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  1. We were on the Epic in April of this year. No reservations were required for the comedy club. We were told it was an experiment and if successful would be implemented on other ships.
  2. We returned from a cruise on the Equinox just 9 days ago. We had a cabin on deck 8, one of those forward facing cabins with a slanted window. Had zero issues with the ship rocking/pitching. Have completed at least 25 cruises and have experienced ship movement but not on our recent Oct 14 eleven night Caribbean cruise.
  3. When you sit down in the dining room on your first night aboard you will be given only the food menu which lists very few wines. But immediately ask for the wine list and you will be given a comprehensive wine menu with prices of all the wines available by the bottle or by the glass. Bars do not stock as many offerings of wine as the dining room, but a limited selection of premium wines are available by the glass in all bars.
  4. In December 2017 we had a stop in Acapulco on our Panama Canal cruise. We walked a couple of miles along the waterfront, the coastline is very picturesque but we did not feel safe, as well as armed police walking about, there were armed police stood in the bed of a pickup that drove up and down the coast road. If we were to go back there we would go on a ship organized excursion - perhaps to see the cliff divers - or just stay on the ship.
  5. When at the pool during the day I do have a couple of mudslides or pina coladas. I've tried drinking them without straws but they invariably end up down the front of my shirt. I have used the new paper straws and haven't had a problem with them becoming soggy (I guess I drink too fast!) but I can't get past the taste of them, I find the taste disgusting to the point that I do not enjoy my drink. On my past couple of cruises this year I have taken a few plastic straws with me, problem solved. I am careful to not allow the plastic straws to blow overboard but dispose of them in the trash.
  6. If one or both of you decide to upgrade to premium beverage package, you can use your OBC to pay for the upgrade, either before you sail or while on the cruise. Celebrity allows the use of OBC ahead of sail date for things like beverage packages and excursions, some cruise lines (NCL comes to mind) only allow OBC to be spent on board.
  7. Tropical storms can still cause havoc. Last week tropical storm Imelda hit us, up to 43 inches of rain in some areas of greater Houston, 5 deaths, many houses flooded, to date insurance claims have been filed for over 10,000 flooded vehicles, the interstate between Texas and Louisiana is still shut down because barges hit a bridge and did structural damage, etc, etc.
  8. Why don't you look at the Celebrity Equinox departing Fort Lauderdale on Sept 23. It's 11 nights to southern Caribbean. Even though we are platinum with NCL, we sail other lines as well and the Equinox is our favorite of all the ships we have been on (going on her again in October).
  9. Last October our Breakaway cruise was delayed. We were told not to arrive at the NY port until 7pm and were each given $75 for incidentals incurred during the extra hours we had to spend in NY. We finally got on the ship about 1am and the dining room opened for a meal, so we ate about 1:30am, then there was a mandatory muster drill at 2:30am, the ship finally departed NY a little after 5am. We were each given a refund of the cost of one cruise day, in addition to the $75.
  10. Glad you are back home safely. I agree NCL's communication is lacking (not just on this cruise which was canceled because of Dorian), and when things do go wrong on cruises their compensation is inferior to competitors. A few weeks ago I enjoyed reading your comments on your Escape trip to Bermuda. I was following your Escape to Bermuda comments because we were planning a trip there, but last month chose to go on Celebrity Summit instead of Escape. We have been platinum for several years but after the craziness of the Getaway TA changes this past April, we did not buy any more cruise next certificates on our Spring 2019 TA as we have noticed NCL has definitely gone downhill in the last couple of years. We also canceled the Encore inaugural TA we were booked on, and instead booked another Celebrity cruise for next month. The MDR food on Celebrity is far superior to what it has been on NCL for the past couple of years.
  11. We are the sort of people that don't like being made a fuss of so don't tell cruise lines when we are going to be on board during a celebration. But you cannot hide your birthday from cruise lines!! Although not requested by us, on the day of my husband's 70th birthday a lovely cheese and fruit plate was left in our cabin, along with a complimentary bottle of wine. Then later that evening when ordering a drink in a bar the bar tender noticed the DOB when swiping the sea pass and disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a slice of cheese cake from a specialty restaurant!
  12. Two weeks ago when we left on the Summit we also went first to the Statue of Liberty before heading out to sea. As we pulled away from the dock it was announced that the captain had received permission from the port authorities for him to do this.
  13. Over the past two years we have sailed ten times with NCL and three times with Celebrity. Overall we prefer NCL for entertainment but Celebrity for food. But honestly each cruise is different. In a six month period we went twice on the NCL Jade and one time the food was acceptable, the other time it was dreadful. On Celebrity Equinox in 2017 the food was acceptable, but last week on the Celebrity Summit the food was outstanding. The onboard experience can be very different even within the same cruise line, not just in ship design but also in cruise director, executive chef, etc. We tend to choose itinerary first, and value for money second, and then enjoy our cruise even if it is not the absolute best one we have ever been on.
  14. Last week on the Summit I saw people playing cards at a table just aft of guest services, the table and chairs were next to the cart of books for loan or exchange now that there is no longer a proper library on board.
  15. On last week's Summit trip to Bermuda, the chic nights were still Monday and Friday. Also, the choices for Saturday lunch buffet were the best I have ever seen on any cruise line buffet, and I have cruised more than 25 times. The food overall was excellent in the MDR and buffet with the exception of Chinese food in the buffet.
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