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  1. It is Berlin and I guess this airport will never be finished...
  2. Another question: do we have to join the muster drill on the second leg? Thanks!
  3. I saw language classes on Jewel of the Seas in June. The cruise director did an italian class.
  4. We booked the transfer with Royal Caribbean on the same day of the cruise. They brought us with a private car to Southampton. The drive was 1:50 hours. The way back we went by bus, it took us the same time or maybe a few minutes more...
  5. I also did a transatlantic on Splendour in December 2014 (Barcelona to Santos). In 2017 I sailed around South America (from Valparaiso to Buenos Aires and Santos) on the Rhapsody of the Seas. Two of my most favourite cruises :-) I would like to do it again on a RCL ship. My say do it again some day...
  6. Following this interesting thread :-)I will be on the next sailing on Indepencence otS. Could you tell me something about the entertainment in the following days? Is it very british? We are from Germany and so it may be difficult to understand comedians...
  7. My guess is Nov. 21, 2020 :-) I would like to do the reposition cruise and the next one in Florida
  8. I am also waiting for the Odyssey of the Seas. I would like to book the transatlantic and I am interested where it will go...
  9. Of course, I will start to coninue the post and write about the last two wonderful days of the cruise. I have had a lot of stress recently especially the last year and so I don't find the time to enjoy writing my review. Anyway let's start again... 07/05/2018 Argostoli Before the cruise I had never heard about the City Argostoli or the island Kefalonia. It isn't a famous island in Europe and from Germany it is not easy to go there. Because of that I searched many days in the internet to find interesting places to see. I figured out some beautiful beaches, small villages, an amazing lake and many more. We actually decided to visit Myrtos Beach. It is a wonderful beach that was choosen often to one of the most beautiful beaches around the world. So we had to see this beach. Unfortunately I didn't found an independent excursion to go there. RCCL offered an excursion to the beach but the excursion was sold out when we entered the ship. Uff :-( So we talked to our amazing Diamond Concierge and the tried to book the excursion for us but it failed too. But she has a perfect suggestion, because she knew a very friendly family from the U.S. and let us get to know each other. So we decided to leave the ship together to catch a taxi to the beautiful beach. It worked perfect and we bargained with to taxi drivers. The only disadvantage was that the taxis in Kefalonia weren't cheap, but it was okay. We did a tour to a beautiful lake in the rocks, the taxis drivers led us along the queue, so we didn't have to wait like the other groups from the ship. The lake, the light and the reflection was amazing. After that we spent some nice time at the beach. The waves were a bit wild, but the water was clear. It was a hot and beautiful day and we got to know wonderful people. After our return to the ship we were very tired and got to sleep a bit on our balcony. We enjoyed a perfect dinner and nice conversation in the Diamond Lounge.
  10. Hi there, Saturday I came back from my cruise with the Rhapsody of the seas and I would like to give you some impressions and thoughts of my cruise. First of all: it was an amazing cruise. I am still very happy to do this cruise. And before I start with the first day, I would like to apologize for my bad english. Anyway I hope you like this review. Saturday 06/30: Our arrival started terrible. We booked a flight with Eurowings and had a delay of more than two hours. Thankfully we got the flight directly from RCCL, so they had do help us. But apart from that we didn't want to miss the ship. Recently you hear only bad things about Eurowings. The company has a lot of issues with their flights and accuracy. So I had have a bad vibe about this the week before our cruise. So the flight from Dusseldorf to Venice was delayed 30 minutes as we arrived at the gate. Then we got on the bus at the time when the flight should actually start. Cleaning was not completed, so they let us wait in from of the aircraft in the sun. As we were allowed to board and then boarding was completed, we were waiting in the aircraft. Nobody didn't say nothing and after 40 minutes of additional waiting we started. The worst thing was that they didn't tell us the reason or any kind of information. We tried to call our travel agency but after that we had only the chance to hope that there would be no other delay. We landed at 3:50 p.m. in Venice and after that everything was finde. Our suitcases were the first ones at the baggage claim and then we met very friendly members of RCCL. They first said "Calm down, everything is fine. Welcome! Now your vacation will start". It was true. They brought us with a private taxi to the pier. We were probably the last passengers who boarded the ship. We entered the ship with our suitcases during the muster drill was already taking place. But we got our suitcases with us, so we had our luggage and were able to unpack immediately :p I liked this. Out stateroom (Junior Suite 8100) was beautiful. I was so impressed and happy. I loved the large balcony with the two loungers, a table and chairs. We relaxed some minutes and then we went to the Park Café. There the crew had arranged a small buffet. It was nice because we hadn't had the chance to go to the Windjammer. So we could eat and drink something. After this we directly headed for the pool deck to see the sail away. It was amazing. Quickly got some drinks to enjoy and celebrate the beginning of our cruise. I know that Venice has a lot of problems with the number of the cruise ships and that these traffic is bad for the conversation of the city. But nevertheless it is a amazing departure when you are able to see this fantastic city passing by. We had the late seating at MDR, so we headed for the Diamond lounge. There we met the Diamond Concierge Hajeong (JJ) from Korea. Does anybody know her? What an amazing person! The was so friendly and nice and took so much care about us and our way to feel comfortable. Great! Breathtaking! We loved her and I am really sad that I missed to take a photo with her. We drank some white wine and enjoyed the view. Then it was time to go to dinner. This time we had a table for two and two nice servers. The dinner was nice and after that eventful day and the problems with the flight we early went to sleep.
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