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  1. Still shows. From website - for 4^ A 50% discount on specialty restaurant surcharges and specialty coffees in all dining venues* (Exploration Café and Grand Dutch Café on Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam), Sommelier Suites packages*, and all mini-bar purchases*
  2. For HAL or US cruises? I don’t bet. But cruising has resumed just not for US citizens or out of US ports. But on a positive not I Have booked several cruises for the Fall of 2021. My glass stays at least half full most days. And the latest announcement of a U.K. vaccine maybe by the fall? One can only hope. Be safe, wear masks!
  3. Why does this announcement affect long cruises? This was our first “world” cruise and we are hooked!
  4. Just saw that!! Anyone heard anything about the 2022 World Cruise?
  5. Anyone having trouble getting on the website to apply for the options for FCC? I have tried Safari and Google Chrome with no success. message is “Internal Server Error. please Try again”. Call HAL and they said to try Crome instead of Safari. Neither one works. Any suggestions?
  6. We also got the USB pics but never thought about checking them out before we left and they are packed in the suitcases that are being shipped hopefully in May. One more thing to add to my list of To Do.
  7. Very nicely worded! But one thought on flights home - many of us can tolerate short flights in economy but it is a different story completely when it comes to long international flights. The limited reimbursement from HAL to get home from half way around the world kept us from booking a business flight but we will be “eating” the cost of a premium economy flight over the pacific. Having just finished our flights coming home and paying a significant fare to get a premium economy seat for the flight over the Pacific I am now slowly recovering from painful back spasms (6th day) due to the stress and cramped space. I am grateful that it did not spasm during the flight in that we would have been stuck somewhere from home. And we are very grateful to be home! Will we cruise again? Definitely yes! Will we book through HAL for air - maybe? Will we book business class through HAL on a short flight - that’s the question I can’t answer right now. We pray for all to be safe and healthy. We pray for those who are still at sea. We pray for those who have lost loved ones. And on a final note - thanks to the MS Amsterdam crew and captain for an enjoyable and memorable half world cruise. Day 6 of our 14 day self quarantine.
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