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  1. I had booked a Scenic cruise on the Mekong and the it seem to disappear from their listings. What I realized was it was still there but showed up online as part of land and sail package. I suspect you could still book it if to asked for it alone.
  2. Have a great trip. After your response earlier, I went online and booked flights and then immediately cancelled as it did not look like they had my son's middle on this booking to match his passport. TA got that fixed and rebooked the next day. The selection of flights was pretty good and was able to choose my favored airline. Booked 3 RT Business class Raleigh NC to Copenhagen total of $4150 less than on carrier site. Airfares just don't make much sense sometimes. I booked direct for Mekong river cruise in Feb. when it seemed like price was down, 3 days later dropped $700 on premium economy, rebooked with the penalty and still way ahead. Yesterday price was up over $2100 each over my fare with penalty
  3. I am 310 days out and seeing flexible business class fare RT Copenhagen that are great. Some of the comments in this thread about locking in a flexible fare and then being able to change later if better price appears. confuse me. The part about locking in the fare seems to conflict with the opening section on the HAL site about flexible fares. "Prices and Availability are not guaranteed until the cruise and air booking are paid in full. No fees will be charged for changes and cancellations made prior to the cruise final payment due date." The "not guaranteed" does not sound price is locked in. What am I missing?
  4. What about speciality coffee in various locations. I am looking to travel with adult son who does not drink alcohol for medical reasons, but looks like i would be required to get him a package as he would be in the same room as my wife and I. Considering an accessible Haven suite on the Escape, Baltic next summer.
  5. Thanks, I will that give one more thought. I am also looking at Holland America accessible aft Neptune suite we had with him in Alaska. They have basically the same itinerary in Baltic as Princess.
  6. Looking at booking R617 on the Sky Princess for Baltic cruise next summer. Would be myself, wife and adult son with mobility issues, using a walker. In the video posted above, I did not see any sign of the separate toilet/sink space as shown in floor plan shown on Princess website for an accessible suite. Is it there? Also is the balcony as shallow as shown, the ramps seem to eat up a lot of space?
  7. I just asked a similar question, sailing the Mekong on Ama Waterways with 8 hotel days with extensions on both ends. I also got pre-paid gratuities and when I saw how low they were I was confident it did not include the one-day local guides or rickshaw or ox cart drivers. I did get a response and they were not included on Ama. My response indicated they were glad to receive US dollars or local currency. I plan on taking more single dollar bills than I would normally carry. I have learned on Ama that people taking the land excursions will have the same Ama guide throughout the entire trip. I would not be surprised if that was not the same on Avalon. I am hopeful they will be great and earn extra consideration.
  8. Thanks again for your quick response. I think this will be more a matter of being prepared with small bills than a cost issue.
  9. Thanks so much for the prompt and helpful response. I have placed a hold for a February sailing with the pre and post extensions. There discounting the extensions by 50% and offering a free room category upgrade. Another question, do you recall what the norm or recommended amount was for off ship tour guides gratuities, I have not seen guidance on their website. I was surprised how low the ship board gratuity was and is included in the current promotion.
  10. I am considering a 16 day cruise/tour package with Ama Waterways in February 2020. The ship is larger than several others I have looked at with the potential of 126 passengers, twice as many as my other choice. Anyone know how they break down the excursions to avoid so many people at one place and time?
  11. Everything is a matter of perspective, we had been on the two prior Pursuit sailing and enjoyed the singers, I will say I thought the lead male performer was pushing his range at times, but still enjoyed the shows. Amanda was a surprise for us as listening to her voice while performing her cruise director duties did not inspire my expectations. However, when singing she did exceed them. During the second cruise I was sitting across from a young lady at the White Night Party when Amanda started to sing and the look on the ladies face clearly showed a “Wow”. As for Windstar, we have been on a smaller sailing ship and a motor yacht and enjoyed them both. We did feel the sail away on the sailing ship was a more emotional experience that did not fade the next evening. This was our first Azamara experience and were very pleased in that I found what I hoped for. That being the cordial and friendly co-passengers we enjoyed so much on Windstar. We met several others who were on their first Azamara experience and the vast majority were pleased and certainly considering returning. I will point out on our Windstar trips 35-40% of the guests were returning passengers. Staff was also excellent, they rotate ships and on our second trip met staff we knew and who remembered us as well. I am confident we will return to Azamara when the right opportunity presents itself but continue to seek variety. Next booking is Mekong River on Scenic.
  12. Check your spam or junk mail folder, the confirmation email comes from 'AzamaraUpgrade@Azamara.com, different from other Azamara communications.
  13. The only way I know is through the online booking process. You do not have to enter any personal data to get the availability. I use a different browser for doing those. Azamara site recognizes me in Chrome and takes me to booked cruise page, so I use Microsoft Edge for my test searches.
  14. We are the same sailing and had booked a Balcony and bid on Club Continent Suite and won (See post 105). I had been tracking available cabins and I am not surprised by your offer, earlier this week there were 43 open V2 balcony cabins available with none or very few Interior or Oceanview. They may want to shift passengers to areas where the room attendants have more capacity.
  15. Really appreciate your reports. I will be on Pursuit B2B starting May 14. I have no plans in place for Bastia, Do you think we should try and get a tour out of the city. Have you heard comments from others who did get out? Seems like the most common comment on excursions from there mention the tight winding roads with big dropoffs. I have looked at a private provider with a choice of vineyard tours on offer.
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