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  1. I can't stand Cheerios or the smell of them. My son likes to breath on me after he eats them for fun. I'm not sure if this is unusual but I'm firmly in the anti-Cheerio camp.
  2. I'm actually quite surprised by this, I thought if one cruise line would let unvaxxed passengers on it would be Carnival. Shows how much I know!
  3. Yes this is me exactly, I'm waiting to see where the chips fall before booking. The issues of vaccines, masks, politics etc will get straightened out eventually, but price is actually my biggest concern for the future.
  4. That is a good point, if the Caribbean islands all mandate the vaccine for international travel I don't see how any cruise line could sail without requiring it. It would be interesting to see how the anti-vaccine passport lawmakers respond to that.
  5. This is what I hope as well although I think your time frame is a bit optimistic, I think by 2023 the majority of COVID protocols will be gone from the cruise industry. 2022 will be mostly back to normal but still some protocols that fade away as the year goes on leading to the true "back to normal" year in 2023. It's impossible to say since we aren't even 100% clear on what the protocols will be a month from now but that's my guess.
  6. Wow quite the thread here, personally I don't blame RCI for making decisions to get their business back up and running. I would rather they take a strong pro-vaccine stance like NCL but practically speaking I'm not planning to book a cruise until at least 2022 and by that point things should be a lot clearer. I do feel bad for anyone planning to cruise this year with all the uncertainty regarding policies etc.
  7. It seems like the only winners here are the lawyers. It's sad there is so much drama to get cruising started again but with the positive things going in our direction (vaccinations up, cases down, cruising starting in Europe) I still have faith that the light is at the end of the tunnel!
  8. You will have to do the secret vaccine handshake before they let you on the gangway. 😉
  9. Well here is the silver lining to all this, lets just say the Florida law stands and cruises have to sail with unvaccinated PAX. If there are no problems than everyone wins and we can move on. If there is a COVID outbreak on a ship the media jumps on it but they put the blame on DeSantis instead of the cruise lines. DeSantis is setting himself up to be the fall guy, so his office must think one of two things - either they believe that there is no chance a ship with unvaccinated PAX will have a COVID outbreak, or that the law won't stand with regards to cruising and this is all pol
  10. I have two kids ages 3 and 6, my strategy is just to wait a bit before taking them on another cruise. They are super excited just to go to the beach and zoo this year so maybe 2022 we will cruise again. There are lots of vacation options for families with kids, no one is entitled to go on a cruise if you don't like the current policies just sit it out for a bit. Also FWIW I've never felt like anyone is attacking kids or families on here.
  11. January/February are prime months to cruise IMO. You are past the fun part of winter and a change of scenery feels great. Plus you can usually get a good deal on a cruise since it isn't peak time.
  12. My tip would be to be flexible with dates and avoid times when everyone is off ie spring break. Also for the next year or so deals may be hard to come by given the pent up demand and reduced capacity.
  13. My main concern if there was a high percentage of unvaccinated people on board would be that an COVID outbreak would occur and the whole ship would have to go into quarantine. Luckily (?) I'm not planning to cruise until at least 2022 so it's a moot point for me, but if I was going this year a 100% vaccinated cruise would be much more assuring that we would actually get through the whole thing without a COVID issue. Also, if after a couple months of sailings it's proven there are no issues with unvaccinated PAX I would be fine with it.
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