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  1. April 2019 on the Epic TA from Port Canaveral to Barcelona we had an hour long lecture every sea day. The presenter was a British lady who lived in Spain. Each day she spoke about a different port we were going to visit, it wasn't about shopping, it was about the history and sights at each of the ports. This type of lecture is unusual for NCL (have done at least 15 NCL cruises), a lot more Celebrity cruises have lecturers.
  2. We love transatlantics, have taken more than a dozen. The best deal we got was the last NCL cruise from Houston before the cruise port closed in Houston in 2016 - it was a 17 night cruise to Barcelona and cost us $599 each (before DSC) for an ocean view cabin including beverage package (and there wasn't a service charge on the beverage package in those days), dining package of several nights (can't remember how many but it was 4 or 5), plus obc of $50 or so. We booked about four months before sail date. After sail date inside cabins went for as low as $399 each (without perks). Our two transatlantics this year were canceled by NCL because of covid, but we are hoping the next one we have booked for 2021 will be a go - Southampton to Boston via Iceland and Greenland.
  3. Two years ago we took the NCL bus from the airport to the port. Until there were enough people to fill the bus, we were assembled in a seating area inside the airport building near where the buses are lined up outside. The wait was half an hour max. At the port the bus first went dockside where our suitcases were removed from the bus, then the bus drove us to the front of the terminal building for us to get off the bus.
  4. A week ago I received a refund I requested on April 13 (for an April 19 cruise canceled by NCL). Two amounts posted to my credit card, one for the deposit paid last September, and one for the balance I paid in December. The balance paid in December included standard insurance thru NCL, and that was refunded last week, not listed separately but as part of the amount I paid in December.
  5. I also got the email yesterday detailing how much my refund will be and I will receive it in 7-10 days. This was for a cruise that should have departed on April 19, I put in my refund request the first day it was available to do so which was April 13. Funny thing about the 7-10 days - the refund was posted to my credit card last Saturday!
  6. Thanks for the update. For one of my canceled cruises I had purchased the standard insurance thru NCL. When NCL canceled the cruise the 100% FCC and 25% FCC showed up on my account but not the insurance portion. On the cancelation letter from NCL this is what it said: If you purchased our Essentials, Book Safe Standard or Platinum travel protection plan you will receive an additional future cruise credit, worth the value of your travel protection plan. I decided not to bother about it and just write it off but good to know I should get it back when I get the refund I requested instead of the FCC. My other canceled cruise was with Celebrity and I got that refund in 5 weeks. I canceled another NCL cruise last month before final payment so only the deposit due back on that one but still waiting for that too.
  7. I wish is were true that NCL is too busy giving refunds. I got the double points for the cruise they cancelled, and would willingly give the points up in exchange for the thousands of dollars they owe me.
  8. Last September I booked two cruises, one for April 2020 and the other for October 2020. At this time I have only paid the deposit on my October cruise. My PCC at NCL said I can use the FCC from this month's canceled cruise to pay the balance on my October cruise. After consideration I decided to request a refund for the cruise I should have been on now as it is unsure if the October cruise will take place. It is also unclear what the rules might be for the over 70s. Both cruises are transatlantics (Dawn and Escape). Might have to wait until 2021 before I can cruise again when I have a cruise booked to Greenland, that one is not with NCL.
  9. I should have been on a cruise right now but it was of course cancelled. On April 13 I requested a refund. Prior to requesting the refund I spoke to my PCC and he said he would apply the FCC to a transatlantic cruise I booked last year for October of this year. But I decided against that, not only because the October cruise may not happen, but also because being over 70 it is unknown what restrictions there might be for us seniors.
  10. Fortunately I am not cash strapped because I don't have a job to lose as I am retired and on social security. But that is totally irrelevant to the way NCL operate.
  11. Wrong. This is what it says on NCL's website: Guests who prefer to not take advantage of a future cruise credit can elect to receive a lesser refund to the original form of payment 90 days after submitting the Refund Form below. So AFTER, not UP TO.
  12. Both Celebrity and Royal have the option of freestyle dining. When doing online bookings, if freestyle (called Select dining on Celebrity, MyTime dining on Royal) is showing as already booked up, I do not complete my online booking but call an agent and tell them my cruise reservation is contingent upon getting freestyle dining at the time of making the cruise reservation and of course they always find space in the freestyle option. Once when making a cruise reservation on Royal and the freestyle spots were no longer available, I was told to speak to the maître d once on board the ship to get moved to freestyle. I did speak to him on day one and he said he waitlisted me but never moved me so I learned my lesson and now only will accept freestyle as part of my original booking.
  13. I agree with paulajj. We have been on both Breakaway and Equinox several times and would be happy to go on either. We enjoy Syd Norman's on the Breakaway but the food on the Equinox is far superior to the MDR on Breakaway. Usually Equinox is more expensive than Breakaway so because for the cruises you are looking at the Equinox is cheaper I would in this instance choose the Equinox.
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