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  1. Hi sfred Thank you so much for that information the PDF is brilliant  so much to see and do.Im sure I will have lots more questions once I have sat down and studied it.The coastal walk looks amazing. Thanks again. Hope those fires are far enough away from you,terrible things. Regards Allison

  2. Thanks everyone for your replies and weather reports  as I cant do anything about the weather I will ignore it for now.  Sfred can you tell me what you did in Aomori and Sapporo if anything as we have never been to Aisia and are not sure if it will be easy to walk around doing our own thing or should we get on a ship tour. I see you speak nearly the same language as me 🙂 so was wondering if you found the language barrier a problem. Thanx Allison

  3. Hi just wanting to hear from anyone who has just done this cruise as we are booked on Q027 in 2020 and was wondering what you would suggest we do and possibly dont do in the ports/excursion and also how was the weather and the seas.Many Thanks Allison 

  4. Thanks for your replies  Windsurfboy im not a good flier so the least time I have to be up there the better so we will be flying direct to vancouver non stop.  Jack E Dawson  yes it is a great place to live and we will be on Air NZ   got a price fron T/A  $1600  thats for NZ to Vancover  then Tokyo to NZ  at end of cruise. The only thing wrong with NZ is that its so far from anywhere  oops except Australia. 

  5. WOW What an amazing gift. I have nothing particular I needed to know however we are in 4113 QE next year,anything interesting near bye?. I love finding all the little nooks and crannies even if I dont know where they lead. Thanks again. Allison

  6. Hi alibabacruisers so glad you enjoyed yourself,I have a few questions if you dont mind? We dont speak Japanese did you find the Language barrier difficult?  Our ports of call in Japan are Kushiro,Hakodate and Aomori  if you also went to these places is one better than others and what would you recommend doing. No more questions for now but I'm sure I will think of more later. I sure hope they don't change dinner seating times  but in the grand scheme of things its too much of a drama. Thanx again.

  7. Hi bazzaw we are doing that cruise  (Q027) but in reverse next year and we too are a bit daunted by where to stay,what we did was we went to a Travel Expo  and spoke to a company that specialise in tours of Japan  and asked them about areas/shopping ect they were very helpful even though I told them we had already booked our cruise.  We booked cruise direct with Cunard and just used local T/A for flights  Got It all sorted.Maybe this might help.Cheers Allison

  8. Thanks for your reply Elephant1151 thats a shame it was a nice place to sit ,eat and meet people. We havent been on QE  before so will need to hunt out a similar place when we get on board. Allison

  9. Hi,on our last cruise on QM2 we spent some time in the Chefs Galley indulging in Pizza/Pasta which was very nice, next year we are on QE and was wondering if there is  a Chefs Galley on -board .Thanks Allison

  10. Last time we  were onboard QM2 we used the fitness center treadmills but didnt have any headphones to plug in to listen to programs as we didnt know what to use, can anyone tell me what I can use? we will be on QE. Thanks Allison

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