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  1. I've read that Royal will possibly move formal night to coincide with the holiday for dining. For those that have cruised over the holidays, are formal nights typically on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and New Years Eve or New Years Day? I also understand there may be special menus served for dinner. Again, would that take place on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, also New Years Eve or New Years Day? Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. Came here to ask about Coral Breeze. Looking to go December 31. I've sent 2 messages through their website in the last week. Haven't heard back. Has anyone else tried to contact them through their website?
  3. Impatiently waiting for 2021 itineraries to be released.
  4. March 2015 - Our adult kids first cruise and we couldn't dock in Costa Maya due to winds. Kind of a bummer, but things happen.
  5. Hello, We are considering booking this excursion. Did you do the VIP or regular booking? If you did the regular booking, did you have any trouble finding a chair? Any additional information about this excursion we should know about? Thank you for your time.
  6. Does anyone know approximately when the last tender would be? Our ship departs at 3:30. Thank you.
  7. So glad you finally made it home safely. If I had known you were in Detroit, I could have come and picked you guys up and at least taken you to lunch or dinner or something! I have to agree with you about Hooked. It was not our favorite. Kind of disappointing and overpriced. I also have to agree with your regarding Symphony as a whole. We liked it, but didn't love it. We did Harmony the same exact week 2 years earlier and absolutely loved it. It was why we booked Symphony. Can't really put my finger on it, but we liked Harmony much better. Seemed much less crowded and just sort of flowed better. Hope we cruise together again in the future.
  8. Yes, you can choose Chops as one of your nights, two of your nights or all three nights if you want.
  9. Just showed up on my Rhapsody sailing in December for $59.00 per person. We are doing a back2back over Christmas and over New Years. Price is the same for both weeks. I had been waiting for the BOGO to show up, now I know why it hasn't.
  10. We will be on Royal Caribbean and they offer the Eco Cruise on Gatun Lake. Here is the description: Cruise along the vast jungle area surrounding Gatun Lake and prepare yourself for a wildlife extravaganza. You will ride along the back channels, islands, and bays of this unique waterway to get an up close glimpse of the capuchin monkeys and other animals that inhabit this area. Have your camera ready to take advantage of the abundant photo opportunities, and listen along as your guide describes the culture, history, and ecology of this unspoiled region. CO62. Does this sound like the same excursion you did with NCL? Did you go through some of the locks? Thank you.
  11. FYI - We were on Symphony last month and the Suite Sun Deck was closed due to wind. This was on a sea day. Sorry, can't answer about the other days.
  12. Yes, you do get three free drinks per Diamond member on your seapass card. Be advised that the 3 free drinks are during Happy Hour only. Typically around 5:00 until 8:00. Times vary a little depending on the ship.
  13. This is just my opinion, others may have a different perspective. For us, I would have to say no. We don't drink enough to warrant purchasing the drink package. Also, we really enjoy the Diamond Lounge. It's a nice chance to meet up with old friends and to make new ones. Once you reach Diamond level and have the lounge experience you may change your mind about it. We've not really had issues with overcrowding in the lounges.
  14. Great review Cathi! (Hi Cathi and J) We loved Maya Chan and thought the service, drinks and food were amazing! We had no issues at all with the transportation going or coming back to the ship. We enjoyed it so much that we booked it again for our December cruise as soon as we got home.
  15. I agree about the Martini Class in Wonderland. I'm pretty sure we were both in the same class. I loved it and so glad I went. Thanks for helping me re-live this cruise. It's really making me want to go on another much sooner than my December bookings. Enjoying your review!
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