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  1. Several classics: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/profile/274078-sailorjack/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 NCL specific: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/profile/1274781-fineaswine/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1
  2. I don't really think those Fantastica suites are worth any more than a Fantastica balcony, in fact I would prefer the regular balcony. The additional space inside the cabin is not a lot, just a corner area that puts the balcony door on an angle. On the balcony the dividers are shown incorrectly. The divider between the Aurea suite comes out at a 45 degree angle, not perpendicular to the ship. So the Fantastica balcony is much smaller than it appears on the deck plan and has a very narrow railing. If you're still interested a different deck may be better. Those deck nine cabins you mention are above the buffet. 9203 looks down on the buffet outdoor seating area, 9208 looks down at the buffet bar area - a common smoker hangout.
  3. Your sailing is far off enough that the change from Sunday to Saturday shouldn't be a problem. Still no sign of what happens to Divina from December, 2020 to November, 2021.
  4. That is a totally incorrect statement, and ridiculous to think it came from someone who works in the industry. I suggest you read the VISA chargeback manual, particularly sections 13.1, 13.6 and 13.7. chargeback-management-guidelines-for-visa-merchants.pdf
  5. Not surprising, source? ETA: I see they are gone from the German and US site, probabyl other sites as well.
  6. Strange. Here are two booking confirmations from the same YC cruise booked before the internet was included. One printed from before the announcement and one from after. The "Premium internet up to 4GB" line was added under Privileges. All my newer YC bookings have had the line included.
  7. It should be on your booking confirmation. You can also see it from the link in my post #2.
  8. Até

    New MSC Sale

    Okay I think I see where I misunderstood. Based on the prices I realize you are probably talking about total cost for two balcony cabins. So that total savings be about $250 per cabin? Is that counting the OBC?
  9. Até

    New MSC Sale

    Thanks for the clarification. It is easy to get misdirected to different promos on the MSC US site. I have been watching the Seaside sailings since the one I had booked went to Meraviglia and am not interested in that ship. I've been watching the All In rate, which has historically been about $150pp more than the Escape to Sea rate. The 4th of July sale on Seaside for the dates I've been watching seems comparable to the Escape to Sea prices I saw before the sale, just with the OBC added. Glad it can save you some money. ETA: Are you counting the OBC in the dollar savings? 4 days for balcony on Seaside with All In is $1943! That's what I'm saying is fictional pricing.
  10. I agree there is a lot of poor proofreading on the MSC website. Here's an example from a Seashore booking window where it states for a YC Deluxe that WiFi is an extra fee....
  11. Até

    New MSC Sale

    I don't think so. She thought the 4th of July sale included Easy package and WifFi, which it doesn't. She evidently booked Escape to Sea and compared it to the 4th of July price. I interpret she was thinking the extra $515 was for the drinks and WiFi, its really only extra is the OBC because that is the only difference between her Escape to Sea booking and a 4th of July booking.
  12. Até

    New MSC Sale

    Not arguing here. Seaside Escape to Sea rate is now higher, as ADPMOM states to now switch to new "sale" it would go up $515 on her balcony just for the added OBC. Even worse is the All In rate which is now stupid high. Makes the 4th of July promo look better.
  13. It's still advertised on the US site with both the "4th of July" promo and all the different area "All In" promos. I just tried a non promo EU sailing booking and was offered to pay $98 deposit. It will be a shame if they eliminate it, I actually booked another distant cruise partly because of it.
  14. Até

    New MSC Sale

    The new 4th of July/Canada Day sale does not include Easy package or WiFi. So for Armonia and Meraviglia it's just Escape to Sea with some OBC, on Seaside its OBC and balcony same price as inside. As APDMOM stated the balcony price is still higher than before the sale.
  15. I've not yet made it to Ocean Cay so have to rely on reports here. I've had cabanas reserved but OC got cancelled every time. After reading reports it's unlikely I would consider one if I were in YC. You can search images of the cabanas, they are small and only have room for a couple chairs and small table inside. All reports I've seen say the YC area has umbrellas at no charge for the YC guests. There is also the shaded YC restaurant/bar area close by. I'm sure others who made it there can add more.
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