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  1. We just got off the Horizon this morning and were Zone 3. We were off about 8:15 and everything went super smoothly. It’s too bad they told you to change to Zone 6. That stinks.
  2. Hi. About what is the earliest they will let FTTF board the Horizon? We are trying to figure out when we should arrive at the terminal. Thanks!
  3. Hi. I've searched some on these boards, but can't find an answer to this within the past couple of years. When carrying on a 12 pack case of soda, does the soda HAVE to be in your carry on bag or can we simply just carry in on the ship with us in it's card board box? The reason I ask is we have FTTF and our stateroom should be ready right away. I didn't want to waste a bunch of space in our actual carry-ons for it. Thank you!
  4. Thanks! I am guessing 12:30 may be the earliest too.
  5. Hi. Just curious what the earliest check-in time normally is for the Horizon out of Miami? I know we definitely didn’t get the earliest check-in time, but we got 12:30 which I am hoping is fairly good. I can’t seem to snag FTTF. Thanks!
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