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  1. Love to see a few more levels added but have a single points club across all lines instead of one for each.
  2. Rather be on a cruise no matter where it stops or doesn't stop than at work. Didnt really miss much with the two stops you skipped anyway.
  3. Or just regular bar service costs. I know when in port they have to sell at inflated prices and high Texas taxes. If the hold off adding drinks to the tab like Royal does then it wouldn't impact cheers. All really depends on what checkbox the beverage director clicks on the POS system.
  4. I have seen people recently try fly kites on sea days, they are promptly told to take them down. Used to be able to hit golf balls and skeet shoot off the back of the boats too.
  5. when got off the independence a few weeks ago they had a table set up with all the confiscated stuff to be picked up. I was impressed at the amount of stuff they had confiscated. So many irons and clothes steamers, a batter backup power strip (no idea why need a battery backup one), funniest thing on the tables was a rice cooker, never thought anyone would bring a small cooking appliance on a cruise.
  6. Just saw it a few weeks ago on Independence, great show. Never even entered my mind it wouldn't be kid friendly, lots of kids at it.
  7. It is a great ship, was on it last december for the same cruise. Ours was a great cruise until the last night when we had somebody get drunk and jump off.
  8. That is why you should never book on the maiden voyages of a ship, delays are to be expected. The compensation offered is plenty, not surprised people are already asking for more.
  9. Judging by the envelopes condition she had been doing it for a while. Rude and tacky to ask for tips in general. Almost as bad as the porters that take your bags when you get to port and demand a tip from you.
  10. Just got off the Independence a few weeks ago. We had the tips added onto the account daily instead of prepaying. On the last night of this cruise, when we returned to the cabin after dinner we noticed that the cabin steward had been in and done up the room as usual. She also left something on the bed that I have never seen before on any cruise on any line. She left a pre printed envelope that had a thank you message with her name printed on it asking for additional tips. It looked like it had been used in the past. We usually do leave something extra for them when we leave if they take care of us but didn't leave as much as we would have because she left a note asking for it, even debated not leaving anything because of the note. Is this envelope a normal thing these days? Been a few years since my last RCI cruise but been on MSC and Carnival many times recently and not seen it.
  11. Tarps properly fastened over the outside will keep almost all water out, any that does make it in is easily dealt with.
  12. No ship building experience but I have spent a few years in structural engineering classes and construction industry. They can get prep work done underway and when tied up in ports get the precision work done while the boat isn't moving. As long as they dont care how long it takes to get fixed they can keep it in service.
  13. Once tied up to the dock they arent moving and wind isnt an issue. You dont make parking spots farther apart because there could be ice on the ground that would cause parking cars to slide into others.
  14. reports of high gusty winds in Cozumel all week. If a strong gust came along and got them moving those propellers dont respond instantaneously. Takes a little while to overcome the inertia of a 100,000 tons of boat.
  15. Well above the waterline and mostly cosmetic. The deck would be easy enough to straighten out with some winches, cutters and a few new pieces of steel. Will take a few months to do it but wont have to take it out of commission to do it if they don't want to.
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