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  1. For anyone with New England and the Maritimes cruises booked, Canada has extended it's cruise ship ban until November. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cruise-ship-october-1.5589821
  2. Also CC just published an interview with the head of Carnival if you want to try to glean some more insight. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5366/ The UK is still currently the 3rd worse hit country in the world. So will be fairly low on the list when it comes to other countries letting tourists in. Your arguments for cancelling are all valid. However if you can't convince your partner, maybe compromising with a postponement would. At least then you'd see the new cruising landscape before you sail. If cruises go ahead in October you'll be a guinea pig for the industry.
  3. Previously, when we have had a late flight, we've gotten off early and rented a car for the day and gone to the beach, shopping etc before going to the airport. Alternatively you can take a ships tour, which drop at MIA (not FLL) before taking the B2Bs back to POM.
  4. According to CCs own news release Virtuosa is delayed until the New Year. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5334/
  5. Published today on the CBC. Norwegian in serious financial difficulties. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/cruise-lines-1.5555686
  6. Yes, I read an article that expected 25-30% discounts across the board. We have seen higher prices for 2021 too. Usually working out to what an FCC would be worth. I personally wouldn't book anything now, regardless of how far ahead the sailing is. But wait until they actually need bums on the seats of sailing ships. I also don't want to go through this FCC/no-refund disaster twice.
  7. Is it company policy, or is it US consumer law? It is unique to the US market, but is it unique to MSC?
  8. I agree, they would like to delay it until they are sailing again, but definitely for as long as possible. But in the end, if they don't go out of business, they will pay up.
  9. Yes, and more in the sports bar.
  10. From a report in La Marca, it's older than yesterday, but I would also differentiate between the local hospitality industry, bars and restaurants, and mass tourism, cruises. It's perfectly plausible that you will be able to visit your local watering hole, long before you'll be able to embark a cruise. https://www.marca.com/en/lifestyle/2020/04/18/5e9b14a8e2704ed5368b45f0.html
  11. It sounds like the UK is the only European market where MSC has given ground. There are lots of complaints on FB from Germans not getting refunds.
  12. Spain have confirmed they won't be reopening mass tourism until the New Year.
  13. Yes the Canadian US border closure has been extended for another 30 days. However all Canadian ports are closed to cruise ships until July 1st.
  14. Port or starboard is a personal choice, I like port because of the better view at sail away and sunrise on the first morning. But the ships almost always tie up starboard side at Ocean Cay.
  15. Oops, so it is. So if you are Bella or fantastica, port side, the aft part of the mid ship section, above the infinity bridge, would be where I'd book. Almost all the fore and aft Bella cabins have steel or part steel balconies. Mid ships and aft deck 15 will be noisy because of the buffet and pool, and shady from the overhang. Forward is ok, as it's under YC. Smoking areas are all starboard side, mid ships and aft, so can affect deck 9.
  16. Avoid the top deck, avoid the lowest deck near smoking areas or popular hang outs. Take carefully note of where steel balconies are on deck plans, and look at ship profiles to avoid any other view obstructions. On MSC ships, odd numbered cabins are port, and even numbered starboard. Knowing which ship you are considering would be helpful regarding specifics.
  17. I've read reports quoting government sources that suggested Christmas for Spain, but May for Italy.
  18. If you want anytime dining you have to Aurea.
  19. Good news, from your comment and those on FB it sounds like it was no where near as bad as they said it could be. Have a safe flight.
  20. So how is dissembarkation progressing this morning? Is it proving to be as bad as they were warning?
  21. I was reading it off the US website.
  22. MSC have given notice that the daily service charge is going to increase from $12.50pd to $14pd starting summer 2021. But get this, only the US based Caribbean cruises are effected, all the Med, N European, South American and South African rates will remain the same.
  23. As has been mentioned August is close to peak hurricane season, also your choice of ship will be limited to Seaside and Armonia. Mereviglia and Divina will still be in Europe.
  24. "All in" with the easy package includes the gratuities. There is a lot of confusion regarding the gratuities because it's predecessor, "drinks on us" was plus gratuities, and the 2 packages are very similar, and a lot of people are still sailing with drinks on us, because they booked before last November.
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