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  1. Did 21 days on the Maasdam late May and she is in pretty good shape. Our ocean view room was in good condition with good air conditioning - nothing to complain about whatsoever. I am not one who wears rose coloured glasses, if it was not good I would say so. Only thing I noticed was some peeling paint and corrosion on some window "sills" and the infrastructure of the opening roof of the mid ship pool. Some people would aghast at such a thing but it was inconsequential for me.
  2. You have but if you buy a drink that is more than the limit you pay the difference plus the gratuity % on the difference.
  3. Not sure why you are asking this question on the CMV board. Might be better to ask in the All Pacific Islands board (in the Ports of Call group) or the Other Cruise Lines board.
  4. Thanks for that, my bad. The cruise search engine I used only listed one of the Mexican Rivieria cruises and had a button to hit to bring up the repeat dates - didn't see it so thought there was a gap. Might have to look out for a longer Caribbean cruise instead, possibly the Nieuw Statendam and Celebrity (Reflection/Equinox)
  5. It was NYC disembarkation in 2018 (unless there was a late change) as this was the cruise that attracted us.
  6. Thanks VMax but does anybody know why there is a 6 week gap in the Ks schedule from late Feb 2021?
  7. There is a Fort Lauderdale to Lima 32 day cruise listed for the Koningsdam in March 2020 which we would love to do in 2021 but although there are many cruises listed up to April 2021 I cannot find this particular one, or any for the K from late Feb to mid April 2021. Would all cruises be listed this far out? Is the K in dry dock early 2021? TIA
  8. this gets my vote with some live music at sail aways at the rear pool. If you want quiet for the hour or so there might be some music then there are plenty of quiet areas available.
  9. Depends more on the ship with respect to live music. There is no BB Kings on the smaller ships which we missed on a our Alaska in May/June on the Maasdam. The the two newer ships also have the Rock Room.
  10. Have you asked on the NCL board? I suggest you to get views from a NCL "fans" perspective (noting it was not all one way traffic here).
  11. Hey, don't rule out cabins that are forward when cruising the med. Having done over 40 days on the med I can assure you the vast majority of movement is sideways due to wind rocking the ship and not up/down due to swell. Side movement is more of an issue higher up and is not impacted by forward/mid/aft. The med is one area I prefer a balcony along with the Baltics because of the scenery and sail ins that can be quite spectacular. Necessary, no, but better.
  12. Do not worry about being closer to the pool, go with 044 over a connecting.
  13. You have booked a connecting room on deck 10 under the lido on deck 11 and above cabins on deck 9. The deck plan does not indicate in viewing restriction. I cannot comment on the effectiveness of the connecting doors in blocking noise from your neighbours, it may or may not be an issue. I avoid booking connecting rooms. You may experience some noise from the Lido with people moving chairs and just talking and other general dining area noise but again I can't really comment except I expect the carpet helps insulate for noise. I avoid being below dining areas. You are close to the rear pool and could expect a fair amount of foot traffic in warm climate cruise, but not in Alaska - we cruised Alaska in May on the Maasdam and the rear pool area was very sparsely used, just the smokers mainly and not many of them at any one time. If you book a Vista GTY (not sure what you meant by a GTY cabin) you may avoid the connecting room but not the Lido issue as all Vista suites are below the Lido. If you are very early risers I would not be concerned about being below the Lido but I would look for a different category cabin, possibly a verandah on deck 9, mid ship (but avoid being under the Casino on the port side and ocean bar on the starboard). See deck plans here Holland America Line Maasdam Deck Plan
  14. But do you get an opportunity to review the offered cabin and then make a decision to accept or reject it?
  15. Hey, thanks for that Gaybo. CMV have announced that Vasco da Gama will have the Aussie dollar as its on board currency so these prices will change. If they do a straight conversion on today's rate the beer will be cheap for a cruise line and cheaper than I can get in any bar in Australia.
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