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  1. Thanks for taking time out of your day. Lovely pics😍
  2. My 2cents... just went through all this.... all meds must be in original container with pharmacy label stating name drug doctor etc. I was also told, NZ has clamped down on a whole slew of new drugs not allowed. Your drugs must be declared (not doing that), but I have attended the pharmacy and obtained a printed list from pharmacy with pharmacy stamp, as per what I was told. (none of this makes sense to me, but I followed the rules). One wonders how you do this for herbal/homeopathic drugs you take, or plain old Asprin?? No one can answer, but my pharmacist did include the Asprin on the official government sheet he made out. (which included the pharmacy address and numbers) I honestly think this is overkill, and that the info was relayed via ill informed posters. The NZ govt site is self explanatory. Narcotics are a different story, and you must be able to prove your prescription via a doctors letter stating you are truly prescribed them. Although this too confuses me, because anyone can make up a doctors letter. How would someone thousands of miles away know it to be true. My hard fast rule has always been "must be in original containers". Do we look like "mules"??? LOL, considering recent news.... anything is possible.........
  3. Not going to dispute the amazing things to be seen, nor the innocent Chinese people, but after reading entry /exit requirements etc etc, and then the political stuff, environment and humanity abuses, on and on.... sometimes you just need to sit back and ask yourself how great your desire is to see China, and doyou really want to pour your money into this? Historically none of this is new, it ebbs and flows. Spying doesnt stop, innocents still occasionally caught in the fray. Tourists still travel, and all works out, but this time, we’ve actually decided China is officially off our bucket list ...for good. Not wasting anymore time worrying about a govt respecting thier tourists when they don’t even respect their own people. To all the brave souls trekking onward, I would keep an eye on the Cdn travel advisory list after xmas, and. Mr Trumps behaviour with China. I also agree the use of a good China tour company is wise.
  4. Have the same questions as posted..... Chinese Embassy did indeed announce the new rules prior to her arrest, but assume all of this was flying under the radar way before she was arrested. See the news today, some progress noted with Michael Kovrig detention... but we are now rethinking our plans. Esp.... new rules re finger printing and photographing with 1-1 interviews for Cdns at Chinese Embassies. The Chinese travel visa is huge$$$...and their web site doesn't say, whether the fingerprinting and photographs are included in Visa price. Does anyone know?
  5. Thinking of a B2B, therefore few days in Dubai. Suggestions for a golf course? Proximity to port?
  6. Enjoy Terry, and don’t forget to post a review. Safe home
  7. ...we are kindred spirits. I too have severe cramping, and the only treatment known to mankind that works for me is the old heating pad... which i hump everywhere. Including cruise ships. My issues are initiated by changing of shoes, cold, positioning, weight of blankets. Herbal/mineral dosing does not work. Pain killers/requip/gabapentins do not work. Mine are so severe it causes disfigurment, discolouration and severe pain. I had a full vascular study with excellant results. Here are my tips: light weight blanket, dont tuck in. Never get your feet or lower legs chilled, drink plenty of water daily, get off all statins, mix up your shoes daily, in cooler weather keep light weight socks on, hot bath each night followed by Voltaren cream to usual cramping spots. Heating pad immediately to area when cramping starts. For airplane( my greatest fear... hot shot warming packs, apply to muscle involved. Airplanes do not allow heating pads, nor are they allowed to warm magic bags in microwaves. They also are not supposed to heat anything you give them by application of boiling water to the product. ( all staff safety rules), do not over stretch any area while on plane for fear of initiating a cramp, walk frequently. Rotate joints gently freq. i have been dealing with this for years, very frustrating that there is no magic answer or cure, and it is a great limitator to travel. Almost forgot... i havent taken a hotwater bottle, but it should be considered. You wont be able to fill it at the self serve tea spiggot, but the cabin attendant should be able to accomodate. Air crew can’t. They are sold in a smaller size that 2-3L, but harder to find. Try amazon.
  8. In Canada this week...it was inside...:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  9. I had similar experiance, only I had to make TA disappear before she really goofed up more. I called Celebrity and explained whole scenario. They were great despite it being months past 60 day mark, and all perks etc were honoured.
  10. No like you, the thanks is given with “just a little extra ontop of the auto tips for going the extra mile” I think this post was originally read wrongly. The poster like me, never expected accolades and genuflecting for giving a tip. Lets put it into perspective....if you can afford to cruise and all that goes with, then you can afford an extra tip. That little extra tip in our world is really nothing, but in most of those employees it is. I think in most of those employees worlds they recognize gratitude, and kindness, and those same people, like the people in my world give a nod of thanks, a thumbs up, a wave. I simply said, I found our crews response rude like. I have cruised many times, and never seen this, so I was remarking on the experiance. The gentleman that posted on the OP taking left over cake back for the crew, .......truly showed his character. i need not say anymore. I never got monetary recognition for going the extra mile, in my job,but frequently there was a coffee and muffin, or a box if chocolates left on my desk. People who like people, and are compassionate and friendly, know exactly when to tip their hat to acknowledge someones extra thoughtfulness. Oh, and by the way...I worked like a dog for my money, and I know only too well what its like to wear the shoes of others. Sorry Jade13, i ranted in your area.....ps. i love jade. i bet you look fabulous wearing the green tones :)
  11. Gee....and I was worried about running into a Cassowary.....didn’t know Roos also had a claw.
  12. Yes, that’s true. It’s another reason I luv you Aussies.... you really are like kith n kin even with money...... :hearteyes: Not to mention we are so beautiful inside and out....:*
  13. Nickle and dimed them all....basically its a case of eating it. Too many trade offs in the end. For example: van- hon...you get to break up flight, but...add on a nights hotel and two taxis between hotel and airport, all in US $. And it works out the same ormore. Another example: ck out the type of airplanes between Van - Hon, and Hon-Syd....older, more uncomfortable. So cmfort and pricing are the two biggies from Canada. I haven’t found any deal by driving to US to get cheaper flights. People from other parts of the world just don’t understand the weakness of our dollar esp against the US or British pound when we have to exchange. Or the high taxes and airport taxes we pay. My tickets were purchased in Jan, for this coming Jan.they have not wavered in price as of yesterday. Aircanada is a killer for everything, but i started to break flights down, and realized, those cheaper flights had horrid times, long layovers, and usually multiple stops, which might not be as simple as connecting. It could involve terminal changes. The flight to Aust and NewZealand is the reason we kept putting this travel off. Too long, too expensive...so now its a case of “now or never”. Good luck, be patient, keep your calculator in hand.
  14. No ....I don’t eat birthday cake, I’m sweet enough.
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