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  1. Snowbirds will be happy, if it comes to fruition……I would love a good shopping day, but with a $$$ PCR test to return to Canada same day, is 🥜🥜🥜
  2. we are beginning to rethink this trip. It’s very frustrating having each country change their covid rules from one week to next. Far better to lose $$$ then pay full amount only to have it refunded in FCC if cruise is cancelled. And I’m not sure I want to spend a ton if some sites are closed or we are in masks 24/7. Horrid decision.
  3. I actually typed “ some vlogger “, but auto correct did its thing, and I gave up! another vlogger, Don from Ottawa, (so we know that he knows his stuff),expressed his disgust with our current govt, and the issues this is causing. Both are correct. Just wish we had a big cruise industry here, summer & fall. Think colour of leaves, “Lost cities of the Seaway”, inside passage etc......
  4. Just watched some blogger named Tony....I’ll admit I found him a tad sarcastic, and I guess other Cdns also did by his next vlog, commenting and “correcting” their interpretation of his words re this. He said Alaskans blame us for loss of biz, but it’s a US law they should toss their anger at. Will be interesting to watch this legal development.
  5. Guess we got our answer. Next question...when Oct 21st comes???? Time for the crystal ball!
  6. I wonder if these vaccine name changes, will cause more confusion for Canadians are borders??????
  7. My sentiments exactly. I truly believe there is way more to this governmental behaviour besides "you know who et el". Keep your eyes on the international news, esp the last three weeks. I want out of here asap, but maybe staying put in Canada right now is the safest choice????????
  8. @Dr Cocktail .....are you shaken not stirred? I am buying, to celebrate your excellant post. ~signed....frustrated in Ontario~
  9. I am now convinced, these Covid tests are what is going to refill the government coffers for all the CERB paid out!! These prices are ridiculous, surely the Cdn govt has shares or owns these labs and kits.
  10. Yes... my cousins say that too....lol. Hope you didn't meet up with the Phoenix fiasco.....lol
  11. @fouremco....you provide such great info,I swear you must be a “govie”😎
  12. LOL. Geez..... kids!!! As I sit trying to make hotel bookings somewhere in Ontario, I am freaked re "germs", but these kids show us how to throw caution into the wind....... whispered as I pack all my Chlorox packs, and take note not to book a Kingston getaway......😅
  13. Quite the quandary. To my knowledge... Canada is now on the green list for UK, therefore no quarantine. But, you are coming from countries that are on the amber list for the UK, therefore you have to test, and isolate. I was to the understanding "transit" was 24 hours or less, but that may have changed. I also think you need to do two Covid tests after you arrive (day 2 & 8?????) If I read this correctly, you won't need to quarantine precruise, but unless you can shave that 36 hours post cruise down to 24, you may have to. Don't feel bad, I think I heard yesterday the European health people (similar to the CDC), is now refusing Americans into the EU. I haven't validated. If those ships are full of Americans, it may never leave port. Don's-family-vacations stresses "check, and recheck, the rules are changing daily for everything including cancellations".
  14. WTH am I missing?? These stands are packed. Do they know something we don't know??????? I know the news is fake, but this is absurd. No masks?? News reads high levels of Covid, but it sure doesn't look like anyone is concerned down there.
  15. Chuckle Chuckle..snort snort.... Americans can not come to Canada unless they are fully vaccinated anyways.... Hmmmm guess the US has a change of heart re the efficacy of their vaccines???? Especially J&J..... Jst sayn........... I wonder why they haven't issued an advisory re letting Cdns fly into their country if we are "too hot to handle"? I bet the cruise lines are getting a little shakey in the knees...... FYI, I can now personally say... I do know of 1 person who got Covid here, and now know of 3 people who are positive, and very sick, and are double vax'd in the US. And to add another little FYI (whispered very quietly), my grand daughters passed on their summer head colds rather nicely to all us adults. So be prepared, we do have a virus in Ontario making it's rounds, and it's not Covid. (Mild sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, stuffiness. No fever, and all over and done in 4 days, and not allergies) Apparently Emerg and clinics are starting to show this activity too.... just in time for school!!!!
  16. Great info. Thanks for posting!
  17. We are considering a whippet, my major concern is, if we open the front door will they bolt and then run. (Terrified of an injury). They appear to be the most adorable loveable fur babies on the planet.
  18. great question, this info would help with logistics of returning home.
  19. This kills me. Are you able to see all the covid and vax records for the hotel staff??? It's a two way street with this virus, unless of course everyone wears full PPE, and all surfaces have been Virox'd.
  20. I agree but...... my DH and I have done due diligence in following science / gov't data and rules. Frustrating when others don't but I do recognize we all have the right to choose/decide, and I respect their rights. I think we are at the point of "having to accept and learn to live with this virus", not stop our living, and for some of us, we don't have the luxury of time on our side. Provincial vaccine passports are ridiculous, but I can accept international travel passports. If I am allowed into a ball game because I have a passport, it does not mean I am not carrying the virus, therefore possibly infecting others. Until the govt stops all travellers from entering this country, then I read that to mean, I am also able to move about freely. It's a tough decision all round, but one I think we should be making based on our own situation. ( at this point anyways, but as we have seen, the world can change on a dime)
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