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  1. I ran into this pricing problem on my last cruise. It was mainly in the Champagne bar and specialty restaurants where the wine was priced above the YC limit but available inside the YC for no charge. I do see where Seaview Pool Bar has NF for €12, but I suspect other venues may have different prices. Several times I've also run into the issue of certain wines being available in Top Sail but not in the YC restaurant or One Pool Deck.
  2. As far as I know the Chef's Table dinner is always at a separated area of Butcher's Cut, but I haven't seen it offered on Divina before. I was last on Divina in Spring of 2019 and they had just changed over Eatly restaurant to the Eatly Marketplace - kind of a precursor to Butcher'sCut. Now that Divina has been through a refurbishment and has an official Butcher's Cut I suspect they might have made use of the old unused Ristorante Italia for the Chef's Table area. Either way I don't think there will be any reviews for Chef's Table on Divina, you would have to look at the newer sh
  3. Is that listed as a dining option on your online booking?
  4. Happened on my Meraviglia sailings in late 2019. Too many early dining passengers lingering after dinner and causing a waiting line around 7:30pm. I foresee this could be a big problem on Seashore.
  5. The cabanas really aren't that nice compared to offerings on other private islands. Umbrellas are available for YC guests. That is MSC's official policy but I've actually never seen it enforced and have sailed many times with others at the table having a different or no package. I'm not sure if MSC would catch it if you linked the bookings but if they balked you could un-link the bookings then re-group to one table with the maître d' on the first afternoon.
  6. It looks like from November 1st on MSC will not provide the Reassurance plan to vaccinated passengers. I've already received emails from MSC for my Spring cruises that if I'm not vaccinated I need to now purchase their insurance. I don't need it, but anyone can purchase the MSC full Travel Protection w/COVID-19 coverage plan. Even though MSC has still not linked to the details I personally think there are better plans available.
  7. I typed the wrong plan name above. On US sailings non-vaccinated passengers have to purchase the full Travel Protection w/COVID-19 Coverage plan through MSC.
  8. If you purchased the package through MSC online and paid in advance with a credit card I seem to remember at one time there was a way to cancel it online. I could be wrong, but worth a look.
  9. Are you referencing the COVID-19 Reassurance coverage MSC gives to vaccinated for free and charges for a fee for non-vaccinated? Or did you purchase the complete Travel Protection w/COVID-19 coverage plan? Additional travel insurance is not required for US bookings on US sailings. The only one mandatory for that scenario is the COVID-19 Reassurance plan for non-vaccinated passengers.
  10. On the UK site there is persistent and annoying pop up window about long phone wait times, but I never get the list of sailings to fill in. On the US site this usually occurs when MSC is making changes. US site has now gone up to 79 sailings in the 5%+15% section, steadily increasing over the last several weeks.
  11. MSC sailings from the US charge and bill in US dollars, the issue can be that your bank may refuse the charges because MSC on-ship charges come from France. You may want to notify your card provider that you may have charges from France even though you are not traveling there.
  12. When you click on the "CLICK HERE to view Description of Coverage/Policy" it takes you to the MSC insurance comparison page showing both the base COVID-19 Reassurance plan and the Travel Protection with COVID-19 full coverage plan. They are just brief sysopses but both cover COVID-19 issues. I posted the old CSA/Generali policy above for reference to what the travel side may look like once MSC figures out the current policy details are missing. Would I prefer to buy my own Travel Protection policy? Yes. But right now MSC's pricing for separately purchasing the EU sailing's Reas
  13. I've never been forced by MSC to reprice when adding the Voyages Selection discount. I've made at least 10 bookings when there was no VS additional percent, then kept watch for the sailing to be listed. I call in to MSC and have the VS discount applied to my existing booking and they have never made me re-book at the prevailing rate. The only exemption I've run into is if you're past or have made final payment it cannot be done. The only times I have had trouble is when doing this VS discount through a TA. And while it can still be done at the existing rate the TA has always re
  14. Every time I tried to get a TA to add the Voyages Selection additional percent the TA reduced any perks I was getting from them. I was told MSC reduces their commission amount when passenger books under the VS discounts.
  15. My mock booking details are different than CelebrationFamily, but here's what you get right before the payment page. That is total insurance price shown, not per person.
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