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  1. Thanks SKosto -- I am looking for a grand total for the wedding itself. Other details are to give me some context.
  2. Gah - awkward money question!! I am looking at a harborside wedding for around 50 people (most non-sailing) and am trying to figure out what a cruise ship wedding ACTUALLY costs because the brochures make it very complicated. If you are willing to share, can you please post: 1) What ship you got (or will get) married on and when 2) How many guests you had in all 3) What did you pay in total (NOT including any cruise fare) 4) Do you recommend getting any sort of upgrades, etc? I realize the answers will vary greatly depending on the ship and the number of guests. I am looking to figure out whether a ship wedding does actually save money and how to best go about it. THANK YOU in advance for all answers!! <3 <3
  3. Wow that sounds horrible!! All the details, all that stress!!! I was thinking of a wedding with RC and now I'm *really* not sure. Damn. Thank you SO much for sharing your experience, and I hope by now you've forgotten the bad stuff and remember the good. <3
  4. Thanks DisneyMatt10! I will absolutely share our progress -- I am SO grateful for the space to be able to do that! I've cruised about 7-8 times at this point and my boyfriend has yet to cruise at all. He's always wanted to go to Alaska and I have, too -- so it's the perfect cruise for us to get married on. Not afraid at all!! Just new and only just beginning to talk wedding plans!
  5. Oh my goodness I can't believe I'm posting this!! My boyfriend has yet to propose, but we have been talking about getting married on a cruise to Alaska in August/September 2019. But seeing all your posts, I'm kind of freaked out that we are not even booked on a cruise yet. Should I be worried, should we hurry up and book the cruise at least? One of the reasons we want to get married on a cruise ship is because we don't want it to be too huge a deal. Thank you to everyone who posts here, your experience (and your questions) are super helpful! <3 <3
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