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  1. Thanks for spotting that story, will be interesting if the new layouts offer more that just being able to spread out using the space consumed by the buffet stations. The challenge may be timely service with everyone coming it at the same time and ready to get on to the next excursion. I do not mind being served vs. balancing my plate.
  2. In Kristin’s Blog September 10, she indicated continuing plans to renovate the AmaBella and AmaVerde in 2021. Any thoughts as to whether that would be something done in the off season ahead of spring sailings? Booked on AmaBella in August for Gems of Southeast Europe and still trying to be positive. A freshened décor will give me something else to hope for.
  3. It was probably about 30 days after that sip and sail presentation when I tried to book Egypt. On our Mekong trip, there were people who did Bangkok both before and after, but I don’t think any used the AMA extension. I was curious about your comment about the elephant sanctuary and googled them. When we went to Angor Wat, it was only a couple months before that had stopped all tourist activity (rides) with the elephants. Looks like a day at one of the sanctuaries would be something you would need to schedule on your own. If elephants and other wildlife are an interest to you, I migh
  4. DW and I did AMA this past February including the pre and post land portions (South to North). We were incredibly pleased with the service and the daily excursions. They broke us into smaller groups and never felt that we were being herded. I really wanted to get an exposure to the people in the country and it met my goals. The AMA Dara never felt crowded and it was easy enough to find a quiet spot to enjoy the scenery and relax. Our cruise manager Duy was superb. The local guides were all knowledgeable, and each had personal perspective on their native country. We had 3 solo travele
  5. I have been looking a flights for a booking next summer. When I am signed in on the Celebrity site and go to my booking and then click on flights it is not responding. Same lack of response for several days. Went directly to Flightsbycelebrity.com site and it accepted my booking number and gave me options, but seemed to very limited. Failed to find options for certain seat categories. I have 3 departure airports I can work with including Charlotte. My other disappointment was it the pricing. I was not seeing any price improvements over direct booking. (business to Europe) Almost no flight o
  6. I was looking at the new Egypt land/cruise for fall of 2021 and realized it was good value compared to Uniworld and Viking. Others obviously thought the same this morning when I tried to book a Cat C for October 1 and found that Category was booked from September 17 up to November 26. The SB and SA were also booked October into mid-November. There was a Cat C on September 10 the initial sailing of the new boat and crew. My answer was to go back to where I was initially looking and booked ‘Gems of SE Europe’ for August 29, 2021.
  7. Considering ‘Gems of Southeast Europe’ in August 2021 with the four-day land extension in Romania. Anyone have any feedback on this itinerary? Would be our second cruise on AMA, did Mekong with 8-day land extension in late February really enjoyed the staff and found the itinerary enlightening. One possible concern is condition of AmaBella, review from last fall indicated furnishings were getting a bit worn. Timewise now seems like an opportunity to refresh some things except for the cost vs. current lack of income.
  8. kayakcove

    Azamara email

    What I enjoyed was the duet with Tony and Amanda. Reminded me of the first time I heard Amanda sing and my jaw dropping open. Had me looking at sailing for next year.
  9. We are booked with our adult son for 10 days in the Baltic on HA in July and we will continue to monitor as everyone else. I am responding to this topic in response to the multiple negative comments on travel in Asia. There certainly been issues with some cruises, but we just returned from an alternative option in Vietnam and Cambodia. We were on an AMA Waterways 7-night Mekong river cruise with a total of 8 days land extension on the start and end. We never felt uneasy about exposures. There were 84 guests from 8 different countries on board, 55 on the land portion. The crew and guides wer
  10. For anyone doing river cruises on the Mekong in the in the next couple of months. I just got a notice from AMA advising passengers to check their flight connections as Vietnam had suspended all air traffic from cities within mainland China. This would impact connections coming through Beijing or Peking. They also advise that those of us with other connections within southeast Asia to monitor flight schedules. We start our journey February 13 with our flights connecting through Seoul. I have been trying to follow news outlets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. They did close some public mon
  11. Thank you for posting your review. It does appear to be an interesting option. Did you encounter water level issues you felt related to dams upstream? I was thinking the rapids could have been even more challenging with higher water levels. I have seen several recent articles about how the fluctuating levels have impacted the river. We are 13 days out from starting our trip on the lower Mekong with 8 days of land extension with AMA.
  12. I had a similar question for our AmaDara cruise on the Mekong next month. I was booking a extra night in advance and sent an email direct to AMA asking what level of room they booked. They responded promptly. I wanted to match that level to reduce odds of needing to change rooms. On this trip they were booking "Luxury Level" which in the scope of options was the best without being a suite and without extra lounge access. I was impressed with the ratings for the three different hotels will be in; booked total of 8 days pre and post extension.
  13. We cruised around the British Isles in the summer of 2018 with our son with mobility issues. We had sailed to Alaska the summer before and had arranged for a walker to be delivered to the room on board. When checking for the same with a departure from Amsterdam, I did find providers, but cost was amazingly high. We also chose to bring equipment with us. Found a new light walker that was very compact when folded and it presented no problems on our flights. This summer will be sailing with him on HA again, this time to the Baltic ports and will be taking that walker again.
  14. Review this post when I had a similar question. For Vietnam I obtained a multi entry loose leaf visa online directly from the Vietnam embassy in Washington, total cost for 2 visas including Fed Ex return was $290 using PayPal and got it in 3 days. Did Cambodian single-entry visa by completing the form online and submitting it along with our passports and cashier’s check for $60. Used USPS Priority Express and got everything back 6 days. Total cost with USPS charges $112. NOTE the visas were good for 90 days from the date they got the application. The f
  15. Thanks for the adding this additional information. Cruise Critic is a good spot for information, as long as it is right and up to date.
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