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  1. We have the following Disney Cruise reservation: -12-Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise from Miami ending in Barcelona Embark Date: 11-May-2020 Debark Date: 23-May-2020) On May 4 2020 (one week prior to the May 11 cruise departure date), we will be flying to New York from Melbourne Australia. Our flight has a 4 hours layover transit in Hong Kong. Disney's Coronavirus policy is -- guests who transit through Hong Kong airport within 14 days of the start of their cruise will not be permitted to board the ship. We are flying with Cathay Pacific, all Cathay Pacific flights will have layovers in Hong Kong, thus we are unable to avoid the Hong Kong layovers. If we cancel our cruise now, we would lose our deposit (about $2000). Just wondering if there is a way to avoid losing our deposit. We contacted Disney Cruise Line and the Disney agent we spoke to didn't have any solutions. Just checking if anyone here have any advice or suggestions. Thanks so much.
  2. If I did not use FCC but paid the deposit using credit card. Can I still transfer from one non refundable deposit cruise to another? Thanks
  3. Sorry, I am the OP. I meant to say for the deck below these cabins, ie. deck 10. Thanks again
  4. We are looking to select one of these cabins on deck 11 Baja deck on the Diamond Princess. The cabins are B314 B315 B318 B319 B323. Looking at the deck plan, for the deck above these cabins (deck 10 Caribe), there are blank spaces above these cabins, just wondering what theses spaces are. Will it be noisy? There is a similar blank space right next to B315, anyone know what that space is? Thanks so much.
  5. We are interested in the 16 nights cruise (Nov 21- Dec 7) Ports: Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan | Toba, Japan |Osaka (for Kyoto), Japan | Kochi, Japan | Kagoshima, Japan |Busan, South Korea | Nagasaki, Japan |Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan | Okinawa, Japan | Ishigaki, Japan |Taipei (Keelung) | Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan Wondering if the weather will be too cold? Thanks
  6. We will be sailing out of Sydney Australia on the Sun Princess. Just wondering if we need to bring any power adapters for the power outlets. How many power outlets are there in the cabin? Also thinking of bringing a small power bar. Are these allowed? Thanks so much.
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