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  1. Cinerama

    Currently on Royal Princess - first time with Princess!

    We will be in cabin L101 on our next cruise. First time in a forward facing cabin.
  2. Thank you for the scans. We will be on a similar cruise on the Regal 11/17-24 this year. Were there a lot of children on this cruise?
  3. Cinerama

    MDR Breakfast - Princess

    We always have breakfast in the MDR for all ships. Can't remember any problems ever.
  4. Cinerama

    Chairs removed to make more room?

    Forward balconies are very large on the Royal class ships. Just one chair and a sofa. This will be our cabin for next cruise. Some one said $5,000 for one of these cabins? That must be a long cruise, Our seven day Caribbean cruise is about $1,000 each for us with the free booze package.
  5. Cinerama


    On our last cruise to Alaska it was warm every day and no rain. So, you never know what your going to get.
  6. Cinerama

    Upsell offer

    We had an aft corner cabin on our last cruise - best cabin ever!
  7. Cinerama

    Ruby Princess 11/17/19 just visiting the beach

    Sorry about the typo. Should be Regal Princess.
  8. Cinerama

    Ruby Princess 11/17/19 just visiting the beach

    Princess Cays we know that's no problem, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel are the other ports.
  9. My son and his wife would like to come on our cruise and are wondering if when at a port can they just visit one of the beaches? I see various excursions offered but they all include other things to do beside the beach.
  10. Cinerama

    Next sale Feb 1

    $349 for March 24 looks good!
  11. Cinerama

    Would you take this upsell on the Regal?

    We had a corner aft balcony on our last cruise. Very wide and quiet. The best balcony ever!
  12. It's there, I thought it was only three ports. They probably did email me. I don't know why I didn't save it as all my previous emails from them are saved. If you look at the first post I said "I thought it was three islands and now it's four". So mean.
  13. I did the reservation through Princess. I guess I didn't save any of the emails from Princess when I booked it or maybe they didn't send any yet? I know when I started looking I saw that the Royal also did a Western Caribbean and went to Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize City and Cozumel but not in November. We haven't been to Roatan or Belize so that plus the free booze was nice but not to be. I don't know when I started thinking it was only a three island cruise.
  14. I thought we were on the eastern - three, now it's western - four. I can't find any emails from Princess to confirm what I saw.