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  1. Seems that Bruno is either loved or not. This is what personality is all about. our views were shared and yes he was aloof and we simply ignored him for the rest of our cruise. Not a great experience but used customer Services in Atrium and gave tip to a great guy. In our view he is not in the same class as others but that is our view and others will find different
  2. Ah even the food supplier are the ame over the world love Mani.... And yes this sounds authentic (giveaway Seder Plate)
  3. Because HAL a not a Rabbinic authority. They can not certify to an orthodox modern or otherwise, Jew if food is kosher for Passover its that simple and any comment is wrong. Yes they can supply prepacked sealed food but it is not HAL that is certifying it!! Your comment is highly uneducated and you should refrain from commenting if you do not understand the facts Yes families have traditions about the Seder but the SERVICE is identical all over the world maybe in Hebrew and maybe in English but anywhere in the world it is the same. Please do not give people the idea it is not, I travel too much and whether I am in Bangkok or Peru or USA the service is always the same - ALWAYS and it has been for about 5800 years. I apologise for offending anyone but I really do get upset when people make simply wrong comments!!
  4. Thanks for your kind comments. I really do not understand Sail7seas reply it is certainly not written in english!! With respect he is not Jewish and fails to understand the religious issues. Please can I ask you ignore his reply. I think you only get to their number of posts but writing something even if it is worthless!! The Passover requires the food to be Kosher for Passover not just kosher with different crockery and cutlery and all cooking utensils changed and work surfaces covered. Observant Jews will not eat in the MDR at any time unless the food is supervised by a "shomer" . The same applies for the Passover as well. Appropriate food is Kosher for Passover and no cruise line does it unless it is with a third party such as Kosherica. It is a real hassle and look at the prices for a Passover cruise or holiday!!! very high. A friend of ours worked for Cunard as the Exec Chef in the Kosher kitchen and even they did not cater for Passover due the strict rules
  5. Sorry sir but we had the worst PCC ever this year - although they are now gone - I think. Never again voted with my feet.
  6. And yes the OP you are so right you have to deal with the cheerleaders of which Bird Travels can NEVER see a problem with NCL. Sorry Bird Travels but NCL are not the perfect company you seem to think they are. Let me assure you he is incorrect here in the UK - in the UK if the price of an order drops before delivery you will get the benefit if the same promotion exists. This year NCL have been heavily discounting cruises in the UK from the original rice and yes we got the reduction even after the the final payment date. The issue is in the UK consumer protection is of a high standard and US companies can not get their heads around it. I changed a cruise with about two weeks to spare and got a full refund due to some very poor practices. Remember that in the UK and UK bookings NCL can not enforce any service charges which they can in other countries. But overall forget all that is written NCLH is a public company to make money for shareholders and funds -It is all that matters the bottom line/ dividends and as long as new folks continue to cruise and pay the fare and the extras- thats is all that matters. Yes customer satisfaction is a component part but only a small one. If you need to vote vote with your feet. They have a nice product (although the loss of senior crew is now causing issues with service delivery on some ships) and if you want it use it if you dont move I have disclosed many times that I read NCL and other cruise lines accounts and if you want to understand their business philosophies read them too. If you think they or any other corporate care about the loss of your business dream on!! =
  7. This is interesting … The Seder is a religious ceremony and depends on your level of the observance and in the US there are many degrees of the faith. You certainly do not need a Rabbi for the service but you need someone who can lead the service. Also the food - will they have kosher food and by that I mean supervised. As the food you eat over Passover is special food ( Matzo and that is kosher for Passover matzo) and a special level of Kashrut I can not imagine any observant Jew going unless it was run but an organisation such as Kosherica. There are many other customs and keeping them on a ship is near impossible.
  8. Agreed but you will do a number of contracts with one company before moving. not one here and one there. I therefore agree with you but no one moves company every contract. just dealing with work permits and visas makes it impossible - Coach needs to check his facts
  9. You might find that the reason for this is they are part of the same group and Captain is a relatively senior one off position. I can assure F&B and staff DO NOT move like this
  10. Sorry matey but it is my turn not to believe you. In fact I think you are just making it up. In all my years and sadly it is many, I have never heard of a free agent in the passenger cruise industry. Of course there is no exclusivity as each contract is discrete and it is required for both UK and Us tax regimes. This is a complete red herring. You see why you are talking nonsense is that each cruise line has it own safety procedures amongst others policies and they simply would not retrain an individual all the time. Imagine if all crew kept moving lines and moving back again. Enough said!!
  11. Since writing this they are now on the ships. Indeed plenty of photos. If you want to know the Ships just ask Cooper. I think you find that the two biggest are headed by ex NCL team and other posted troughout the fleet. I think you will find there are plenty of lifers on all lines. Indeed If you check you will find I am correct. No big deal at all- just saying. As to the contracts check your facts - you can not move at will. Have you ever read one of the contracts - I have.
  12. Clearly you do otherwise you would not comment - simples.
  13. The dream team is not broken up - its now on HAL. He must have his reasons but I suspect that Musti and Errol are so happy would have played a great part in his decision process. HAL have actually got the best bar manager around now. So for us its HAL from now on to carry on the story. Tried it this summer and loved it. Now will his sons follow ……….just saying
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