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  1. Thanks Jim….really enjoy your thread about this trip. BTW.. how many times around Equinox do you have to walk to get 10 miles ? Or are you giving yourself a little “slack” on vacation 👍
  2. Hi Jim A few weeks ago, for a variety of reasons which I outlined to you on an earlier chat, Linda and I decided to cancel this ABC cruise. On advice of my trusted TA, we didn’t officially cancel until last Friday. Regardless of the justifiable reasons for us to stay shore bound, I was still bummed out today. But THANKS Celebrity for twisting the knife….., on my Celebrity iPhone app, as you can see below, I kept getting hourly reminders for the safety briefings. I kept looking at the iphone , feeling like yelling……I CANCELLED THE TRIP………..IM NOT EVEN IN FLORIDA ………..HAVE SOME COMPASSION !!!!!! In all fairness my TA said it takes a while for a trip cancellation to work it’s way thru the system . In fact, I had her check twice earlier this week to be sure the trip was cancelled in Celebrities data base…, and it was. Sure made for some funny remarks between Linda and I today. Anyway….. have a great second leg and I’ll be following along. Thanks
  3. Good Morning Jim. Really enjoyed you coverage of the first leg of your B2B. Im betting the test for the next leg for both of you will be negative. I got up this morning feeling a little down because Linda and I were scheduled to fly to FLL this morning, to board Equinox on the 17th. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in another chat with you, we cancelled a few weeks ago for a large variety of reasons. Hoping to do the ABCs early 2022. I also regret not sailing on this next leg because I would have loved to meet you on this cruise. Hope I can get another chance next year. Anyway, even though Im shore bound, I'll enjoy your coverage of the upcoming ABC cruise leg. All the best from both of us to both of you . Stay Safe and Happy and keep burning up that jogging track ! 🙂
  4. Under no circumstances will I allow testing at the port, or for that matter changing the window to 2 days to be a procedure for me to cruise. The obvious issue, in the event you test positive at the port, you can’t fly home. Per CDC and possibly state guidelines, your required to quarantine in Fort Lauderdale. You can imagine what that complication would entail. I’m fine with testing before I go, and three days allows me to arrive a day before I embark. If I’m asymptotic and do test positive, I drive home and quarantine. It’s this constant changing dynamic that caused my party to cancel next months ABC cruise on Equinox. We may have to face the fact that because of delta, until we get on the down side of the curve, cruising may not be an option for many of us.
  5. We are cancelling next month cruise on Equinox. Like so many have said, it a personal decision. We made the reservation in May, a totally different environment. Now, too many constant changes and risks especially traveling and spending a few days in Florida before the cruise. Linda and I sat down at dinner at our marina and reviewed all the plus and minus factors, but what tipped the scale was what my Linda said that really made so much sense...., "This isn't fun anymore" After all, when you spend thousands of dollars on a vacation, it should be fun planning excursions, pre cruise port exploration, mingling with people on the ship, etc. I totally undersatnd people that state "This is the new normal " and yes, you can cruise if you want to deal with the various challenges. But to us a vacation should be fun..., not challenging. We are disappointed, but hope next year brings a better cruise environment. Stay Happy and Safe everyone !
  6. I can totally understand the OP's concerns. We are scheduled for September 17th 9 day ABC. Both of us are vaccinated, and both are also COVID survivors, though lucky without need for hospitalization. We are both also on the fence watching how the next several weeks pan out. One plus is Celebrities Cruise with Confidence program which remains in force until October. In the unlucky event we test positive on the cruise, and are disembarked at one of the ports, at least we know Celebrity will fly us home so we dont have to quarantine in a foreign port. One new problem is starting to arise. Port availability, health procedures, and excursion restrictions are changing almost daily. One of the ports on our trip, Bonaire, just announced all passengers must show negative PCR test results 24 hours before embarkation, before we can go ashore. I have no idea how Celebrity will address this new requirement. Both of us picked this cruise back in May because the ABC's are the only Caribbean Islands we have not visited. Celebrity has already made one itinerary change to this trip, and if they drop another port, I don't know what the cruise will eventually look like. We have talked it over and frankly, Id still be happy to stay aboard the entire 10 days if we don't like any substituted ports. But other guest may feel very different. In closing, most of us so far trust Celebrity procedures for Covid management on the ships, but there is still a lot of uncertainty for planning. Not fun like it was pre Covid. For us we will make our final decision in a few weeks. My best wishes to the OP and others on this post.
  7. Bonaire now requires all vaccinated passengers to show negative PCR test ( not antigen rapid test ) within 24 hours of original embarkation, to leave the ship. Since its nearly impossible to get a PCR test with that time frame, and if Celebrity keeps Bonaire on port list, they will have to administer the PCR test on board. Consider the number pf passengers requiring this test, no idea if the ship can test that many passengers. Looks like another reason to stay aboard during this port call. https://infobonaire.com/getting-to-bonaire/cruises/
  8. When I started this thread, i thought Id maybe get some sense of present Celebrity cash tipping practice or experiences from recent guest, and the thread would retreat to the background. Had no idea the thread would take off in so many directions. but for the most part its been friendly and fun to read. Still can't get the image of the fruit cake out of my mind. Anyway, hope everybody stays healthy and happy.
  9. I don't think I have ever met a crew member who was insulted by a tip......regardless of when I offered it.
  10. I totally agree with tipping the steward ASAP, rather than wait till the end of the cruise. I budget a set amount for each day if the service is really great, and always try to leave the tip at least every other day in an envelope with the stewards name on it. This practice always works out to motivate the steward to provide " a little extra care" for us. I know some guest may disagree with this practice, or for that matter tipping extra for service you expect, but its a personal choice for us. I find the really good stewards become like friends during the cruise, since more than other crew members, you usually see them several times a day.
  11. Quick question. For years, I always tipped my favorite bartenders, and cabin steward in cash. They always like the practice. On my last cruise, one bartender told me they could no longer "pocket" the tips for themselves, but had to share the cash tips to other crew at the bar. I understand that tipping is included in many charges..., but what Im talking about is an additional tip in cash. Does anyone with recent experience know if a crew member is tipped additionally in cash, can he or she keep the tip for themselves, or does it go into a pool for the crew.
  12. Actually, the pool lounge chair may be an option. Several years ago, after mentioning an issue with the balcony chairs to the cabin Stuart, several hours later, a pool lounge chair appeared on our balcony. Granted policy may have changed, but its always worth asking. These ships are half empty, and the crew is eager to please. No harm in asking .
  13. I retired as a IT Network Director of Engineering. Regarding the subject matter, consider a simplified statement. IT is responsible for content DELIVERY...., not the content. The content is provided by the organizations that subscribe to the various IT services.
  14. We are scheduled on Equinox next month for a 9 night ABC. Never sailed her before, but did a transatlantic on Reflection a few years ago. Thank you so very much for an outstanding review and especially the pictures. Wonderful post to remind us how much cruising means to all of us and a great diversion from all the COVID related post. Again, thanks so much for your time and effort !
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