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  1. So if you buy a $90 carnival gift card from AARP you can cash it out in the casino for $100?
  2. I bring Oxivir health care wipes, (Clorox health care wipes with H2O2 work also). Only thing that kills Noro viruses. Clean all the hard surfaces in the room right when we enter. Also works great when we get on the plane trip for the nasty tray tables, vents, arm rests seat backs.... best to clean a little when we get some where rather than catching the Caribbean crud from the last person that used the room or seat..... I also do this with hotel rooms. Regular Clorox or Lysol wipes don't do much except give you a false scene of surface clean. Both of these can be bought on wallmart.com
  3. I noticed this price discrepancy with the 20% off then cruise planner would not work so you need to call and the price was like 45% more. So I said no thank-you, Also when I got the survey I blasted how terrible it all was. There website, their sale, there making me phone and speak with some one who has no idea that sale means sale. Any way long story short, I will take a train and enjoy the country side instead of being crammed in a bus.
  4. Is the 18% added to the Package price or per drink?
  5. On the classic package can you get smoothies and canned soda included?
  6. I am so glad to here this, I will be on the Eclipse on Halloween this year!
  7. I had mine out 6 years ago and now I take a bile supplement (ox bile 125mg) with every meal to ensure I don't suffer stomach pain from food. Higher fat foods require an extra pill no fat foods require 1 less pill. I have no pain but I am still careful about what I eat, stay away from deep fried foods and high fats if I can.
  8. When I see some one write a check I think 1 of 2 things. A) That person is old B) That check is going to BOUNCE. For real 2018....
  9. I wonder why we don't see more canned water? It would be a great alternative to plastic bottles.
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