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  1. Yep, scratch all those summer Alaska cruises being advertised. Onto 2022 in the Caribbean. No Canadian government there!!
  2. Well here in Virginia, all fitness centers open, 75% capacity and masks required only upon entering and leaving not actually exercising. Been this way since June with no issues. Why not on ships unless they get anal. But by my next cruise in late February 2022 the vaccine will be everywhere anyway. Throw your mask away. I get my second Modena dose in three weeks.
  3. Now scheduled to get the vaccine on Friday, 1/29 with second shot to follow. Glad to get it. I expect on my next Celebrity cruise on 2/22/2022 it will be required. No plans this year to cruise.
  4. Yep, just booked 9 night for February 2023 and $900 deposit for sky suite. But got a nice $600 OBC. Used non refundable deposit as going to refundable is several hundred $ more and we are going one way or the other.
  5. Booked a sky suite for Feb. 2023 9 days to ABC on Equinox. Price with all the inclusions and OBC of $800 didn’t seem bad. Only about $1500 more than my sky suite in February 2022 on the Millennium for 10 days I booked a long time ago.
  6. I’ve been to Tobago on Celebrity a number of years ago and I was not impressed. Not been to St Vincent but heard except for scuba and snorkeling little there to see or do. Been on Windstar to St Barts and it’s great but no large ships allowed. Celebrity for some reason passes by Guadeloupe, pretty nice, also on Windstar. One port I like and Celebrity does not seem to go there any longer is Roatan.why?
  7. I agree, and I am 68 but in excellent shape and love cruising but 2021 doesn’t look good or safe- at least the first half. Most states have their virus rates going up, even here in Virginia where it’s been decent and it’s only mid October! What going to happen the next few months based on the escalation in the last month doesn’t look promising at all. The mid year widely available vaccines will be the only solution. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. The difference in meals between the Edge and NCL is simply light years. You will enjoy. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. I don’t know. We are dining inside here in Virginia 4 nights a week since allowed back in June with no problems nor have I heard of any infections traced back to more than one restaurant in all that time ( plaza Azteca had an employee identified and shut down for 5 days). That’s quite a few nice meals out to lose out on. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Yeah, I’m out on my 1/30 cruise but fairly confident that by my 2/23/22 10 day cruise we can wander where we want on the port calls and not be chain gang members. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. There is so much uncertainty that I canceled rather than pay my $5500 due 11/1. Had a great price on my Sky Suite on the Summit but in addition to all the cruise protocol stuff, accepting islands agreements , it leaves from San Juan and they require a Covid PCR test no older than 5 days from arrival. No lab here for the PCR is that fast. As I once worked in NYC I saw the Broadway delay and feel by 12/31 everyone will doing these additional delays, Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. My large local fitness center opened early June with classes starting 7/1. I thought everyone like me would be very glad to be finally back. I’ve gone every day since then. But the return has been dismal. Of the 20 or so dedicated regulars I saw and talked a lot only one ever returned, the gym is pretty empty all morning long and some that go late afternoon/ evening say that is no different. I’m surprised but feel this experience will be mirrored by much of the travel business and cruises, people just won’t return to activities that mix people until a vaccine. This not a story that will end we
  13. First the CLIA recommendations will be required to signed off by all cruise lines CEO’s and it includes cruise line excursions only. I’ve been on all the island many times and I head off on my own to the best beaches, restaurants and beach bars which are never on the cruise line tours. And I spend what time I want , no preset time. I’m not a child or a novice. This the one protocol that has me not going in 2021 and I told Celebrity that when I canceled that point. They had no response so I know this the way their going. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Canceled my 1/30 cruise 4 days ago, this ain’t the time to go cruising with thousands. No protocols are really going to work. The experience will be seriously degraded and the possibility of being stuck in quarantine makes this a bad gamble, but I’m sure some high risk gamblers will go. To wait One more year for a vaccine is not a big deal. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. I’ve given up for the winter season 2021 and canceled my cruise. Way back in April I thought cruises would re start in a August and give me plenty of time to see how actual US cruises fare and the protocols in place before my 11/1 final payment date. Now no cruises until 12/1 if then (virus is already spiking again) so no way to see how it all goes. I don’t want to be one of the first on 1/30 to go out and see how it goes with a diverse set of passengers. The cruise line excursions only that are now required was also a deal breaker. I was thinking about Alaska in August but is that too soon al
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