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  1. We just got off the Legend Sunday. We were able to have our luggage sent directly to the airport and didn't have to handle it until we reached our final destination. They charge $15/person and is only for certain airlines. It was well worth the $15/person


    Did you do this through the cruise line or airline?

  2. http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=270001&CategoryID=32436&LinkType=EverGreen#



    I'm not sure if this will work. Did not know how to link something to this site' date=' but I am going to try. I just found this wonderful dress! I bought it in the rouge to wear on our upcoming Valentine cruise. I have this dress is navy and a similar one in black, and I love it. Hopefully this link will work and you will be able to see it. Also, It was on sale!:D When I get a dress for under a $100, I am just overjoyed!:)[/quote']


    Yes, the link worked. Beautiful dress.

  3. I'm sorry to continue with this, I thought Judy's idea to move on was a good one. I just had to point out that NOBODY can speak for 'most people' or 'just about anyone'. Certainly clarifying that you aren't speaking for all people was a start, but I am one example of someone who absolutely did not assume that DarkJedi was a stripper (do you make assumptions about everyone you meet based on their attire?), and I would not have been the least bit offended if she had been seated at my table. On the contrary, I imagine we would have had quite an interesting conversation about chain mail. I don't know if you've been to 'most places' even in large cities, but I can tell you that personally I've seen women with more exposed skin than that - hey, even Rose McGowan was pretty much half naked at the Oscars one year. Perhaps she was supplementing her income by doing table dances that year. :p


    As to the highlighted portion of your quote, you have expressed that most people would think DarkJedi is a stripper and that her attire is offensive, as well as stating outright that you know her intentions in wearing the dress... I'm sorry, but in my opinion, that IS judgemental. I don't imagine it's a surprise that I disagree about her motives, either. I think she wore the dresses because she LIKES them. That's why I wear what I wear... isn't it why you wear what you wear? If you like what someone is wearing, do you also assume they wore it for your reaction?


    Just to be clear, I don't know you and I know nothing about you. I am replying only to the text of the message above. My opinions are based solely on what I read. I'm sure that you consider yourself very open minded and non-judgemental... but if those attributes only apply when people do things you 'agree' with... then how open minded are you, really? Just something to ponder. :)


    All of my comments in this thread regarding this particular subject have been in an effort to promote the idea of acceptance and open mindedness. We will all see people every time we go out into the world who will be wearing things we don't like for one reason or another; until we find a way to avoid other humans, it's just the way it is. For some reason, if exposure of skin is involved, it somehow becomes a much more serious offense (to some) than, say, socks with sandals, or speedos on fat guys (actually most thin guys too... they're just not 'kind'...). Everyone has their own opinions about whether or not it is 'moral' or 'appropriate' to expose skin, and to what extent. As I was saying in an earlier post, I have a friend who covers everything but her face and hands. I'm fine with that and she's fine with how I dress. There will always be people at both ends of the scale - from nudists to full coverers (some women cover everything but their eyes) - and an assortment in between. I think that if we expect to be allowed to make our own choices in the clothing we wear, we should support the rights of others to make their own choices as well - even if we don't agree with their choices. Okay, I think the horse has lost all signs of life now. :p


    I hope everyone continues to enjoy wearing the clothing they feel good in, and that nobody ever makes you feel like you shouldn't. :)


    must you always write a book

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