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  1. Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. We've been in the Diamond Lounge many times when no one was around. It is a peaceful getaway. We wouldn't linger. Just want to show my sister what she'll have if she continues to sail on Royal Caribbean. I wasn't planning on getting free alcoholic beverages during Happy Hours, being as I don't even go for the cocktail time myself. Hubby does though.
  2. Thank you. I figured as much, but kind of hoped to escort her in during a quiet time during the day just to show it to her and hustle back out. Oh well.
  3. Hubby and I are Diamond Plus in Crown & Anchor. We are sharing a cabin with my sister who is Platinum. Is she allowed in the Diamond Lounge? Or is bringing a room mate who wouldn't ordinarily be allowed discouraged? We've never been in thsi situation before, so I really don't know and don't want to abuse Diamond Lounge rules.
  4. I enjoy it as an interesting and not strenuous look at the highlights of Key West. Some caveats: I don't suggest it if it is raining or on the rare day when it is really chilly and windy. Also, if you have any tendency toward car sickness, ride near the front of the conch train. On a very hot day when I was seated in the very last car of the train, I did start to get faint and dizzy. Also I suggest you sit nearer the front because the narration is about what is near the driver. By the time those in the rear of the train reach the subject they may not be sure what was said. It can be hard to hear the narration clearly in the rear of the conch train.
  5. For me, I am pleased either way, paid or unpaid. Any way beaches get cleaned is fine with me. My only regret is that more beaches aren't being cleaned more often. It is too bad St Lucians aren't out lending a helping hand too on their own beaches. Or maybe they are. We just don"t witness it. I send my thanks to Silhouette crew members who take their precious free time while in port to set such an awesome example.
  6. We booked one of these special CEO cruises two years ago I wouldn't repeat it, but for those who might be interested be aware that the special events with her carry a surcharge. We thought the upcharge was too much for the events, so we didn't go. Maybe those who did really enjoyed the events. One or two events were off the ship in port There were also special dinners with the CEO such as in Murano, but the time was later than we would ever eat. I believe there was a CEO brunch too. For us the best part was the CEO's speech and Q&A session in the theater. She seemed open and was not guarded in her responses to audience questions. But as an example, one passenger asked why Celebrity no longer has pool side bands that play reggae, ska, calypso etc when sailing in the Caribbean. She promised to return such bands to the pool. It has been two years and she has not done so yet at least on any cruise we have sailed. Promises can come easy in a Q&A session, but follow through can be much harder. We wouldn't go out of our way to book a CEO cruise, but perhaps what I have described would be of interest to others. especially those who would like access to the CEO and have a little time with her.
  7. Actually we did hear three different times. One, on Eclipse a dancer fell from the top of the stairs during a production show. That was terrible to witness. The curtains closed immediately. The very next day before the evening show, a video of her was shown in her medical center bed. She was in good spirits, thanked every one for their concern and prayers and told us she would be going to the hospital in Miami when we arrived. Another time in the night after we left St Kitts, the captain announced the ship would have to divert to St Martin to drop off a crew member who had fallen seriously ill with food poisoning she got from eating in Kentucky Fired Chicken. We watched as she was met at the dock by an ambulance. She was stretchered off the ship, but turned and waved to all the folks watching her departure. The next day the captain announced she was going to be OK. A third time we dropped off a lady passenger to a waiting ambulance in San Juan. It was announced before the evening show, I'm sure with her permission, that she had fallen in the Sunset Bar and hurt her head badly. She wanted everyone to know she was in good spirits, was getting good care in San Juan and would be all right. All three of these people have my deepest sympathies. It cannot be easy to have to leave a ship in such circumstances.
  8. I did notice a difference on Silhouette in January. On Solstice class ships we are fond of sitting at night on the lovely balcony area aft of the Ocean View buffet to admire the stars and enjoy some tea. Over the years as time went by, that area used to be staffed with a crew member to keep tables clean and sweep the floors. On the ships with a bar there, the bar was attended. Now those crew members are gone on Silhouette. Once in a while a crew member will come out and make a quick stab at checking tables. What is unpleasantly noticeable is that the shallow gutter by the rear railing is now filled with dirt, crumbs and small food items, straws and the like. We have never ever noticed this lack of attention to ship's cleanliness before on any Celebrity cruise. This area did not appear to be cleaned our entire ten night cruise. I tend to feel that this might be symptomatic of either lack of sufficient staff or of supervision. We can talk about profits and bottom lines, but if I begin to feel that Celebrity ships are no longer the immaculate ships we used to enjoy and admire, we will be looking elsewhere. If enough passengers feel the same way, the staffing cuts will have an impact on profits as fewer people book cruises.
  9. Funny. I interpreted Craft Social to mean an area where folks met to knit, crochet, paint, and do a wide variety of other crafts and have classes by trained professions in crafting skills. It didn't even occur to me that it meant craft beers. It did seem odd to me that Celebrity would dedicate such a large area to handicrafts when they seem to be taking away popular areas such as the card room and the library.
  10. Reflection is an elegant, lovely ship, my favorite ship in the Celebrity fleet though I have yet to try Edge. I hope you enjoy it too. We usually do take advantage of the first night discount in premium restaurants. But it can get even better than that. For example, we ate in the Lawn Grill the first night once and the waiter offered us a discount to come back again! I'm not saying this will always happen, but it could. Also, another thing you might enjoy is Murano on one sea day, usually the last sea day, offers lunch at a great discount from the evening price. It is not the full menu, however, but still very nice. Often, though not always, an acoustic duet, such as a cellist and violinist will play adding to the enjoyment. Make reservations early for this because this does often sell out. When we sailed Symphony in late January, they offered a special lunch on the lawn one sea day. I didn't care much for the menu but it sounded like a very nice event for those who would like the choices...mostly sea food. I'm not saying this same offer will be available on your cruise. What is available seems to vary from ship to ship, cruise to cruise.
  11. Have recently sailed on Symphony and on Reflection. Trying hard to recall, but I believe it depends on the stall in whatever bathroom. Not positive all the bathrooms are the same. I seem to recall that the stalls in the restroom outside of the Ocean View Buffet have a hook on the door. I am not sure about other bathrooms on the ship. I will say Celebrity ships are pretty good about having necessities like hooks in ladies' bathroom stalls.
  12. Yes, I know that. I misspoke. Been on a lot of cruises since policy changed from formal to casual chic. I guess I still use "formal" out of long established habit. Please excuse my lack of updated terminology. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks, I suppose.
  13. We were on a 12-night on Silhouette in January of this year. We had three formal nights. Sue Denning was the CD. It may be her preference to have more formal nights. Just guessing if it is really her call or not.
  14. Many good reasons have been given above to eat in a premium restaurant on the first night. We have eaten in the Lawn Grill on several cruises the first night and Murano the first night last December. We have never had a reason to regret our choice. Our main reason for doing that is we have the rest of the cruise to work off the calories consumed in those restaurants. Unlike most people here, Hubby and I no longer eat in the MDR on cruises, preferring the quiet of the Ocean View buffet and the greater selection of food, plus we can go when we want and leave when we want and just eat a very light dinner. We use the first night of the cruise to indulge and then eat a very light meal the rest of the cruise about six PM in the buffet. This is not for everyone, I know. The few passengers in the buffet most nights is ample evidence that most people do not want to do what we do.
  15. On the one hand I really appreciate the blow up foot stools and beach ball ideas. They are really helpful solutions to the lack of footstools on Edge. On the other hand, I think it is ludicrous that passengers must resort to bringing blow up items to use on a premium ship charging premium prices because that ship does not provide basic comforts on their verandas. There is something wrong with this picture.
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