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  1. Thank you all for your replies  Colin-Cameron I will try and find video  and oskidunker if for some reason we cant do our long awaited for Alaska cruise I think we might do San Fran to Australia.

  2. Goodmorning to you all  I am wondering if any Cunard ships have gone to Hawaii as part of a cruise to or from somewhere?  I dont recall seeing it anywhere. Just thinking about our next cruises long long way in the future. Regards Allison  

  3. We thought it was too good to be true...after 100 days of no contact transmission New Zealand now has 17 cases found in community and more to be expected so as of miday yesterday Auckland has moved to Level 3 and in lockdown while the rest of the country has moved to Level 2 .  which means  those of us not in Auckland have to do social distancing and  signing into stores which in the grand scheme of things is no great bother. Government havent decided if masks will be manditory or not  so while we wait im making "Sock Masks"  with newly bought sock😁. And now for the weather... its Winter here in New Zealand  and here in the South Island we have been getting days of 14,16, and 18 degrees C which is amazing but sadly the snow on mountains near us is fast disapearing. Mt Hutt  and inland Kaikoras. Sadly we cancelled our travel insurance yesterday for our 2021 Alaska cruise  but on a pleasant note the money was in the bank the very next day!! Stay safe everyone.

  4. Hello everyone from Kirwee NZ it has been a beautiful day here 22deg C  not to bad for half way through the first month of Winter but we have been told it will all turn to Custard for the weekend high of 9deg. Anyway after 24 Covid free days we have been told we now have 2 new cases in  people returning home from UK they were allowed out of quarantine on compassionate grounds .We have now been told no more exemptions will be given. They were on a flight from UK via Doha via Brisbane then Auckland so they could have picked it up anywhere. It sure is a petty nasty bug. Hope everyone is well Regards Allison


  5. Bazzaw,  boy are you lucky getting your flights refunded  we booked NZ to Vancouver then Tokyo  NZ  with Air New Zealand and we  ( as in nz) have been told we will not get refunds only credits for our flights!!   Very annoying as with so many people losing their jobs a lot of them can no longer afford to travel overseas. We re booked our cruise today Vancouver- Japan for next September and found we cant use our FCC for the deposit and we are to pay a NON RFEUNDABLE deposit but we will do it as we want to go on the cruise which im sure will be worth it in the end. Allison

  6. Goodmorning all from a beautiful Autumnal day here in Kirwee Christchurch NZ at the moment its 8deg c hope to get to 13 had a decent frost this morning. We had  our cruise from Vancouver to Japan  in September this year cancelled so have been humming and hawwing about what to do next so I have made the decision to re book now for next year instead of waiting to see what might or might not happen  as this has been in the pipeline for a few years and will be so upset if we leave it till later and find its booked out,my biggest worry at the moment is trying to get an answer from Air New Zealand reguarding our booked and paid for flights  they are not very forthcoming at the moment with information. I tried to get flight refund from travel insurance company and was told " Your flights have not been cancelled yet and we dont cover ANYTHING pandemic related". Very helpfull NOT. Anyway im off to travel agent (being mindful of social distancing) to transfer to our next cruise as Cunard still have our deposit so nothing lost at this stage. Fingers crossed. Allison

  7. HI Bgmike911 WOW how lucky are you to be able to go to a garden center N.Z is in total lockdown only places open are supermarkets,gas stations and chemist shops with the odd fruit/vege store. I work in a garden center and on our last day of freedom before lockdown  we sold over 500 bags of compost& potting mix and nearly every plant,shrub and tree we had instock. Once we get back to normal NZ will be looking beautiful !  Its 11am here in Christchurch NZ and 14 deg c  coming into Autum   expeted high today of 21deg.  I am enjoying reading on here about what people are up to as I like many others are missing our cruise updates.  Allison

  8. We are booked on a Vancouver -Japan cruise in September so not that soon. We are hoping for the best outcome  but prepared for the worst. We will wait and see as we have plenty of time.Thanks for your help

  9. Thank you so much for replying  that is understandable now  but im guessing New Zealand wont have anything different reguarding FCC than anywhere else  but if you have any information on that  by all means let me know.  Hope your lockdown going well. Thanks again.Allison

  10. Goodmorning  I have been reading a lot of infomation about FCC to the point now that I am confused!! Can some nice person please give me a pretty basic run down of it.I know to most of you it will be very clued up on this but im not. Many Thank Allison

  11. Hello to you all from Kirwee  in Christchurch New Zealand like most people we to are in lockdown supposidly till 23rd April? So far we are managing as the weather is good and we are allowed out for excersice/walks as long as we dont pat ramdom dogs and stay more than 2mtr away from everyone. Our only shops open are supermarkets,chemist,gas station and liquor outlets!!!  No takeaway food outlets open even for delivery. Like most other people on CC we have a cruise booked for September Vancouver -Japan  cant see it happening this year. We live in a smallish town so the neighbours have been having a coffee hour where we all stand on one corner of cross roads  and have a chat/yell to each other. Kids ride their bikes in crocodile formation 2mtrs apart great fun for now but im sure that will soon wear off. We have just had a couple of majors stores open for "essential" items  ie washing machines,warm clothing,baby items and.....nail polish remover??? Someone got that wrong. Oh well if thats all we have to grumble out lifes not that bad😃 Off now to supermarket for eggs,milk, bread and friut,we have had a few issues here with some shops hiking up prices $13.00 for a cauliflower!! but PM soon jumped on them and told them to stop. I must say i think our Prime Minister has done a good job in a tuff situation  (i didnt vote for her) . Stay well everyone  and keep up the comments. Allison

  12. Thanks everyone for your replies.  Lakesregion  we dont plan on selling the pieces we get  we buy then because we like them and they will eventually be left for our grand kids  so the more Grand kids we have the more cruises we have to take:)

  13. Hi just wondering if we buy some "Art" while onboard  (thinking a bronze) are we able to take it with us when we leave the ship? We bought some last time we were onboard but they shipped them to us and the freight and customs worked out to be dearer than the item!! Thanx

  14. Hi sfred Thank you so much for that information the PDF is brilliant  so much to see and do.Im sure I will have lots more questions once I have sat down and studied it.The coastal walk looks amazing. Thanks again. Hope those fires are far enough away from you,terrible things. Regards Allison

  15. Thanks everyone for your replies and weather reports  as I cant do anything about the weather I will ignore it for now.  Sfred can you tell me what you did in Aomori and Sapporo if anything as we have never been to Aisia and are not sure if it will be easy to walk around doing our own thing or should we get on a ship tour. I see you speak nearly the same language as me 🙂 so was wondering if you found the language barrier a problem. Thanx Allison

  16. Thanks for your replies  Windsurfboy im not a good flier so the least time I have to be up there the better so we will be flying direct to vancouver non stop.  Jack E Dawson  yes it is a great place to live and we will be on Air NZ   got a price fron T/A  $1600  thats for NZ to Vancover  then Tokyo to NZ  at end of cruise. The only thing wrong with NZ is that its so far from anywhere  oops except Australia. 

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