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  1. We just got off the Horizon this morning and were Zone 3. We were off about 8:15 and everything went super smoothly. It’s too bad they told you to change to Zone 6. That stinks.
  2. Hi. About what is the earliest they will let FTTF board the Horizon? We are trying to figure out when we should arrive at the terminal. Thanks!
  3. Hi. I've searched some on these boards, but can't find an answer to this within the past couple of years. When carrying on a 12 pack case of soda, does the soda HAVE to be in your carry on bag or can we simply just carry in on the ship with us in it's card board box? The reason I ask is we have FTTF and our stateroom should be ready right away. I didn't want to waste a bunch of space in our actual carry-ons for it. Thank you!
  4. Thanks! I am guessing 12:30 may be the earliest too.
  5. Hi. Just curious what the earliest check-in time normally is for the Horizon out of Miami? I know we definitely didn’t get the earliest check-in time, but we got 12:30 which I am hoping is fairly good. I can’t seem to snag FTTF. Thanks!
  6. That's what I figured. Thank you for the quick replies!
  7. Hi. There is now a lower rate for the cruise we booked under Carnival's Early Saver rate, but no onboard credit being offered with this current promotion. We currently have a $50 onboard credit we got with a previous promotion. My question is, if we call to get a price adjustment to this new, lower rate, will we lose our $50 onboard credit? Thanks in advance!
  8. I would for sure stick with RCCL. I have a 7 year old son and we have been on Celebrity once a few years ago (without my son). My husband and I both agreed that it is not the best line for children. It is a bit more "stuffy" (although I wouldn't say fancier), meaning they don't have a lot of the "fun" type of activities RCCL or Carnival would have. For example, all "night-life" seemed to almost shut down around 10 pm. The one club type place they had, had maybe 20 people in it tops dancing at night. We did not see NEAR as many kids as we are used to seeing on RCCL and saw very few kids even in the main dining room. We are in our 30's and although we saw a couples around our age, the clientele on Celebrity seemed to be over 50. (We didn't choose Celebrity, my MIL did, and we knew most of this going in.) Even traveling without kids I would hands-down prefer RCCL to Celebrity. Hope this helps.
  9. I really don't see what the difference is in leaving a sweater, book, bag, cups/silverware on the table to claim it before getting food versus a "reserved" sign except that the reserved sign is a little more "in your face." Either way someone is reserving the table prior to getting food. It seems many take offense to this sign so maybe a sweater or book would be better though? I've been on numerous cruises and have always placed my sweater on the top of the table prior to us getting food at the buffet. I've never once encountered an issue. I often do this at places where it gets pretty busy at lunch time back at home such a Chick-fil-A. Again, no one has ever said anything and it's never been an issue. If everyone wants to do this before placing their order there, than more power to them. Just my opinion...
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