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  1. I am hoping that they can make some alternative excursions for the cruises that have multiple days in Venice. I personally do not want to sit in a bus for 4 hours on an excursion.
  2. We actually visited this in 2014. Our guide supported the "Cat Ladies" so we were given a tour ....amazing place.
  3. Danish Viking, So sorry for my late thanks for all your help to plan our trip to Copenhagen and the surrounding area. We really enjoyed our visit. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!
  4. Danish Viking, We will be staying at the Scandic Copenhagen. We plan to go shopping for sundries (shampoo etc) and wine in addition to my husband Sriracha sauce. Many thanks
  5. Many thanks.....my husband is sooo happy!!! Your thread is so helpful.
  6. Danish Viking, We were wondering if Sriracha sauce (a hot chili sauce - in the US supermarkets in the Oriental section) is available at grocery stores in Copenhagen? We have a long cruise and my husband needs some spice for the bland ship food😀 I would like to avoid weighing down my suitcase with a bottle from the US. Many thanks for all your help in planning our trip.
  7. Pooh, I have friends that used the Princess train several years ago. They had a problem with the coupling on their car and missed going to Berlin. Their car was uncoupled and they were left at the side of the track. After a significant wait a bus showed up and took them back to the ship.
  8. Many thanks for your excellent review. I have added this cruise to my bucket list.
  9. They are also clearing out rats in NZ to save the penguins and birds in the fjord area.
  10. I booked directly via the website for SPB-Tours for late August this year. Each customer has their own account/sign in. You can modify tours and information (e.g. new passport number due to renewal). I also paid ahead for the tours. I like to have everything prepaid and just bring tip money. I am looking forward to the tour.
  11. Can the pin be a 4 digit number or does it need to have 5 digits for Europe? Many thanks in advance
  12. Bummer...I had the Nov 6th cruise booked.....will just have to look for another cruise.
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