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  1. We had a poor experience with Nextcruise, booking on Majesty for a future trip on Liberty. Many details were wrong and we basically had to rebuild the reservation once on shore. Benefits were not worth it to us -- we already get some C&A discount, with more to come after the next 2 cruises.
  2. Which then leads to litigation and a loss for Fla./Tx on the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution (first step, likely a Temporary restraining Order (TRO) on the states), not to mention the issues with the Commerce Clause. As they literally can't stop lines from sailing at 95% vac., it comes down to fines, litigation and such later in the year or in 2022.
  3. Having just booked Edge for Aug. 28, the whole IV thing has me intrigued, as we will have one for our first Celebrity cruise (we were booked on RC Oasis, but the cruise was cancelled and we decided to try something out of the box). A real love/hate thing for people, it seems, but an upgrade over those old porthole cabins, at minimum. I expect to review it -- and everything else about how cruising is -- in early Sept. when we get back (probably old news, but its the journalist in me).
  4. Celebrity said they are in negotiations with the Florida Administration to make this work (some sort of weasel wording to let DeSantis save face). Unless DeSantis is getting very poor advice, he knows failing to work out a deal means the cruise lines go to court, get a Temporary Restraining Order allowing them to require vaccines (and then likely a fall trial where Florida will learn painful lessons about the Commerce Clause in the U.S. Constitution -- and potentially, the Supremacy clause, as the CDC is requiring vaccines for lines not doing test cruises, and federal authority almost always w
  5. Damn. There goes our Aug. 29 departure on Oasis. Frustrating -- but at least we have time to book another vacation. Not sure we're going to lift and shift or do the cruise credit, as this is the second time we've lost this booking (we were booked in the same window in 2020). Hopefully, our trip on Anthem in December will go as planned.
  6. Desantis _ I literally laughed when someone said he'd be president or vice president, as it appears he might be snagged up in the Matt Gaetz fiasco, which seems to be tied to a broader GOP corruption scandal brewing — misplayed this from the start. The litigation should have been a negotiation tactic, not a "our way or the highway" play. His vaccination passport ban is idiocy -- the vast majority of cruisers want it, as do the cruise lines. He could be screwing up sailing from Florida for the time being and also make cruise companies diversify their cruise ports more, so as not to end up so de
  7. We are on Oasis Aug. 29 and if we're stressed (timing looks a bit better), you must be freaked out. I hope it works out for you.
  8. Can you cite a source on this? I did see a local news Web site (in Hudson County -- I actually worked at the now long-defunct Hudson Dispatch daily newspaper early in my journalism career) suggest July was possible based on their reporting.
  9. Nothing matching this Port Liberty story on Matt's site. The link shared is only to a very old schedule of what was planned pre-pandemic. With Freedom sailing test cruises out of Florida June 20-22, it seems unlikely to be making its July 3 date in New Jersey. From what I can gather, PANJ/NY is "encouraging" fully vaccinated sailings and will not get in the way of sailings out of metro NYC. If the fight with DeSantis drags out (I think unlikely, as cruise lines will get a restraining order short term and win on the merits quickly at trial -- Florida is violating the Com
  10. Ah, no. Moderna, which I had, 28 days, plus two weeks for full immunity. Pfizer is 21 days, plus two weeks for full immunity. But that's moot, as the crew is largely getting J&J, which means two weeks to full strength. So, a crew could be easily vaccinated within three weeks or less.
  11. We're booked on the same cruise (hope to see you at the Schooner Bar). Oasis made one run already to Miami to vaccinate crew. Keep in mind, under CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated people don't need to quarantine. If they use the J&J, they could have an entire crew in on about two weeks notice (but I suspect they will be working on a weekly basis to crew up their ships to be ready for July sailings) -- I suspect they might be running crew through Miami before sending them to ships after shots. Additionally, as noted elsewhere, they have a full two-week (not 30 day) process for quarantining c
  12. There have been some indications in local media that the port will be opening -- but obviously, there have to be discussions between NY/NJ, as it would mean opening up NYC ports as well. Timing is the only question. I'm on the Aug. 29 Oasis (life and shift from '20) and feel like it will very likely sail. The July dates are going to be tougher, but it seems like things are moving in a positive direction for them.
  13. Since DeSantis has no right to regulate interstate commerce (you know, the Commerce clause in the U.S. Constitution) or International Maritime Law, which in this case involves ships registered in the Bahamas, it isn't going to stick in the courts. (I don't have dog in this fight as my next three cruises are out of Bayonne or Baltimore). While the Texas law will likely withstand challenge, Florida's is an extra-legal disaster.
  14. Shrug. My next three cruises (Oasis, Aug. 29), Anthem (Dec. 31) and Enchantment (May, 2022) don't leave from Florida. Until I want to go back to Cuba, I'm not sweating Ron DeSantis.
  15. However, the CDC guidelines say masks still needed on modes of public transportation. So, it's unclear how this will impact cruise ships at this moment.
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