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  1. Anyone know the officer, concierge and butler currently on the Bliss? Asking for a friend...
  2. 30 days out from boarding our cruise on the Bliss. Looking forward to finding out who the officers and directors are. Any Ideas?
  3. We have a forward facing angled on the Bliss (Deck 14, cabin 14158)...Deck 15 above, there is NOTHING in the space directly above us. We are also the "first" angled from the front of the ship on the deck. Hoping I picked well. This is our first angled. Booked my in-laws in the same cabin directly across in cabin 14758. Other family is in the room next to them, so at least they will know the neighbors, and I can almost guarantee that the balcony will NOT get opened between them...(my FIL asked he what he did to me to get the other family to book next to him...nothing, I just didn't want them next to US) Will let you know what we think of the cabin/balcony and the wind.
  4. No worries from my view point. It is exciting to see the progress though. At the moment I have no plans on her (unless I win that 7-day Mexican Riviera...), But knowing that she is headed this way, soon, it is entirely possible I guess. I'm sure some stuff is much easier to load in in dry dock than other, and vice versa....Thank you for the pictures. I always find it fascinating seeing things being put together, and trying to figure out how it is all done.
  5. Also keep in mind that if you do call to change your name, they will most likely ask for a copy of your marriage license showing the name change. But I agree with everyone else that if your passport (or ID) your reservation, leave it. My passport was expiring i think 5 days after we got married, so I waited to renew until I had my marriage license and everything in order. When I got married, it was suggested to me to leave my maiden name on some form of government issued ID. Makes things alot easier. I had just received my new DL with my maiden and married name, when my mom passed, and it saved alot of headache as far as proving WHO I was. She had me listed as beneficiary, but hadn't yet updated HER stuff to my married name, because it was so soon after we got married. Also, any cc in my maiden name, I didnt have to replace (for a fee of course), because my name was still showing. Only telling you as an example of why it is a good idea. My passport is my married name, and my DL is maiden and married. Good Luck, Have Fun and Congratulations!
  6. Oh fantastic! Our roll call has been quiet. Much more active in other places..send me an email (mrstocko@gmail.com)and I will be sure you are all set...I’m getting lanyards made too. $2 each. I ordered today, but I got extras, so I can definitely put you down for 2 if you want. Just let me know.
  7. assuming you haven't been to Seattle before. The pier is very near Pike Place Market (famous for fish throwing among im sure other things) Will be crowded, but if you are right there, it is the thing to do. There is also the space needle. Pioneer Square has a whole underground tunnel system that Seattle was built on top of. The Excursion offered by the cruise line will drop you and your luggage off at the airport, so your idea of booking a hotel that offers free airport rides MAY be a good one. I am just not sure of all the logistics of trying to do that. That will take some research on your part. When we were there the last time, flew in on Sunday for Monday cruise departure, we did Pike Place, walked past the space needle, took in a baseball game (that is a GREAT ballpark). Basically tried to do everything we could figuring that was our only time there. We had the transfer back to airport when we got back from cruise. Seattle has a great light rail system, so if you are also able to book a hotel close to a station, that will also help you get to as many places as you can. We fly in Saturday morning for our Sunday departure this time around as well. We will try and do the underground system, and maybe the Great Wheel - Ginormous Ferris Wheel on the waterfront. Should be a great picture. In-laws want to do dinner at Ivar's also on the waterfront, right next to the Ferry landing. Hope this helps you. Which sailing are you on?
  8. Following...we board the Bliss for its 2nd Cruise of the Alaskan Season on May 12 of this year. If you are so inclined, wondering if you could confirm which of this MDR are a little more relaxed as far as men’s dress code. DH loves his cargo shorts...also wondering about “theme parties”? Of course we know about the white hot party, but wondering about any other such themes. I heard an 80’s but not sure if that was a ship thing or a private group thing... both of of us are on the count down...70 days I think..could be 71, but getting closer than when we booked January of 2018 thank you in advance, have a great trip
  9. We are also taking our third in May. What is your ship and sail date? We are the Bliss on May 12.
  10. We have been twice and saw whales from the ship both times. a couple humpbacks with cruise tracy arm and an orca the first cruise from our balcony and a small pod of orcas from the back of the ship on our second. Both cruises we took a whale watching excursion, the first cruise, combined with a salmon bake, even though we are not salmon fans - though would love to fish for them someday - and the second with the Mendenhall. Mendenhall is fantastic. Our guide was great and informative. Saw lots of Eagles, whales and a mamma bear and 3 cubs. The name of the excursion we did the second cruise was the Photo Safari. If you are wanting to see whales, do an excursion. there are many to choose from in many price points. Pick the one that fits you and your budget. You CAN get lucky and see them from the ship, they are quick, especially the orcas. we didn't even realize for sure that is what we were seeing, until we zoomed in on the pictures we had taken already. They are very quick. Good luck, and have fun - Alaska is BEAUTIFUL. We love it.
  11. DH saw it first on the envelope. Thought to myself - it CAN'T be, and said as much to him. I was wrong. It WAS indeed Carlos. As well as one of the hostesses for MDR - DH recognized her. I said no way...Again, I was wrong.
  12. Following. We sail on the Bliss in May, and will be interested to know who is on board. I don't need to know now (unless you have inside information and KNOW for sure that it won't change before we embark on 5/12), because I know how quickly things change. Just want to be sure I am staying in the loop. For anyone sailing the Bliss end of April, beginning of May - This information would be fantastic. Wondering if we are going to get lucky enough to have Carlos as a Concierge. He was on the Sun, for our first NCL cruise. Then we did the Jade last year (our 2nd NCL), and somehow fate intervened, and we had MANY crew members from our cruise on the Sun also on our Jade cruise, including Carlos.. Will we be 3rd time lucky? Have heard many stories, good and bad, about many of the concierges...Carlos, is one of the best, from all reports and my own experiences.
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