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  1. We like the fact that with Celebrity (unlike with some cruise lines) not everyone in the cabin needs to upgrade to premium, so the wine drinker in our family upgrades and the other who mostly only drinks mixed drinks but hates martinis stays with classic.
  2. A couple of years ago we did a TA from Port Canaveral to Barcelona. First stop after leaving Port Canaveral was the Azores. One day before the scheduled Florida departure date a couple who was booked on the TA flew in to Miami from out of state. At about lunchtime they took an uber to the Port of Miami to start their cruise - hello, the cruise ship they were booked on was not at the dock in Miami. A frantic call to the cruise line determined they (the couple) had made a mistake and the ship was scheduled to leave from Port Canaveral and not Miami. They had to frantically get an uber from Miami
  3. Some other differences between classic and premium - with classic you get still bottled water, with premium you can get Pellegrino. With classic you get prosecco, with premium you get champagne. Before Always Included one person in the cabin could upgrade to premium and the other person didn't have to. Not sure if this is still the case with Always Included.
  4. We sail with multiple cruise lines because they each have their pros and cons. We like Royal's entertainment the best (loved the ice rink on our first Royal cruise about ten years ago), followed by NCL. But we don't often sail Royal because when we do we always purchase the beverage package so it makes it more expensive than NCL. We became Platinum on NCL several years ago but over the last couple of years pre-pandemic started sailing Celebrity more as we found when there were issues with NCL such as delays, ship changes, etc, they do not treat you as well as some other lines. We will still sa
  5. We were caught out a couple of years ago with not being able to get the anytime dining we wanted. We were waitlisted but nothing came of that so immediately upon boarding we spoke to the maitre d' but he did not change our fixed dining time. Said he would during the cruise if he could but never did. Yesterday we booked a cruise on the Equinox for this December to replace our August Summit cruise to Greenland that Celebrity canceled. The only dining time available was 6pm and that is a deal breaker for us. We have for some years dealt with the same vacation planner at Celebrity and she knows we
  6. Consider visiting Antibes from Cannes. We used to live in Antibes and love it, just a 15 minute train ride from Cannes to Antibes. Right in the center of Antibes is a Picasso museum, but just wandering the alleys of old town Antibes is wonderful.
  7. One option to consider is to fly into Houston Hobby airport rather than Houston George Bush InterContinental airport. Hobby is much closer to Galveston and you could just Uber from Hobby.
  8. Carnival and RCCL did cruise out of the Houston Bayport terminal for a while after hurricane damage in Galveston, but then moved back to Galveston after repairs were done. After the Houston Bayport terminal sat idle for ages, a contract was finally signed with Princess and NCL but was not popular with cruisers so no longer operates as a cruise terminal.
  9. I was also on that final cruise the Jade made from Houston. The ship was only two thirds full as NCL had great difficulty selling cruises from the Port of Houston. The cruise MichiganBound mentions was 17 nights, I met someone on the cruise who had booked last minute and only paid $399 for her cabin (she was a single) - under $25 a day before grats, what a bargain.
  10. Australia Finance Minister Simon Birmingham told The Australian today that the country would likely not reopen its borders until well into 2022. The previous target date for reopening had been June 17 this year.
  11. Several years ago we had cabin 8060 on the Jade. We loved the location but would not book that cabin again. The only way you could see over the lifeboat was by standing on the bed and could then only see a glimpse of the sea.
  12. Last night it was reported on our local news channel that this Sunday two Carnival ships are returning to port in Galveston so they will be ready to start cruising from the US as soon as they get the go ahead from the CDC which they hope will be before November.
  13. Dessert on a sea day is always the same. About 2pm after completing lunch (minus traditional dessert), I head pool side and enjoy a mudslide for dessert as that is something I never have at home!
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