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  1. I am interested also...
  2. Fletcher921

    Craft Beer on Infinity

    He drinks mostly IPA's... Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  3. Fletcher921

    Mah Jong set

    Where are MahJong sets located on Infinity? Are they available for the whole cruise or just checked out by the day?
  4. Fletcher921

    Craft Beer on Infinity

    Husband loves his craft beer... We have the classic package and are figuring we will need to upgrade to premium. What venues onboard the Infinity have craft beers? Can he order one by the pool for example or does he need to go to a "special" venue? We are not in a suite, just a balcony cabin.
  5. Fletcher921

    Princess Secrets they Don't Tell You - 2013 version

    So no need for my Alaska cruise! Thx.
  6. Fletcher921

    Princess Secrets they Don't Tell You - 2013 version

    I am curious. I was going to purchase some Internet time but now wonder... I have a data plan with AT&T on my iPad as well as the option to use wifi. Will the Internet be available through my data plan or must I purchase Internet time from the ship?
  7. Fletcher921

    Princess Secrets they Don't Tell You - 2013 version

    What is so funny is that we have the stock years ago for the very same reason and during one of the stock market dips my husband got scared and sold it! Sent from my SCH-I545 using Forums mobile app
  8. Fletcher921

    Princess Secrets they Don't Tell You - 2013 version

    Nice. Thanks for the reminder that this forum gave me I purchased 100 shares of stock yesterday, faxed notification of the purchase to Princess in the afternoon yesterday, and just spoke with Princess this morning to confirm that hundred dollar credit has already been applied to my cruise that I'm taking next Friday. They were very professional! Thanks! BAbs Sent from my SCH-I545 using Forums mobile app
  9. Fletcher921

    Port Tour scheduling

    [quote name='Budget Queen']Haines certainly is a very worthwhile area. An alternative suggestion would be to just rent a car. The Haines Highway is wonderful, Murray has an informative guide, and there are some interesting museums. Frankly native history is the winner at Ketchikan. The Totem Heritage Museum is excellent, Totem Bight and Potlatch Park superb. Only a suggestion, consider kayaking Mendenhall Lake out of Juneau and consider any of the above for Ketchikan.[/quote] Thanks for the suggestions BudgetQueen. We booked a Misty Fjords flight for 8-10 am in Ketchikan so we should have some time to see something on our own after that. Skagway - we booked a Mendenhall Canoe Tour for 4 pm. Thinking about going out to Glacier early morning and hiking, back to town for crab lunch and then do the canoe late afternoon. Should we just use the bus to/from in the morning since the cruise line will transport us later in the day? In Juneau I think maybe we will try to get ourselves to the Kroschel Wildlife Park. They quote $50 if we are at the gate at 11:40. No reservation needed. The cruise line offers this as a tour for $199 per person. I'd rather do on own I think if it is feasible. I assume we need to book a ferry, rent a car and then drive? Do we have a choice of ferry's and any car rental company specifics? Wondering what else we can see on the way to/fro? We are in process of booking a Jet Boat Adventure in Talkeetna through Princess. We get to hotel at 2:30 - hope to take 1st shuttle to Talkeetna to look around a bit before our tour at 6:30 pm. Denali - such a short time there - thinking of doing a tour to Husky Homestead to make it easy. Trying to work our way through each port. I reserved a car in Fairbanks so we can have some freedom on that last day. Thanks for your input. B.
  10. We arrive in Fairbanks at the end of our 10 day Princess Tour at the Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge. We are flying early the next morning (12:15 AM) we thought we would rent a car for the afternoon. I was told the hotel is a 5 minute free shuttle away from the airport. I thought we might shuttle to the airport, check our bags for our flight if they'll let us and then rent a car to drive around Fairbanks a bit. Considering booking to visit with the Husky's at Mary Sheilds (http://www.maryshields.com/) and/or The Reindeer Ranch (http://runningreindeer.com/). Any other ideas with that limited time? The least expensive car I am seeing is like $74 with Budget for the day including taxes... Anyone know of a cheaper local company maybe?
  11. Fletcher921

    Port Tour scheduling

    The Hainez highway. Regarding driving around this area are most of the more scenic spots still in Alaska or just one need have entry into Canada. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Forums mobile app
  12. Fletcher921

    Port Tour scheduling

    Even though we have so little time in Denali - I still feel quite fortunate to have booked this tour! We are just hoping to make the most of the time we have. Ketchikan - booked Misty Fjord on Carlin Air booked along with a kayak tour with Southwest Sea Kayaks. Juneau - Deciding what to do with Juneau still - maybe bus to Mendenhall early am and hiking to the waterfall, then bus back to town and grab a nice crab lunch and then if weather is clear, do the tram up to Mt. Roberts. We also found a Harv and Marv whale watch tour that goes out at 2:20 that we could do instead of the tram. Not sure if that is realistic, time wise... Skagway - Probably doing a tour with Rainbow Glacier Adventures to Haines. Doing a kayaking & wildlife tour that goes out to Chilkoot Lake, which is at the head of the river. We begin that tour looking for bears, eagles and other wildlife, and then culminate with about 1.5 hours of kayaking. Not sure what time the tour is yet but hoping we'll have some time either before or after to maybe fit in some museums or historical something in either Haines or back in Skagway Kind of hesitant about doing two kayak things but maybe the different areas will have a distinctively different vibe? so... Wilderness exploration and crab fishing - scratched this off list - seaplane instead. Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve - doing this A cultural and Indian tour? Northeast Native Culture Tour? I thought maybe totem stuff might satisfy this - are there any opportunities in either Juneau or Skagway? Rock climb rapel somewhere? Anything not on a glacier that might fit in?
  13. Fletcher921

    Port Tour scheduling

    I (50) am traveling with my son (25) to Alaska later this month and am trying to fit it all in while on our port days... I gave him an article that outlined a variety of offerings and mentioned these were things he would be interested in: A cultural and Indian tour Wilderness exploration and crab fishing Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Northeast Native Culture Tour - i thought maybe totem stuff might satisfy this? Rock climb rapel somewhere I also know he would love to see big game - bears, etc. I would most like to do a seaplane tour in the Misty Fiords (He'd like this as well) but would like to fit it as much as we can fit in from his list. This is our port schedule: JULY 29 KETCHIKAN 6:30am - 2:00pm JULY 30 JUNEAU 8:00am - 9:00PM JULY 31 SKAGWAY 7:00 - 8:30 PM We also have a small amount of time on land at the end of our cruise. Most all of the excursions thorough Princess are booked up. We talked about doing a wilderness jetboat adventure on the 3rd, a covered wagon adventure with dining on the 4th and then a hummer tour on the 5th - all sold out through Princess. Our time is so limited in the area but we really want to make the most of it. AUG 3-4 MCKINLEY LODGE 2:30 pm - 10:00 am AUG 4-5 DENALI Princess Wilderness Lodge 4:30pm - 10:15 am AUG 5 FAIRBANKS - we arrive at 1:15 pm and fly out just past midnight. Thanks in advance...
  14. My daughter and I will be staying at Cancun Lagunamar in a few weeks, then staying one night in Valladolid before flying home from Merida the following day. We had planned on taking the Uno or Ado bus between the cities and then hiring a driver or taking a tour to see Chichen Itza once we dropped our luggage at the Valladolid B&B [URL="http://www.casahamaca.com/"]www.casahamaca.com[/URL]. How reasonable an idea is it to hire a private tour of the area from Cancun on our check-out day and just having tour us around, and then drop us off in Valladolid on the return? How much is expected to pay for a party of two? We are traveling light, I would imagine our luggage would be safe with the driver, yes? To save some $$, are there maybe any organized tours that you know of that see the area with a "last stop" at or right near Valladolid - maybe we could just ask them to leave us there... Can any of you recommend a particular guide or company that you have been really happy with? Thank you for the help. Babs
  15. For residents of San Diego, taking a cruise with extended family on a 10 day cruise with 4 ports, two of them being their hometown of San Diego and then Long Beach, it is kind of sad. Understandable - just sad! Of course they always reserve the right to change - especially in these circumstances. I am just curious since I have seen them normally offer a percentage off a future cruise or an onboard ship credit as some sort of goodwill gesture when things like this have occurred. I am curious what kind of percentage has been offered.