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  1. In follow up... better to email them vs telephone. On a side note, in my research of how to get post cruise to airport, I discovered taxi fares to be $$$. The quotes I was given for 2 from Basal port to Basal airport between 51CHF- 63CHF. Are most European taxi rates normally high? Uber???
  2. Thanks for ideas. original route...Basel - Interlaken....Interlaken -Lucerne.....Lucerne - Zurich Flights are booked, so no changes in dates(much decision on that one 😩) I do like the idea of the train....😊
  3. Getting consistent different answers to my question “does Scenic offer transfer to Zurich airport at end of cruise, if you aren’t using their air & you offer to pay for transfer”...... not wanting to be up the Rhine without a paddle, we will arrange independent transfer. Suggestions?? If we rent a car and drive to Zurich airport, do you have any tips? Or suggestions how to get to Basel airport for car rental?? Original plan was : take Scenic airport shuttle to Zurich, rent car from there for day, returning it that night, spending night there for early flight out next morning.
  4. I want to jump on and extend my heartfelt thanks! Accurate info disseminates hysteria! Thank you for all your posts 🙂
  5. Staying for a few days. Have been to Amsterdam many times, but have missed some interesting spots. Usually rent a car and stay at airport for ease of parking and car return, but wanted to concentrate on those missed spots downtown.
  6. Short que. We walked out the Hilton front doors down the ramp and into the cruise doors at 1200. The bigger issue were the pax disembarking and waiting outside cruise terminal and Hilton driveway for lifts. By the way..... you have a beautiful city!!! Sorry we discovered it so late in life! NZ rocks!
  7. Catch the ferry where the cruise ship docks. Walk over to the car rental, and enjoy the island. One of the most beautiful places on the planet. See the beaches, have lunch and a sip downtown, visit the wineries. Drop the car off, walk to the ferry and step off at the cruise port.
  8. This island is beyond wonderful....please please please go, and help support their rebuilding and regrowth efforts.
  9. Giants Causeway (have been there 3x). Titanic is a modern museum, more muse than eum. Driving to the north will enable you to see Ireland. I wouldn't bother with lunch, grab a sandwich and eat on bus, but if able to take a private tour, then paddy Campbells black cab tours is awesome
  10. Opinions? Chose for ease of car rental drop off at airport.
  11. Any fresh updates/opinions on NH Grand Krasnapolsky.... W... Sofitel Legend? Have booking at Doubletree, but not convinced this is where we want to be....... Any suggestions for transfer from Schiphol to downtown hotel? Train is too much effort with luggage after an overnight flight.
  12. Iceland is an awesome country best done as a land vacation. Car rental is easy, roads are good, along as you stay on the tourist roads, and dedicate a driver and a photographer. Many vehicle accidents by tourists yearly. Saga is a good tour company, so if weather is horrid, you won't have to drive. Recommend: Gullfoss, Dettifoss, Selfoss, Askja, Myvatan, Strokkur, Jolkulsarlon, Akureyri (lovely town), Reykjavik is beautiful, and a must.... stop at an N1 gas station and have a hot dog...... seriously!
  13. I've done a ship transfer, Southampton to Terminal 2, and made an international flight for 1330. Terminal 5 is much easier to get around and less congested if your airline flies from there. Have also used Eddie Manning dot com and can highly recommend this car service.
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