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  1. What kind of excursions are you seeing? Thanks.
  2. Just saw that Independence will be there the same day as our cruise on Enchantment. I'm so disappointed. Reserved space at the Beach Club and now Independence will be there 2 hours before us. I'm thinking I'm not going to have much luck with a decent beach front spot 😞
  3. I keep checking and not finding anything either. My cruise is the end of January.
  4. We're on this cruise as well. I booked this one particularly for this port and am disappointed. I thought about changing my booking however as @A&L_Ont said other ships could change ports. We've decided to keep this one and just enjoy what the ship has to offer. We have been on Harmony and Symphony but this will be our first time on Oasis.
  5. If myself and my husband are both D+, can we each book a BOGO dinner? For example if I book a BOGO for night one and he books one for night 2 or is it 1 per cabin? Thanks.
  6. I have reservations at this hotel for my next cruise in January. I'm flying in to BWI and I understand they have a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel. I'm traveling solo and have never cruised out of Baltimore. Can you tell me the best way to get to the port the morning of my sailing? Do you know if the Best Western has a port shuttle? Thank you.
  7. Hi Ken, What's the +1, +2 & +3 mean? (oops, looks like others have asked the same question).
  8. Booked Beach Club on my Enchantment cruise for $94 per person. Just checked for my Oasis cruise and it has jumped to $200 per person. 😞 I'll be looking for some sales.
  9. While I've met several Pinnacle cruisers over the years that have been very nice, helpful and informative. This particular group of about 8 people were rather obnoxious. I realize this can be found in any group of people.
  10. The pinnacles I witnessed in the DL seemed to just want to be big fish in a little pond. Sadly, they were demanding and rude to the staff. Wanted to make sure everyone knew they were pinnacles.
  11. Funny, on our last cruise we had a bunch of pinnacles in the Diamond Lounge because they said the Pinnacle lounge was annoying.
  12. Doing my first January cruise in 2022 on Enchantment. First cruise out of Baltimore and First Solo cruise.
  13. After reading all the restrictions, I'm thinking we may be cancelling our November cruise as I just don't think it will end by October. We are taking our grown sons and grandson on their first cruise and just don't want them to experience it with all the restrictions. Too much money to pay for 5 people to be so restricted. 😞 I'm still debating on what to do.
  14. Our Key West stop out of Tampa has been replaced with Nassau 😞
  15. We were scheduled for a port stop there in November 2021. The stop has already been replaced with Nassau. 😞
  16. I believe I read that booking cruises to earn double points will end by a certain date. Can someone tell me what the rules are for booking a cruise to receive double points? Thank you.
  17. I have no idea, but as a total guess I'm thinking Costa Maya maybe????
  18. Our November 2021 Brilliance of the Seas (2nd week of B2B) cruise has had a change. While I was aware that Key West was no longer allowing cruise ships, I was naively hoping that it by November it would work out. I'm curious to what is going to happen to the 1st week of our B2B as we have a port stop planned for Grand Cayman??? Check your planners for changes.
  19. Yes, We received points for the land portion of our cruisetour. Amazing trip!
  20. I also got emotional when I got my vaccine for the exact reasons you stated. I'll be 66 in the Spring so I totally get where you're coming from. I got my first Moderna last Friday and get my next one the beginning of March. I'm looking at mid-March to be covered. Best wishes and good health to you and Happy Cruising!
  21. I have cruises booked for November. Not totally convinced they will sail. I have stops in both Grand Cayman and Key West with excursions available to book. Wailing like everyone else to see if these cruises will even happen.
  22. We are booked on Brilliance for next November. It will be my 2 grown sons and 15 year old Grandson. My grandson and one grown son (his dad) have never cruised. While we've been on several cruises, I've not really paid attention to the kid stuff. I recall seeing kids getting wrist bands when getting on board, will my grandson be required to get one? What are the wristbands for? What other protocols should we be looking for with a teenage boy? I looked at the family cruise page, but it is mostly geared toward cruising with little ones. Thanks for any insight about cruising with a teen.
  23. We did a back2back for Christmas and New Years last year and loved it. It was just the two of us as our kids are grown. We had our big family Christmas celebration at home the weekend before we left for the cruise. It worked out very well for the whole family as they were free to do their own celebrations on Christmas day at their own homes. Probably won't get to do it again for a while as Hubby's company has changed the vacation rules over time off during Christmas and New Years. However, we have decided to do a family cruise over Thanksgiving next year. (fingers crossed).
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