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  1. Actually im a very cautious person ...so im staying home. However ..I do know people that aren't
  2. I understand that they don't have results but im staying home because I wouldn't want to expose anyone to something that we may or may not have been exposed to. They just let us go without any guidance.
  3. We were on the January 27th sailing on the Anthem .I noticed there were a fair share of my fellow cruisers that were coughing a lot .( I even mentioned this to my wife on our last night) Then when we were waiting to disembark the coughs were more frequent. This included one of the people in our group. As you could imagine, my wife and I were a little worried ,especially with all of the rumors about the coronavirus going around the ship. I know that Royal has been doing the best that they can communicating with the guest who are suppose to be on the next sailing as to when they might expect to board the ship . We were just wondering why we aren't being updated ,especially since we are the ones with possible exposure. Btw the person in our group went to the hospital when she got home and was diagnosed with the Flu. Maybe that explains all of the coughing. I am glad that Royal is being cautious and giving the Anthem a good cleaning . I just want to end by saying that this was one of the best cruises that we have ever been on and that we cant wait to sail again with Royal. From the Captain on down ...they were simply the best
  4. Good evening …… We will be sailing on the Anthem next week.My cousin is hearing impaired...Just wondering what kind of experience she will have on this ship...Im excited for her but at the same time, ,I am kind of nervous .I want her to have the best vacation ever.....Thanks for any feedback
  5. How do you rate Mercedes Lafuente as a cruise director? I have never heard of her before.....
  6. What does 11 days duration mean when I look at the status of my bids? They all say pending too
  7. What does 11 days duration mean when you bid on royal up?
  8. Are we allowed to bring water and soda on board the Anthem? We sailed on her in 2017 and it wasn't an issue then .We will be on her in January and I just was wondering if its an issue now...
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