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  1. And that's April 27th. I will ask the Dutch Friends of HollandAmerica on FB.
  2. Dear Madam 😉, Please see my post #7 in which I refer to Loreto's post #4.
  3. I beg you pardon? What to do with a board credit of $ 15000? Overland excursions? Champaign every night? Casino? 😉
  4. Excuse me, but the HAL agent you called does not know much about the ship, obviously. We were on the Maasdam in February/March this year and I used both outlets below the big mirror in the stateroom. Always 2 of them because I carry an extra USA adapter (tooth brush, smartphones, CPAP etc work on 110 and 220) and of course I can use the 220 European outlet for "everything" we carry. There is NO outlet near the bed/headrest.
  5. Wish you, your mom and the other members of the family a marvelous cruise!
  6. We always carry our own extension cord (hotels etc.....). Stewards will (sometimes if asked sometimes by themselves) attach the cord with (HAL's ) duct tape. Last cruise they brought without asking a multiple outlet (maybe they knew abut the CPAP because of the order of distilled water? They really are good, the stewards.
  7. I understand from your text that HAL called you with offers. You refused their offer, but in my opinion during that conversation you could have asked for other compensations as suggested f.e. bij Loreto. Good luck!
  8. That is exactly the reason why I wrote: "Of course, it is their opinion and not necessarily of all passengers". And still then: doing your research, choosing the right balcony and location and finally during your cruise it rains a lot or the sun is too hot... 😀
  9. Our 4177 and 4179 had huge balconies on the Koningsdam. And I prefer AFT cabins. Worth to consider this location.
  10. Of course I do not know the place of your arrival, the amount of cash you will need, but it will be very easy to find an ATM at Schiphol airport or the Amsterdam Central station to find some euro's. We pay almost everything with a debet or credit card. I myself seldom carry foreign valuta when I leave the Netherlands. In Norway I pay/paid everything with a credit card. If I wish to have for example US dollars or Japanese yen etc, I go to Amsterdam to Pott Exchange on the Damrak near the Dam (do not mixup with GWIK at short distance, their cost is higher); I could never find better exchange rates (Schiphol banks are IMO very expensive to exchange dollars in Euro). https://www.pottchange.com/ Here you can calculate their exchange rate if f.e. you bring dollars. Hope it helps.
  11. I always understood that for HAL the 2nd letter indicates the desirability/price of a cabin. So VA is "better" than VB and VF than VH. The same for SA, SB and SC of SS SY and SZ. Of course, it is their opinion and not necessarily of all passengers.
  12. Just go to the (lower) MDR desk , give your room number and express your wishes (shared table and max number of chairs, language(s) etc.). No problem, maybe a little bit of waiting if you arrive at the same time as many many other passengers 😉
  13. Allow pop-ups if I remember right. Never a problem with Edge.
  14. And please, do not forget that in the Netherlands public transport is quite good. Most connections are not twice a day, but more like x-times per hour. If unsure, at Schiphol Tourist information (Or Amsterdam Central Station) they will be glad to assist you. Outside (in front townside) Amsterdam Central Station is a local transportation (GVB) information center. During your trip bus- or tramdrivers will do their utmost to help you. (Or the police in the Netherlands, their helpfulness differs from policemen in many other countries.) I really hop you will enjoy your 2 1/2 days in Holland. And the cruise of course.
  15. https://9292.nl/ (in english) to find the connection (and the price and the time it takes and walking distance etc) from your location in The Netherlands to (for example) Zaanse Schans or Muiderslot Castle. and via this link is explained how and where to buy tickets. https://9292.nl/en/fares-and-public-transport/bus-tram-metro-transport/single-tickets or https://9292.nl/en/fares-and-public-transport/ov-chipkaart It is quite possible you already read the contents. Did you read this one too: https://www.ov-chipkaart.nl/everything-about-travelling/different-types-of-passenger/tourists.htm I hope it helps.
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