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  1. Here is a question I have. I saw that our upcoming Caribbean Princess cruise wants to do the staggered boarding.... If you're on decks... you board at noon, the next 12:30..... etc... Since I have filled out all the information, I'm supposed to get the medallion before we leave, AND we are platinum..... does it matter what time we show up? I'm guessing that if we get there before noon, we will sit in the 'platinum' boarding area until we are cleared to go..... So... anyone out there have experience with this? THANKS! Gabrielle
  2. I just wanted to say THANKS!!!! This did work!!! I'll admit I'm too cheap to do a color print of a passport... BUT taking the picture in day light near a window did work perfect! So... for anyone who is fighting the scan in the evening- do a daytime scan. 🙂
  3. THANKS! I will do that! At least I will try to!
  4. I have the app downloaded. Got the picture done... Did the PIN... NOW here is the question: HOW can you get the picture/scan of the passports to work? I have too much glare- but I need the light to get a picture- HOW did you get the app to scan the passport? (I was doing this at night and I kept getting reduce the glare message).
  5. Food is really subjective... My DH and I and my uncle and his wife (Both in their early 80's) Found HAL to have really bland food. We really had a hard time finding something we liked on HAL. My aunt felt that the food was over cooked on HAL. HAL has very pretty ships. Generally very good service. We had better things to see and do on Princess- more activities, we did realize that things quiet down early on HAL..... but we tend to be early risers, so tend to poop out by 10:30. We are platinum on Princess because we like the service and food better, we do book based on price
  6. Bonaire- Woodwind tours! My Husband doesn't snorkel, he LOVED sitting on the catamaran while I snorkeled. Their boat is nice and stable. I've snorkeled Aruba, Curacao and Grand Cayman... Bonaire was the best Water was also more calm in Bonaire.
  7. On a recent thread on the Caribbean Princess a few people did not get the card for time and place of the happy hour, but they went to guest services and it was quickly given to them. My DH likes the first night snacks that generally has the chips and fresh guacamole. Don't know if that helps, but if you don't have a card in your room ask guest services. The 250 free minutes is really nice- DH and I will both have the minutes in our 14 day cruise coming up I don't think we will use up all the minutes.
  8. I have a question.... or two... I have a cell phone, my husband does not. He figures He's with me... why have a cell phone? I get his feelings about having it. HERE is the question.... IF I download the app does the app take care of both medallions? Is there an advantage to having the app on my phone vs. NOT having the app on my phone? THANKS for any advice 🙂
  9. Thanks all who posted about this trip! DH and I will be cruising over the winter holidays for 14 days on the Caribbean Princess so this really helped me out to get a feel for how things 'work' on board. I was really interested if they still had the platinum and elite social hour- good to know that it was still there. 1st Cruiser- Hope you heal up quickly! So sorry to hear about your accident- that is my greatest fear on vacation. How did you like the medallion for the cruise? My DH enjoyed hearing about NOT having the medallion in his pants pocket and hanging it on
  10. Thanks for the replies! I unfortunately can't drink many of the drinks because they contain pineapple... allergic to it.... This was really helpful. We always liked the margarita that they always had..... I will have to break the news to my husband. Thanks again for the information- It helped me out.
  11. It's been a while since we have sailed on Princess. We are platinum, slowly working towards Elite. I know that there have been changes on Princess..... 2 for 1 happy hour is gone- correct? (My husband always liked that one) One question do they still have the 'special' cocktail hour(s) for the Platinum, Elite and Suite guests? Usually up in Skywalkers... or one of the lunges where there was a drink of the evening and complimentary hors d'oeuvres that go with the drink of the evening. we always enjoyed it and if it's gone I'll have to break it gently to my husband. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! You gave me something to think about!!
  13. I think I'll follow your advice & Pooh's advice!
  14. Here is a question I have about the medallions.... I have a phone, my husband does not. (Yes, he is one rare person who does not have a cell phone). Is it worth having the app just on my phone?
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