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  1. Our Liberty ship docked and was cleared by 7:15 a.m. and they announced that Self-Assist could get off the ship as they were ready. There were no lines and folks were able to just walk right off. There are no guarantees but just keep your luggage and be prepared to walk off the ship at the first announcement.
  2. When you have Carnival email your reservation to you, it will be in the note section at the bottom of your reservation. It will show the other booking #s that you are linked with. I do this frequently.
  3. I will be on the Liberty next weekend. Is there a white party at all on the 4/3 day cruise to Bahamas?
  4. Actually, we were in similar situation with my 16 year old in June on Carnival Conquest, and he wore a nice T-shirt to the dining room and was ok. On formal night he wore t-shirt with a pair of slacks. There were plenty of grown men and youth who were not dressed with a collar shirt or button up shirt. I think he will be fine and not be turned away.
  5. February 14th will be my 3rd time on her. Lots of activities for kids at the camps, arcade, pools, trivia and games, Dr. Suess breakfast and parade, etc., Etc.
  6. I can't choose 1 of each, so here's my favorite list. Apps: Fried Calamari, Escargot, Braised Rabbit Puff Pastry, Vegetable Spring Rolls and Tart with Kale & Pork Tenderloin Main: Lobster Tail & Filet Mignon, Sweet & Sour Fried Shrimp, Spaghetti Carbonara, Chesapeke Crab Cake Dessert: Nutella Tiramisu, Carnival Melting Cake, Cheesecake If I have any of the above during any of my cruises, I'm a happy camper. If I get to have all of them, I'm probably booking a second cruise that year on Carnival. MDR never disappoints me. I have 3 cruises on Carnival
  7. I just recently called in after final payment because the price went down. I was expecting a OBC. However, because the cruise had dropped and there were some nice promotions going on, I ended up upgrading my cruise rate to a past guest rate and received a new invoice with a lower price and then in about 48 hours, I received $77 refund back to my credit card.
  8. I'm not impressed on any of the ships that I have had it on. I think because if the location, it does not get a lot of foot traffic. Not sure folks know it is up there and I have gone on several cruises, different ships and food is always cold and some of it looks like it's been sitting out for a while. I won't give up. I will keep trying it out to see if it gets any better.
  9. First time I went to Cozumel, we hired driver for the day right at the taxi stand. It was a van and it held 6 of us comfortably. We spent approximately 5 hours with us as we toured different highlights of the island, including the Mayan Ruins, Bob Marley beach strip, and the usual highlights. The second time we went, it was 5 of us and we hired a taxi driver to take us to an offsite ATV location where we spent about 30-40 minutes riding (don't recall where exactly) and then he drove us to the beach where we spent about 1.5 hour. I don't believe t was associated believe with a resort, but i
  10. Only one time in 2015, I had booked the wrong week on the Magic. And I called back after making my initial deposit and switched to the same cruise itinerary and ship but just two weeks earlier and they did not charge me a new deposit. The only other time I have never been charged a penalty is just last week. I called back after booking a February cruise and I had actually paid in full for what I thought was the lowest rate. I had initially booked the guaranteed cabins that they pick the room # for you a couple of weeks before the cruise. I got nervous after reading some of the comments o
  11. Quality seems to be the same and of course the menus are the same for the most part depending on how long your cruise is. The only difference I have noticed that some of the Chef's and their teams cook slightly differently. As an example, I found that I only like the calamari on the Liberty. I did not like the crab cakes at all on the Conquest in May. Not all desserts are equal. Like how can you mess up apple pie. Well the Victory did. And the Conquest has not mastered the Carnival Melting cake on the cruise in May. Tried it twice and it was not consistent with the many other ships I'v
  12. I have also had the single supplement waived and this too was from Long Beach California to Ensenada. In my opinion these cruises To Ensenada from Long Beach for whatever reason don't sell out and you can get some great rates without paying the single supplement. Especially if it is off season. The last time I got it was coincidentally 2015. So I'm not sure if they are still doing it, but the interesting thing is the cruise rate for single person was $80. I am not exaggerating the least bit. That's all I paid for 3 day cruise to Ensenada and of course, the taxes, port charges and gratuit
  13. One more thing, I failed to state that the Liberty is my favorite ship. Its the perfect size especially if you have never cruised before. Not too small and definitely not too large. It is also not as old as the Elation which was built in 1998. Liberty was built in 2005. Also the Liberty has the Outdoor Movie Screen. I generally watch at least a couple of movies on each of my cruises. When the weather permits, I sometimes do it from the pool or the Jacuzzi. In slightly cooler weather, I bundle up under a blanket that they provide with the free popcorn and watch. The dive in outdoor mov
  14. I have been on the Liberty 2 times now and have a third booked on her in February. All are the 4 days/3 nights. Perfect for a couple getaway especially when others are watching your kids. One less day to stress out the caregivers and one less day for you to worry about what's happening with them. I love the 7 day cruises as well and generally take my son on those longer cruises with us. But for a quick weekend you cannot go wrong with the Liberty. Make sure you spend the extra $38 pp for a steakhouse experience. Perfect for a couple
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