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  1. We have stayed in Aqua cabins twice and found no noise on the first cruise and very little on the second - both Caribbean cruises. However, both were located a little more forward then midship which helped. Love Aqua class.
  2. Interesting list. Australia is closed so why is it on the green list?
  3. Iceland, Greenland. And of course New Zealand!
  4. Terrible decision on CCL's part. Hope that something will change and vaccinations will be required. Or the long time cruisers need to put pressure on the cruise line. Wait and see game.
  5. Having sailed on Celebrity only 2 times I would say the Aqua class I'd definitely worth it. Of course we had cabins that were more forward than mid ship. Love the overhang in that it allowed us to be out there during not so nice days. Also, Blu is a great restaurant and you can always order from the main dining room menu if you want.
  6. Never again - Princess, RC and Carnival. Had a terrible experience with Princess - crew and those in charge very rude to each other. RC and Carnival for obvious reasons. Always: Holland America (no matter what - great crew!!!), Celebrity (have done 2). Sometimes: Cunard - only thing don't like is the dress code, but the speakers are wonderful. Maybe: Oceania - actually scheduled in 2022. Willing to try any line depending on price, rep and itinerary. Maybe Viking but not happy about how far out have to pay for cruise in full. River Cruise: Always Avalon.
  7. Think the world cruises on the Queens will go in 2022??
  8. Have sailed on Princess and HAL. Prefer HAL hands down. I'm going to check out Oceania for a shorter cruise next year. It also depends on the itinerary. Oceania has more ports and less sea days and a much longer world cruise. I do like their itinerary but don't want to be gone that long. We love sea days. We also prefer smaller ships. Just my opinion.
  9. Can't speak to the Edge but we enjoy Aqua class very much. Having access to the Blu for breakfast and dinner is top on our list - it's very quiet dining and you can still request food off the main dining if you prefer. In addition we enjoy the location on the upper decks and not noisey at all and access to the spa anytime we want - and we do like the spa. We will continue to book the Aqua class. For what it is worth you have earlier boarding time. Not sure that applies with any new restrictions they may apply for the future.
  10. My TA said don't do anything yet. I am hoping the companies will work something out for the Alaskan cruises.
  11. So very sorry to hear this news. This hurts so many people on so many levels. Stay safe.
  12. So very ready!!!! And we will gladly wear masks.
  13. I agree with the policy. Certain age children aren't vaccinate at this point anyway.
  14. Yes. That is what we usually book. We have cruised Princess once and HAL several times. We love the crew, ships and everything about HAL.
  15. Zaandam not for sale. Supposedly not true.
  16. We received our 4 yesterday. Have unpacked 3 of the 4 and starting on laundry. So far so good - Even the wooden trays from Pitcairn, honey from New Zealand and ornaments from South America.
  17. Why are emails being sent to some and not to others?? I have heard nothing other than an email with tracking numbers. Very disappointed on communication from HAL and FEDEX.
  18. We received $200 back a week ago or more. I called and they had to dig but finally said it was for the luggage that we had wanted to insure. They said that HAL would be insuring it. I suggested they send out something about the refund to keep the calls from coming in.
  19. We have cruised other cruise lines and HAL is by far our favorite for many reasons. Hope you will give them a chance. We received emails the day notice of the sold ships was made public regarding the two cruises affected. One had been paid in full and was told we would get 125% FCC. The other had a deposit down and we were told that we would receive 200% of the deposit back on FCC. Still waiting on the amounts to show but there is an overwhelming amount of logistics that need to be done with the sale of the 4 ships. I am hoping to see the credits by October??
  20. We heard about the horrible tour to the reef. So glad folks got back safely! We had cancelled several days before based on the storm that was heading our way! I agree - rough ending!
  21. carnival Corp. they haven’t identified which line.
  22. Still shows. From website - for 4^ A 50% discount on specialty restaurant surcharges and specialty coffees in all dining venues* (Exploration Café and Grand Dutch Café on Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam), Sommelier Suites packages*, and all mini-bar purchases*
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