved and stay on top of it. I've been calling once or twice a week since then
  4. I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. Took 3 tries before I finally got through (and immediately got put on hold). As another poster said, it is because their phone system can only handle having so many people on hold. When I mentioned it to the phone agent, he said that at that moment there were over 260 people in the queue. I know it is extremely frustrating, but hang in there and you'll eventually get through. I've started calling about every 3-4 days to check on the status, and I've been told multiple times our case has been "escalated" or "expedited", but that doesn't seem to mean
  5. No guarantees that they'll answer you, but the email address for customer relations is customerrelations@princess.com. That was given to me by a phone agent at 1-800-PRINCESS when I called about 3 weeks ago, and I sent them a lengthy email with details about our particular situation. I explicitly asked for a reply so I would know they received it but got nothing in return. However, I do know they received it because a phone agent I spoke to yesterday confirmed that they got it. We were on one of the cruises that was cancelled a few days in, so our case is being handled manually, an
  6. 113 days since we arrived home after our Australia cruise was terminated. Princess originally tried to give us the higher option; i.e., double refund in Future Cruise Credits instead of the option we chose, which was a combination of FCCs and cash back. Called them on June 27 about that, and finally got the FCC part straightened out about a week later, but still not one penny in refunds. Called again today and spoke to a veteran phone agent (23 years with Princess), and although she didn't really have any good answers as to when we might get some money back, she was sympathetic to our situatio
  7. Finally seeing some movement on our refund on day 104 (we were on Sea Princess on the Around Australia cruise that was terminated in mid-March). Last Saturday we received the form email that a lot of people got informing us that we had been given the higher value all FCCs: "We don’t currently have a record of your preference, so we’ve gone ahead and credited your My Princess account with the higher value FCC." This was not at all what we wanted, and we had informed them of our preferences, so we called 1-800-PRINCESS and also wrote a lengthy email with supporting docume
  8. Lots of discussion about refunds on this thread -- I'll add my two cents worth. We were on the Sea Princess on the "Around Australia" cruise that was terminated after a few days at sea (left Sydney March 10, cancelled around March 15). I have called Princess several times checking on the status and have received virtually no useful information from the people answering the phone. My sense is that, through no fault of their own, the people manning the phones are pretty much in the dark and don't have enough information/tools to help people calling about this. I've been pretty patient up to now,
  9. My wife and I hope to cruise again some day, but the circumstances are going to have to be different. In hindsight, we probably shouldn't have gone on the Ruby Princess cruise because we both have underlying medical conditions that make us vulnerable to infections. Under "normal" circumstances, these conditions pose no threat to us, but the threat posed by this virus is one that we probably shouldn't have taken a chance on. In our defense, when we left the U.S. on Feb 19, there were only about a dozen cases in the U.S., maybe a dozen in Australia, and none in New Zealand. Things ha
  10. Agreed -- wonder what changed between 8th March and 19th March? We were not surprised, and frankly happy that they took the time to check people before we got off of Ruby Princess. I know there were some passengers complaining about having to wait, but I for one was happy that they were being cautious and doing some testing.
  11. The exact quote from the e-mail was: "Late on 28 March 2020, we were advised by the New South Wales, Australia Ministry of Health (NSW Health) of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a guest that travelled on Sea Princess's voyage that arrived in Sydney on 18 March 2020. The guest was infectious only on the day of disembarkation. There does not appear to have been an outbreak of COVID-19 on this ship, however as an abundance of caution, as a passenger on this ship, you are considered a close contact and will need to be in home isolation up to and including 01 April 2020." I'm not sure how they kne
  12. My wife and I were on the Ruby Princess on the trip just before the one that is now being investigated (Feb 24 - Mar 8), and we were also on the Sea Princess for the Round Australia trip when it got cut short when Princess suspended operations. I have read news reports that the police investigation into the Ruby Princess will now include the trip we were on, and that we would be receiving a survey from the police about our experience. We have not yet received it -- has anyone else gotten it yet? I haven't spent the time to go through all 18 pages of comments on this topic, but I've
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