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  1. 1. You can bring as much booze on as you can get away with (FYI nips bought in port do not set off metal detectors on way back on) 2, You can wear shorts in main dining room any night you want.
  2. Should really be asking the CDC to end their stupidity with the cruise shutdown. If they eliminate the CSO then everyone can sale with no issues.
  3. I have my doubts that they were actually vaccinated as well. 2 people out of 600 passengers in the same cabin come down with Covid? The odds if that happening are astronomical when you consider the effectiveness of the vaccines.
  4. All ADULTS will be eligible on Monday, children under 16 are still not.
  5. Allow one purchase per card until muster has been completed and muster checkin fully activates it. Checkin at muster should have you answer 3 random questions about the video you say you watched and then you can enjoy the rest of your vacation Anyone that doesnt comply prior to half hour before departure has their picture rotated in a slideshow on every screen on the boat until they do.
  6. Same happens now with regular muster. I'm sure they can shut off all cards for purchase until they complete the muster procedure or deny sales to those who have not done it. With all the cameras onboard they could probably use facial recognition and find them pretty quickly and send security to get them. Could also blast their pictures on all the screens until they show up, all for public shaming. Many options on how to get everyone to do it.
  7. Just read about the RCL virtual muster drill, any chance Carnival will bring that on? Sounds so much better than what they do now standing out in the heat crammed in like sardines.
  8. There are other cruise lines that offer that. Most, like me, choose Carnival for the low price vacation they offer.
  9. I see them taking temperatures at some point during checkin. I also see them asking anyone with a fever to go to get secondary screening by a nurse or somebody with medical knowledge. If that person feels it is needed a quick test for COVID can be done on site. They have one that gives results in about 10 minutes.
  10. I was at Fantasy Fest the year Hurricane Sandy hit. Couple cruise ships got redirected to a stop there instead of Bahamas. The looks on the faces of the people getting off the ship to walk down Duval St only to see that freak show was priceless. Mothers were horrified trying to cover the eyes of the kids, the dads were just looking around with open mouths wondering why he was a cruise ship instead of there.
  11. Good, get rid of the old cramped boats showing their age and focus on the bigger better more cost effective ones.
  12. Love to see a few more levels added but have a single points club across all lines instead of one for each.
  13. Rather be on a cruise no matter where it stops or doesn't stop than at work. Didnt really miss much with the two stops you skipped anyway.
  14. Or just regular bar service costs. I know when in port they have to sell at inflated prices and high Texas taxes. If the hold off adding drinks to the tab like Royal does then it wouldn't impact cheers. All really depends on what checkbox the beverage director clicks on the POS system.
  15. I have seen people recently try fly kites on sea days, they are promptly told to take them down. Used to be able to hit golf balls and skeet shoot off the back of the boats too.
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