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  1. There are news reports about the Celebrity Millennium- 2 passengers tested positive and 7 others who were in close contact while on a tour have been quarantined to cabins while they await PCR test results. thepointsguy.co.uk is on the ship and has a report on his website.
  2. Searching on TripAdvisor- by traveller ranking - there are 4 Premier Inns in the top 20 - out of 121 places to stay. Southsea number 10, North Harbour number 12, City Centre number 14 and Port Solent number 18. I know a lot of people don't rate TripAdvisor but it's the first place I look when researching for a holiday - mostly for restaurants as we prefer self catering accommodation to hotels. For one night - look on the map for the nearest to where the ship will likely be docked - and then check it out on TripAdvisor. We have stayed in 6 or 7 around the country and have been quite happy in
  3. Thumbs up here for Jawbox gin from Echlinville distillery - about 14 miles from us on the Ards Peninsula. Echlinville won 2 double golds, 1 gold and a silver for their Irish Whiskeys and a gold for Weavers Gin at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
  4. No Referral Awards tab on the About Us page on UK site. Just the History, Careers, Explorer Society and Awards tabs.
  5. On ocean cruises, The Spa will remain open to all guests by appointment only to ensure proper distancing and all spa staff will wear face masks during treatments.
  6. Will all depend when you're cruising too. I'm hoping by the time of our first Viking cruise next September, that it will be a totally different experience than for the folks sailing in the next few months.
  7. Sorry Neil, wasn't inferring you were ignoring us - our health boards here use a different site again from the rest. All I can do online is order prescriptions. It's time they were all singing from the same hymn sheet especially with regard to vaccination records.
  8. Play Store says 'Access NHS services in England'.
  9. From the UK terms and conditions. F7 Alcohol Policy. Please note that you must be aged 21 or over in order to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages whilst on board our vessels. Silver Spirit packages (or similar arrangements for the supply of alcohol on board) can only be purchased where both occupants of the relevant cabin or stateroom are over the age of 21 and each occupant must purchase the relevant package for the full duration of the cruise. Proof of age may be required at any time and breach of this policy may result in persons involved (whether in the purchase, supply or consumption
  10. Venice bans cruise ships. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-europe-56592109
  11. If you search back to January 11th you'll find a thread by Mibele entitled 'In search of the Northern Lights'. They uploaded the Viking Daily. Not the same cruise but they will give you a flavour of life on board.
  12. 'Just because you’re travelling solo doesn’t mean you have to pay for the privilege. Right now, you can save up to 50% on our single supplements, on a fantastic choice of 2021 river and ocean journeys, including those listed below. A Viking river or ocean cruise is a wonderful way to meet new, like-minded travellers. Our open-seating dining enables you to chat with different people every day, and our daily excursions are a great way to explore together.' That is from the UK email dated 31st October. They gave 4 cruises that it would apply to and a telephone number to enquire for
  13. Have a look too at viking.tv - something different every day - I've watched one of the Guest Speaker Thursdays with the Duke of Devonshire and must remember to watch more of them. In Conversation Tuesdays look interesting too -including some lectures on the history of different European countries by the Viking Resident Historian. It has given me a better idea of what to expect when we finally get on board.
  14. From Harland & Wolff Twitter feed.
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