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  1. We live in Bournemouth 30 miles from Southampton we now have 4 ships in the Bay including the QE II. It is great going for a alk on the cliffs and looking out at these magnificent ships but so sad they are not plying their trade. We miss cruising so much 2021 is sadly looking likely 😞. Unofficially we hear all TA cruises cancelled this autumn from the UK so even with CDC releasing no sail nothing will come to UK .
  2. Seaman 11 can I echo this and well said hftmrock.
  3. The original FCC amount will be returned to the guests' profile. If an affected booking has a previously applied FCC (as a result of a previous suspended sailing), the enhanced value future cruise credit will not be applicable. Bookings under this circumstance will receive the original value of the FCC back to the guests' profile See the above - as I have been saying if a cruise with an FCC is cancelled the original enhanced value goes- I think Seaman you argued otherwise. There it is on NCL FAQ
  4. Love it now we find common ground with that sense of humour - very English 🙂 top comment
  5. Fair comment sir you have said all of that I am genuinely sorry for you because you are so passionate about the cruises but I hace said all along you are reading to much into industry hype.
  6. Aha now that is cancelled too. Will you now admit that you have been wrong about the industry start date and realise what a lot of rubbish the article you linked to was. Hope fully that he last we have heard of that Jouno. BTW how are you feeling with your Covid symptoms - a lot better I hope.
  7. Oh dear that means the rest of the industry will follow!
  8. With the deepest of respect a few months ago you were lauding all the places "opening up" as a sign there would be cruising. and that I was wrong Now you are upset that all these places opened up have ruined you cruises. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Everyone has said to you it would be later than May June July and August 2020. You did feel that NCL had thrown in the towel though. I agree with you though it should be before 2021
  9. I am afraid this was total fake news. Here the reasoning: If you look it mentions London - No cruise ships this year and 14 Quarantine still in place. our ports are closed this year to cruise ships and in any event NCL do not sail to London (unless you are mad enough to think Southampton is London - 80 miles away and two hours if you are lucky by road) NCLH themselves say they can not launch all the ships in the same month - so more trash in the article and here from the article is the total trash "Nowegian Cruises has officially announced they will be reopening for sailings starting on August 23rd, 2020. According to the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) website, the first sailing is departing New York on the Norwegian Encore to Bermuda." There is no announcement all it is a mistake on the booking part of the website. Yet more industry self serving gossip. Another journalist scratching around for something to write. And then writes rubbish If you look at Bermuda arrivals it is not arriving. NCL are not sailing 23 August 2020.
  10. Same as every disease including cancer - its called mutation. but diarrhea is not a reliable indicator as is the cough and fever.
  11. Thank you. OMG we are very lucky over 60 and under 16 free prescriptions and free dentistry for all
  12. 4K deductible - how much is the premium. That's more than my family private policy and that s just the deductible 🙂
  13. Well this is one thing we have got free medical care and very proud of our NHS -
  14. it says could be not that it is. there is no empirical evidence, yet.
  15. Wow we have them free for the whole country testing and results
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