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  1. The cases of COVID-19 on MSC Grandiosa were not false reports. There were documented cases before they temporarily suspended sailings for the holidays and the most recent case was just over a week ago. What MSC has been able to do is prevent these occurrences from terminating the entire sailing. Those who test positive are first isolated on the ship then as soon as possible debarked to a quarantine facility. The required insurance covers being debarked, the quarantine facility and return to your point of origin. Some cruise lines seem to debark any close contacts but MSC policy seems to b
  2. I've seen posts from people that say they have but I'm not sure of where they booked. Even though there is some policy on the MSC US websites that indicates in certain circumstances you can I have never been able to get MSC US to move a deposit from one booking to another. Also cancelling before final payment doesn't fall under the assurance plans so there's no FCC that can be moved. As far as my experience goes you are stuck waiting for MSC to refund the deposit and will need to put up new money for a new booking.
  3. No reason to go to the Aurea Top 19 sun deck, it doesn't really offer much sunny space versus the Yacht Club pool deck. And you will want to stay in the YC because they only serve very basic Easy package drinks at Top 19 and you will love the YC's level of service and amenities. There is partial glass cover over the front 2/3 of the Yacht Club area but you should be able to find an area in direct sunlight aft of the covered area. Sometimes they set up canopies for the One Pool Grill diners on the port side but I think they did/would set up loungers on the starboard side. I'm sure if you as
  4. I didn't save any of the dailies, but found "recent" info in the link below. Bella frequently gets placed in the Waves restaurant. https://quietcruiser.com/msc-meraviglia-daily-programs/
  5. YC deposit policy has only changed for US bookings. All US bookings after August 5th, 2020 fall under the Total Cruiseflex policy so if passengers are unsure about the onboard conditions or itinerary changes they can delay their sailing. I wouldn't recommend MSC to any friends that I thought would be one and done even before their first cruise.
  6. The difference is not only a balcony. Non handicap YC interiors have the same small bathroom and shower that regular cabins have. The bed design prevents large suitcases from being stored and easily accessed, in general they have to be less than 26" to be slid under from the foot end of the bed. Storage space is limited and packing more than one week's worth of clothes for two people can be challenging. I've stayed in very large suites, YC Deluxe and YC interiors. YC interiors can be a great value considering the public areas and amenities they come with. But I also factor in
  7. Same here, I'm just glad Seashore didn't get the Starship Club. Pretty sure the copied text was from the February 1st Virtuosa press release and wasn't a quote of Vago, just part of the release. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/news/msc-virtuosa-delivery
  8. Several new renderings of pools, bars, lounges, etc.... I don't remember seeing those deck plan names, were those newly released also?
  9. Reports that I've seen indicate MSC has become less customer friendly regarding changes to embarkation ports. I remember in 2017 Seaside was changed from Venice to Trieste several months before sailing. Many people had already planned a pre-trip stay in Venice so MSC provided transport to Trieste for anyone who needed. There were several sailings impacted at the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown where embarkation ports/countries were changed last minute due to countries closing down ports. As far as I've heard MSC offered no compensation for those people. The last year was full of port c
  10. While the information is a little sparse "Stress Free Booking" basically follows the "Flexible Cruise Programme". Stress Free states: To truly make your future cruise with us stress free, you can reschedule your cruise free of charge up to 15 days before departure for cruise only and up to 21 days before departure for fly & cruise. All bookings made between 1st August 2020 and 31st March 2021 will be eligible for our Stress Free Booking policy, with the new terms valid for all sailings taking place within 30th April, 2022 You would need to cancel 15 day
  11. It's very similar to the situation with some of my US bookings. The Cruise Assurance protection in effect when I booked was only good for sail dates until 31st October, 2020 which I expected would be extended if the COVID situation persisted. Instead MSC created a new Total CruiseFlex plan which was only for bookings made after 5th August, 2020. So my bookings made in June have zero protection after final payment. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2757665-new-total-cruiseflex-plan-leaves-my-sailings-vulnerable/
  12. 19025, 19028 and 19002 do appear wider than the other Grands on deck 19. Those are high traffic pool deck areas above so make sure you're okay if there might be some noises in the morning on warm itineraries. I would expect no noise at night and early risers probably would never notice.
  13. I think the Stress Free Booking policy will be taking over for cruises with sail dates to 30th April, 2022. Booking must be made by 31 March, 2021. I haven't seen any details though. https://www.msccruises.co.uk/flexible-bookings
  14. I book directly with MSC US and only once have I been able to take advantage of a pre-final payment true price drop without cancelling and re-booking. By "true price drop" I mean not a better deal based on a different promotional rate but the same rate and simply MSC lowered the cabin cost. I've been before final payment trying to take advantage of a price drop and MSC did some pretty nasty things to prevent me from taking advantage. I have only been able to change to different promotional rates without cancelling when the change increases the cost of the cruise, like going from
  15. On my US bookings I have later added the Voyages Selection discount several times, usually with minimal problems. I never had to cancel and re-book. Several times the price had gone up from when I had booked and they based the additional discount on the lower price that I had booked, but it was still a better deal than if I cancelled and re-booked. I haven't seen UK policy is different than US regarding this but I feel you shouldn't have to cancel to get the discount applied.
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