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  1. We made all of our other payments to our TA. The gift certificates we Emailed the redemption dept with all the info they requested including our reservation number. They sent us a couple of emails along the way to advise us of the status. Once we recieved the notice from RCI that they were applued I contacted our TA to confirm and they were applied.
  2. I always include Monday after in my vacation request. I like Sunday to Sunday but I still need my extra Monday.
  3. We used the gift certificates for our cruise that leaves Feb 3rd. It took about 10-15 days to get the confirmation that they had been added to our cruise. I immediately contacted our TA to confirm it had been added. We used $1000 of the gift certificates. They can not be used for the deposit on a cruise since it has to go through the Redemption department but they can be used to pay on the cruise. My suggestion would be to give about 20 days of our is being used for final payment. We did not have any problem using them even though we have a TA. I would use them again. We saved $100 by using them.
  4. Sorry I do not but I am sure someone else will
  5. There is a cigar bar. Also I am guessing any of the regular smoking areas
  6. He might not have been polite in the way he said it but he is right though every question you have asked you could find with the search button. They have all been asked multiple times. Also he did have add something to the thread, he gave suggestions on how to find all the answers you need. Personally I prefer to use the search button because you not only find what you are looking for but usually there is other info out there that you will need add well.
  7. On Liberty of the Seas you do not reserve shows at all. Just show up about 30 minutes early. WiFi prices vary. Check you your cruise planner on RCI website. RCI calls it MyTime dining. Liberty does have an app but it does not have txt capabilities yet. Charge for room service is 7.95 except for breakfast that is free.
  8. We board on Feb 3rd, the day of the Super Bowl. Hubby did not think I was funny when I said there was no reason to watch it since the US commercials would not be on.
  9. RCI does not keep photos after the cruise is over. We had a person that worked in the photo area tell us that they delete all photos before the next Cruise starts. We had a friend that the same thing happened to and customer service apologized but told them that there was nothing they could do.
  10. I see how many people have voted. It does up after I voted
  11. We used Money back Mexico on one of our cruises. Their promise was it would be processed in a very short time. We did recieve the money back but it took almost a year. I had actually forgot about it by the time it processed I had to call my bank to figure out what it was. It does work just don't expect it as fast as they say.
  12. Hubby is in the middle of getting his CPAP. We have a cruise coming up on February 3rd. He submitted the forum on Wednesday of last week and on Thursday he recieved a email stating that an extension cord and distilled water would be in the room when we board and to let them know if there is anything else we need.
  13. I did not realize other cruise lines did not do this. We love being able to get sales and purchase everything before we get on the ship. I waited for Black Friday to purchase dining and beverage for our Feb 3rd cruise
  14. I had 50 OBC From Royal and 75 from our travel agent
  15. It did say that in July. We tried it just to see if it would work and it did. Our cruise is for February and have already used the $200 for beverage package
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