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  1. You have my promise. I will answer your question when I return from our Sept 7 cruise on Equinox.
  2. So, I followed your example and I just went to a mega web site store and ordered a light weight camp foot stool. It will be here by Aug 23. It folds up quite small. I'm still miffed that I must now lug my own foot stool even in Concierge Class, but I know that I'll be more comfortable if I have one.
  3. Thanks for your photos and reviews. Love your idea of the camp footstools, although I am still smarting at the idea of having to bring my own footstool when they used to be provided as part of Concierge Class. If your sofa was soiled, I take that to mean the "revolutionized" Equinox does not have new furniture in the cabin. Was struck that you had two formal nights. Was your cruise seven nights? Ours on Sept 7 is only six nights. I was thinking we would have only one formal night. Also hoping we don't dock at Key West's Outer Mole pier. It is so much more convenient at the Margaritaville Hotel pier and affords better views of downtown Key West too. I'm really glad that you enjoyed Equinox and look forward to any future reviews you will do.
  4. Just have to bring my cozy slippers for after a hard day of excursions and my small fan because the sound covers up the tinnitu s I have in one ear.
  5. Totally agree with you on this one. I so enjoy eating on the balcony and a teeny tiny table just won't do it. It seems that Celebrity doesn't want folks to eat meals on the balcony anymore.
  6. Thank you for that hilarious answer. I will pass on your advice. In fact I had told her something of that nature myself, but not in such a good-natured manner. I hope I can tell her just the way you did. We both enjoy a good laugh.😁Lucky Sis is an early riser. Gotta be early to be those infamous chair hogs.
  7. Thank you both for your prompt responses. My sister, new to Celebrity, is joining us on an upcoming cruise. She is an avid swimmer, but I have never stepped toe in a cruise ship swimming pool, so I couldn't answer her questions. Oh, she has one more question. Do you have to book time in the pool? That question surprised me, but she wanted to know.
  8. Do Solstice Class ships have lap pools or is it only Edge Class? Are the swimming pools heated? Is the water salt water or fresh?
  9. Definitely not a crazy decision. WE have stayed in an aft cabin only once, but I really enjoyed the experience much more than I had anticipated.
  10. For Mardi Gras our starboard cabin was on a high deck, eleven or twelve, so that gave us a pretty good view of the city. The balcony could be noisy. There seemed to be constant ambulances and police cars racing by, plus tour buses staged on the dock below us certain times of day, but frankly I didn't spend a lot of time out on the balcony as it was so darned cold and often raining. I tried hard to get a similar cabin for our 2020 trip to Mardi Gras, but they were all booked, so we had to settle for a deck ten which might have a more limited view and be even closer to the city noise. We both really look forward to returning to NOLA for Mardi Gras 2020. I'd like to do Jazz Fest too, but Hubby isn't quite as enthusiastic about two cruises to the same place so close together.
  11. No flame on Cafe du Monde here. At Mardi Gras 2018, the line waiting to enter the Cafe was over a block long! What these folks didn't know, there is a mini Cafe du Monde in the Outlet Mall right by the cruise ship dock. No lines. No wait. And it looked clean.
  12. This may be small comfort to you, but I thought it was funny.
  13. Honestly, I feel if I have paid a premium to book a Concierge Class cabin, I should not need to bring my own footstool substitutes. The ideas are good, I just feel cheated to have to go to such means when I pay so much more for Concierge than I would for a regular balcony. Plus it is something I used to get as part of Concierge perks. Now that is gone, but not the premium price.
  14. Have you tried the Hard Rock Casino's brand new guitar shaped hotel. NOT really convenient to port and might be very expensive, but it is a huge hotel. It might be the best bet for a vacancy. It won't even open until October, but they are taking reservations now. You can see the hotel from the port, but the ride from there isn't all that easy. Might not be too bad in the morning, though.
  15. I found the Kino sandals I bought so uncomfortable I gave them to Goodwill. I need good arch support. Vionic sandals do provide that. Kino sandals do not. They are cute though. Wish I could wear them.
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