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  1. The Hotel Director is Giuseppe Pane, who has been onboard for a while so may change out. Captain Battinelli just came onboard for the Oct 8th sailing.
  2. My Divina experience is that Top 18 is essentially kid-less. While I saw no prohibition there is very little reason for minors to have any interest in going up there. Perhaps at times they may be drawn to the usually open hot tub. In fact for adults there is little reason to go there other than ease of finding an open lounger in the sun, on an 11 night sailing we went up there once for a couple hours and left. Bar service consisted of a side room with a cooler on the floor. There is absolutely no reason for a YC guest to go there other than if The One pool deck is full of children, but Divina does not necessarily draw lot of kids in the YC.
  3. Recently on Divina with the Deluxe package I was able to get The Macallan, any chance on Preziosa? I'll have Premium on Preziosa, not currently booked in YC.
  4. There's only the non-alcoholic drink package, which as you state is exorbitantly priced. Soda prices on the ship are comparatively reasonable.
  5. I was thinking the same thing about the whisky.
  6. Perhaps it was also for the 12 hours they're losing in Quebec City?
  7. I thought about the stretch, but it didn't click. I'm a bit surprised MSC would offer the itineraries without knowing the ship's cabin layout, well not that surprised.
  8. In perakcruiser's defense the OP's question was so poorly worded that I didn't attempt an answer.
  9. In the past it was only offered to those in the YC or with the Deluxe package. I'm pretty sure Venchi gelato & specialty drinks are no longer offered to new YC bookings nor covered under the Premium package. The Venchi drinks are possibly covered under Premium+, but not gelato.
  10. That looks like an interesting pair of cruises. When I look at the MSC's US site I see all cabin types available, but when you select a category it switches to a GTY. Those itineraries were very recently released and I have had problems similar to yours when the itinerary is very new. Those itineraries are being marketed towards UK customers so MSC is possibly intentionally making it difficult for US bookings. As I said I encountered a very similar situation where certain cabins were shown as not available but because the itinerary was released a day or two earlier I knew they were still available so I called my MSC PVC and got her to book them. I don't use a TA but that is what they are being paid for. Perhaps try calling MSC and see if you can book a specific cabin. Eventually at some point those cabins will come available on the US website. Also, keep a watch for them to eventually offer the "All In for Europe" rate for those sailings. That rate will give you a discount on the Easy drink package which is very handy on European sailings. It will be another ordeal for your TA to get you changed over to that rate.
  11. YC cabins can be booked under the "All In" promotion just like any other cabin. The only benefit it gives a YC booking is the internet, That's why the "All In" rate for YC is usually only $30pp over the no frills "Escape To Sea" rate.
  12. A passport is one of the choices in the drop down box of what type of documentaion you will be using.
  13. Perhaps they are cutting Quebec short to get back to NYC earlier, more time to swap out passengers. I think they will get back to NYC well before the scheduled 9am and most likely be asked to vacate earlier also.
  14. If you look at the drop down sailings list even the Spring/Summer Med itineraries are included, the same for Divina. I expect it will be similar to what nikkiw60 experienced.
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