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  1. Exactly these is no cruising as we know and love it!
  2. Excuse me , you should not be quoting news when you have believed last year all the rubbish written by the travel press and those silly bloggers Go back and see how many times you said cruising would be starting after reading the "news". There is one MSC ship sailing with a few people on it and all from Italy. There is no cruising going on as you know it. I know you hate not having the last word but if you lived in Italy you would know that this is a complete PR stunt and nothing more. The fact is there are only a few ports that will accept the ship. Anyway unless you live in Ita
  3. As has been said you are spreading fake news. MSC are not sailing why on earth did you say that. Ports are closed It was not handled well they have the whole ship quarantined. 1 is an outbreak - nice try Seaman to avoid the sad truth Cruising is still months away. What has not been widely reported is how may others tested positive. For NCL the earliest is now 1 June. NCL are burning cash per their own admission at $175M per month and still need to find finance for all the new ships. Of course they want to get going but if the offering is s
  4. Er no ..MSC have two ships going nowhere and with the outbreak these are now pulled. The fact that Covid got on board freaked some ports I have heard. Given the way the European health authrities are going and here in the UK there will be no cruises in Europe until after the summer and with alaska closed I imagine that the Carribean may be a very busy area.
  5. Plus a 20% gratuity for your convenience
  6. Hardly a surprise ith most of Europe still unvaccinated. It will not be before July before we see any cruises or at least mega cruises in Europe and given the UK and professor lockdown we will not see any ships here this year. This is not speculation given our government has told us not to book summer holidays yet!!
  7. My point is they are quizzing to try and get some credibility as they have a vested interest in the restart. They are not news and never will be. As we say in the UK "they are away with the fairies". They do not provide news they provide speculation. I can tell you there will no return to UK before June 2021 - We have quarantine now and Europe can simply not allow the spread. remember most airports are very restricted in Europe with entry.
  8. UK this is covered by the Travel regulations 2018. If prices have gone up then I am glad I took my cash and not a FCC
  9. Ben and David are not news the are bloggers
  10. Hurts to look at 😞 this but the picture has also another great HD of NCL Sean the tall one. and to his right is Martin AHD. These were part of the dream team that included the likes of Klaus Lugmaier and Musatfa Gulbahar (Now HAL) and Errol Nelson (now HAL) Miss you Papi. and do not forget Mustafa Gulbahar - he is an extraordinary person as well and when with Papi they were like two naughty boys
  11. sorry you are wrong Read the studies the Oxford vaccine is slowing transmission.
  12. As seems to be the case the CDC are going to announce double masking in the USA. You can not expel air or breathe but thats another subject. How uncomfortable on a ship in the heat in my opinion.
  13. So I agree with this analysis makes total sense but there are tow caveats NCL have only about 6 months left of free cash NCL(H) are committed to a lot of new ships and I suspect this will now cut back or delayed. The Leonardo will be built at least 1 but I suggest that there will be a delay as there may not be funding for further down the line unless NCL raise more capital through share issues. Are they going to sell ships to raise cash for Leonardo project and if so who to They may be sold but who to? Will FDR survive - do not know. But they may ne
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