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  1. Just rang Cunard and the answer is No as not enough people live here😂 seems pretty full to me!
  2. Thank you Lissie we are in CHCH and Jack E Dawson your probably right I will ring them.
  3. HI I just saw a post asking about flights to Canada through Cunard and was wondering if they do them from new Zealand? Arriving Vancouver September 2020.
  4. WOW What an amazing gift. I have nothing particular I needed to know however we are in 4113 QE next year,anything interesting near bye?. I love finding all the little nooks and crannies even if I dont know where they lead. Thanks again. Allison
  5. Thanks Roscoe just thought I would ask.
  6. Great thank you all for the replies will definately be doing this. Cheers
  7. Brilliant! I didnt realise they did other areas of the ship,will definately look into that. Thanx again
  8. Hi Roscoe where can i find a copy of those plans? Thanx
  9. HI last time we were on board QM2 I vaguely remember a behind the scenes tour of the galley ? being available... am I right in thinking this and if so are they available on QE? Thanx Allison
  10. Hi alibabacruisers so glad you enjoyed yourself,I have a few questions if you dont mind? We dont speak Japanese did you find the Language barrier difficult? Our ports of call in Japan are Kushiro,Hakodate and Aomori if you also went to these places is one better than others and what would you recommend doing. No more questions for now but I'm sure I will think of more later. I sure hope they don't change dinner seating times but in the grand scheme of things its too much of a drama. Thanx again.
  11. Thanks for that I will have a quiet word with ours. Allison
  12. PORT ROYAL Can you please explain what PCS/VS is. Thanx
  13. Hi bazzaw we are doing that cruise (Q027) but in reverse next year and we too are a bit daunted by where to stay,what we did was we went to a Travel Expo and spoke to a company that specialise in tours of Japan and asked them about areas/shopping ect they were very helpful even though I told them we had already booked our cruise. We booked cruise direct with Cunard and just used local T/A for flights Got It all sorted.Maybe this might help.Cheers Allison
  14. Hi we would love to hear from anyone who is onboard this voyage as we are doing the reverse one next year. (Q027) Have never been to any of these ports so any tips or thoughts would be greatly received. Cant wait. Many Thanks Allison
  15. Thanks for your reply Elephant1151 thats a shame it was a nice place to sit ,eat and meet people. We havent been on QE before so will need to hunt out a similar place when we get on board. Allison
  16. Hi,on our last cruise on QM2 we spent some time in the Chefs Galley indulging in Pizza/Pasta which was very nice, next year we are on QE and was wondering if there is a Chefs Galley on -board .Thanks Allison
  17. OOPS yes I got that very wrong Thank you for the info. .
  18. Thanks I was wondering if I could use my phone head phones? Would they just plug in?
  19. Hi we are boarding Aria Princess in Auckland and was wondering if we are able to drop off our luggage early and then go off sight seeing? Or do we have to board first? Thanks
  20. Last time we were onboard QM2 we used the fitness center treadmills but didnt have any headphones to plug in to listen to programs as we didnt know what to use, can anyone tell me what I can use? we will be on QE. Thanks Allison
  21. Thank you for your reply have just visited our T/A today and decided on deck 4. Thanks again.
  22. Hi we are looking at booking a cruise on QE and are thinking of booking a cabin on deck 1 but not sure what lurks below and how noisy or not it could be. Anyone been there done that? Thanx Allison
  23. Thank you all for the information I am hoping Cunard will do the same in 2020 as this year as I am looking at Vancouver to Vancouver 10 day. Thanx again,will have a bit of reading to do.
  24. Hi just wondering if anyone who is booked on next years Alaska cruise on QE has received their list of excursions that are available, we hope to do it in 2020 and was curious to know what they offer. Thanx
  25. Have just finished 2 weeks on QM2 (loved it) and what we noticed was Michael Kors was pretty much empty all the time the jewellery shop was busy at times probably due to the Lectures they gave in there but we did notice that the little shop that sells Chocolate ie Toblerone and duty free alcohol their prices where much cheaper than the Sydney airport Duty Free on a couple of items by more than half!! We did buy one of those world globes which we saw on our last cruise and wished we had bought then so we had to go on the last cruise to buy it:)
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