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  1. So… DH and I go through list pick the ones we would like to try consolidate the list print it twice make a pocket/purse sized double sided laminated flash card then carry it with us always..so we don’t forget the stuff we wanted to try… yes, I’m a nerd
  2. I know that it can all change, but right NOW, it looks like our return flight from our 11- London to Iceland cruise in July 2022, has us with 2 layovers. Im sorta ok with it based on the cost we are paying with NCL (Thank you NCL Air Promo). My Question is this: If you have taken advantage of NCL booking your air, whether with the promo or not, have you had any success with requesting 1 layover or less? Im thinking it is just more of an opportunity to have a snafu of some kind. Also, again based on the route showing on my account, and knowing that it can change, the POSSIBLE flights would have us changing AIRPORTS (flying into JFK, and out of LGA to connect in MSP). I did a "WIDE" search based on the route showing and that is what was returned. I'm just wondering if it would even work to call my PCC and request no more than 1 layover? TIA for any insight you have
  3. Call NCL and ask for a Deviation. You can deviate up to 2 days before or after your cruise. It is around $25 per person each deviation (used to be fee, but i think it is now a credit - I have no clue) - so if you deviate before and after it is $50 per person. Any transfers that were automatically added when you use NCL for airfare, will be removed (of course always double check your reservation) I have 2 airfares currently booked with NCL: 4/22/22 - One Way from Vancouver to San Diego (we board in San Diego, our home port) - currently the "route" is showing on reservation, but not the flights - still too early - 6/30 - Round trip to Europe - not making any changes to that one with a 10ft pole - when we booked we got the air for $300 each - no way I can get it cheaper anywhere than that, and paying to upgrade my seats will be worth it at that price. I deviated on this one to LAND in London on 7/1 - knowing it will take about 24 hours (time difference+flight time) to get there - I am figuring that we will fly on 6/30. we are returning 2 days after end of cruise.
  4. So I just booked our post cruise hotel in Reykjavik. I think we will do the Golden circle tour on a ship excursion. The south coast for our full day post cruise. I read some place that Reykjavik has a Hop On/Hop Off (I think I read that). We will most likely do that after we disembark. Will be a good way to explore without “rushing” to get checked into hotel and then meet a tour. We love HO/HO, we always look for it when we visit a new place.
  5. Yes…this..and I can drink DH share as well, if I need to. Do a pub crawl, no big. Didn’t like that drink, I order something else. I have done it where I am watching every penny, and decide at noon if I want to drink with dinner or now. Much prefer the drink package. Comparatively. Carnival doesn’t include the drinks, their package is additional. When I compare carnival, and add the cheers…it is roughly the same as ncl. But it “feels” like I’m getting more for my $$$ because it is included. I would NEVER pay full price for the drink package 100 per person per day…I can’t drink 200 worth per day…but the gratuity at 20 pp/pd…that is doable for sure
  6. We also took advantage of a BOGO offer for Northern Europe in July 2022. And then also Alaska in April 2022. Our home port is San Diego. this is what I found: when we did mock bookings, San Diego to London (Southampton cruise departure), returning from Reykjavik…it was approx 800 each. Not bad. I checked LAX…300 each. For the 1000 we are saving, we will rent a car, drive to LA, spend the night and then rent a car for the drive home upon return, and we will still save money. It is about 90 minute drive. We requested deviation on both sides. $25 fee each way per person. Deviation removed the automatically added transfer fees from/to the airport. for Alaska…the cruise departs from San Diego. So we only need 1 way air at the end of the cruise. When booked it was $50 each. I rebooked later to take advantage of 30% and free gratuities. But lost the air. So I am now paying the air through ncl. 225 each. Still ends up less than original booking. I have found, on my own, air for 200 each, so at the moment I am leaving it alone, let them handle getting us home. No deviation. with how quickly everything is changing, I’m not worrying too much about what regulations will be in place until maybe December or January. We have also just booked our 1st HI cruise on POA for 2024. Will keep an eye on airfare, as we live in San Diego we often see flight deals to HI. this will be my first time using air through NCL.
  7. Ok- I just saw this on my April 2022 reservation. I was able to verify my email and mobile number and took a photo with my desktop camera. All of these fields were required in order to Save & Continue. Led me to think that it wouldnt allow me to do part of it (email and phone) without completing all of it (Photo). actually received the text almost instantaneously, same with email. My email was open in another window. I clicked verify cell (ding with text received) Verify email read received text and responded went to check email Verified my email Process took about a minute for all. Will do my DH tonight
  8. Thank you! Thinking of booking in 2024. Was wondering which side, but your tips told me. Very helpful. Didn't know there is a difference in sunscreen. Great info. Really. I'm ok paying the tax drinks while in port, I always figure out what the cost per day I need to drink, to make it worth the cost of the beverage package. usually able to make it worth it...without destroying my liver.
  9. Hi all - We are booked on an NCL cruise in July 2022. Our last 3 stops are in Iceland: Akureyri, Isafjordur, and lastly Reykjavik (overnight). We chose to let NCL take care of our air (way to good of a deal to pass up). We also have requested the deviation to allow for a couple of extra days in Iceland after the cruise ends. We of course want to see and do EVERYTHING we possibly can. I know a "must" is the Golden Circle. Logistically, I am trying to figure out what we should do, from where. Should we do the golden circle from the ship, or on our own? should we do it from a different port, if offered as an option? Knowing that we will have limited time, what are some of the other "must-do"? We do not care to rent a car and drive, not for us, though I know it is for many, so we will have to do day tours. We have heard of a GoT tour, that we are thinking about doing as well. We know that we will be going the wrong time of year to see the lights. We have ordered some Iceland books to research, but havent received them yet, I figured that I would asked the ones that would know while we wait... Still plenty of time to decide, I know, just not sure what we SHOULD do, to feel like we DID Iceland. TIA for any suggestions you have.
  10. DH has now told me that he is ok NOT going back into London to see Parliament, The Crown Jewels, The Tower, and The Bridge (I think it is the Tower Bridge, as I think that "London Bridge" is by The London Eye right?). He wants to be sure that we do get back to Stonehenge though. Anyway, if we DO go back to London, will be on a Saturday morning to Waterloo station, do the things I listed, then back to Southampton. So a crowded train won't bother us too much. But now I am going to check again different day trip options from Southampton to Stonehenge. Last time we were in England, we did the Windsor/Bath/Stonehenge tour from London. Will see what I can find. Most likely will be the same tour, but that is OK too.
  11. Based on Personal experience, look at the airlines directly, for fares/flights. I usually only use Expedia to see which airlines will fly to my destination and approx. fee. Then I go to the airline that seems to fit my preferred times, price....and look again. I will get more flight options, and all classes of service. I do this until I book. Then I do it to watch the price go up and know that I got a good deal. I had an american airlines credit from an expedia booked, but subsequently cancelled May 2020 trip. I obsessively looked at expedia, for flights for our July 2021 cruise (cancelled now), and as soon as the itinerary opened - that very day - I called expedia to use my credit. 3 hours later, after they tried to tell me the flight i wanted didnt exist, that i was on the wrong websites (I was on both expedia AND american looking at the "non-existent" flight), I was told that I could book flight choice C, but I would have a credit through expedia to use in future. I told them, no, i do not want another credit with them because I was never booking a flight through Expedia again. Ever. So I booked what they were suggesting, The flights I booked were not my preferred times, but they still worked, just not what I wanted. I dont even want to look at expedia now, because I dont want to be tempted to book their price...I will just remain determined to not use them I guess. On a side note, we have expedia as a vendor at work for advertising...they are a pain on that side of things too!
  12. When we booked our 11-Day Norway, Scotland, Iceland cruise we were able to book the deviation at the beginning of the cruise, but not the end, because it was too far out. I have since called back and was able to add the deviation to the end. We booked May 5, 2020 for July 3, 2022 Cruise.
  13. part of the reason we always go in at least the day before (if on our coast) we dont need the added stress... our Nov 2021 cruise leaves 2 hour drive from us. we are going the night before, and that one we are driving...just less stress, and we get to feel like the vacation is starting that much earlier....
  14. This is how I look at it... What is the average cost per person that I am paying NCL to deal with the headache? Can I find a better deal on my own? (price, non-stop, route, day, seats...) I know that NCL wont give me flight information until 60-90 days before, and then I can upgrade my seats, etc. I also know that I can start looking and potentially book a flight myself about 11 months prior to desired flight. That gives me time to decide. If I book on my own, then I can remove that portion from my booked cruise, and save that amount on the cruise, (even though I am spending that money elsewhere) Example: My now cancelled July 2021 cruise had the flight perk (was actually free for us). Last August, I started searching for flights, as a I had an airline credit from a cancelled May 2020 trip that I wanted to use. I was able to splurge, and combine with the credit and booked us first class round trip to Miami (from San Diego). I knew that while, yes, I was spending money as opposed to free flights, but I also knew that NCL wasnt going to fly me first class round trip. so for me to book it on my own, it was worth it for the flights I got, and the first class element (which is truly a splurge). When I called and had that perk removed, my insurance also went down, as the type of coverage and length of coverage changed. For our April 2022 cruise, we have a 1 way flight. I will look to see if I can get a better deal on my own, but as it stands, it is 225 each. So still not bad. And that includes a transfer from the ship/pier to the airport. So I will take a look at how much it will cost if I need to do it on my own. For our July 2022 cruise, we also have flights. That is from LAX (not my home airport), but round trip to Europe was 400 each (approx) I gave them my deviations and I am trying not to start researching (this is a thing with me), I think I am going to let them deal with the headache as 400 round trip per person is pretty freaking good. It is all about what you feel comfortable with. I have heard/read that NCL will get you there, but maybe not the same flight (NCL website and my PCC both say yes the same flight), or row, may not be sitting with your travel party. That is where the seat upgrade comes in. For anyone that has flown and looked at their seats, you know that the closer you get to flight, the harder it is to get seats together. But if you select your seats as soon as you get the information, chances should be better. Hope this gives you a different perspective. Also, I have never used NCL booked air. I have read a lot of posts, here and elsewhere, and this is my summation of what I have read. We will see what happens with our April 2022 flights (which I cant look at just yet...as the flight we need is the return flight after debarkation. We embark in our home port) Happy cruising,
  15. We stayed at the Executive Hotel Vintage Park. https://vancouverdowntownhotel.net/ in 2016. If the price was right, I would stay again. Decent hotel, reasonable at the time. We walked to waterfront (about 4 blocks) took the ferry to Granville Island. Walked to Olympic village, all around the area. easy walk to food. We were on the "list" for the shuttle to the pier for our cruise. LOTS of others were also waiting. We typically are way early for everything, so as a cab was dropping people off at the hotel, we asked if he had another fare waiting, upon hearing no, we removed ourselves from the shuttle list and he took us to the pier. With all the processes we normally do before a cruise, even after you have checked in online, we liked getting there early. Cab ride was about 10 minutes, and so easy. I honestly dont remember how we got to the hotel from the airport.
  16. 1 time DH was asked to go put on long pants (vs shorts). He came back with jeans, still wearing his flip flops. This was on the Sun and they did not have a Taste or Savor. ONLY the standard MDR. Since then, we frequent the ones that allow his shorts. He did once ask me (after that) "which restaurant do I have to wear pants?" Can you guess what my reply was? "all of them, you must wear pants in all of them, but you can wear shorts in the Taste or Savor"😂
  17. I learned - I get motion sick. I did in the car yesterday morning. So it was a lot of trial and error to get find cabins that I am OK in. Would love to do a GTY for the savings, but not worth it. I also usually tend to not bid for upgrades, for the same reason, that who knows where I will end up? Only thing that DH "insists" on is balcony. I avoided it for years, because I knew that I would never go back to an interior. So my first balcony, was my husbands first cruise (and our honeymoon), and we have stayed there. We do like those bump-out ones though. We usually stay right off the mid-ship elevators. Never had a problem with noise from elevators or people. I think most people are afraid it will be too noisy, so it is usually available. DH sleeps pretty lite and hasnt has issue with it.
  18. You will only see them, if you need them. I would imagine that they show them like that to reassure the ones that need it.
  19. Yes. My first cruise, was an ocean view and I have a vague recollection of seeing the space on the ceiling. The next few were interior and I remember it (even slept in one of those). I recall seeing it in my balconies too. The one time that we had 3 in the room, I slept in the top bunk, and I didnt feel it was "in the way" I think we actually had both top bunks down, (used the other for extra shelf space i think). Other than it being close quarters for 3 adult women with a ton of crap....it was good. I would have to go back and identify my room on each to confirm, but the only time that it was actually down was the one time that we needed it. Never saw it otherwise.
  20. When I am deciding on my cruise, I study the deck plans, and select my "preferred" cabin. The one that I would LIKE to stay in. DH and I are not too picky, but we like staying midship, with a deck of cabins above and below us and the public areas, and we are good with near the elevator. That is really it. So I look for the cabins, in the cabin category that I want. I do this because their idea of the best cabin, is not necessarily MY idea. Pick my preferred and a couple of "back ups". I always call my PCC, and then ask for my #1 choice. Also, online, I cant change the deck from the list that they generate, so my cabin, may be available, but not showing online. I usually always get it. When I booked for us and my in-laws, the cabins I chose for us were the identical cabin - directly across from each other. Online never showed that they were available. As others have stated, the bed folds down from the wall/ceiling so you wont even know it is there unless you look for it.
  21. Thank you. I still have time, cruise is in July 2022, so I know many things many change. But I will keep this post in my head and come back for the websites. Neither DH nor I will want to travel to port morning of cruise from London. We will also want the chance to explore around Southampton a bit. If we did stay the 2 nights at the port, the time on the train allows us to make our plan. And then relax a little on the way back to Southampton. We are easy going, early risers, so grabbing a coffee and pastry and getting on the train sounds like a great way to kill time while waiting for places to open for tourists...and a snack for the way back, because we will want to eat dinner in Southampton. Thanks again
  22. I have a couple of general, yet specific questions. I know that nothing is TYPICAL right now, so past knowledge is what I am looking for. Which pier in Southampton does NCL dock at? Looks like there are 3 docks/piers for cruise ships. I would like to try to choose my hotel based on that. For those that have traveled to England with NCL booked airfare (no way I can get roundtrip for DH and 1 for what I paid through NCL), do they fly into Heathrow or Gatwick? or is it random? We missed seeing a few things when we were in London in 2017. So we are deviating a couple of days before our cruise to allow us the time to do them. Everything is near Waterloo Station, so that would be the best station to travel into/out of (The Tower, Tower Bridge, Parliment, Crown Jewels.) OPTION 1: Land on Friday Morning, drop luggage at waterloo area hotel, do our tourist thing, then crash for the night. Get up on Saturday and take the train to Southampton - and repeat tourist stuff, before Cruise leaves on Sunday. We previously stayed at the Holiday Inn - Bloomsbury, and know that we can catch the HOHO from down the street. also that the tube is a block away, at Russell Square. OPTION 2: Land on Friday Morning, make our way to Southampton, play tourist Friday afternoon. Saturday, get up and go to London do the things, and return. Final sightseeing in Southampton would be Sunday morning. Option 2 is my preferred - in terms of luggage and all. But I was having trouble finding reasonable rates from the Airport to Southampton. We don't mind a bus, but we would rather NOT have to change trains and what not with luggage. Thoughts?
  23. “Clothing: Doesn't onboard laundry cost more than the clothing itself? I am thinking of saving up a bunch of underwear and socks near end of life, and throwing them away after usage. The ports I visit throughout a month aren't known for laundromats, and anyway I hate having anyone else laying hands or eyes on my dirty stuff.” we do this..we will buy a new package or 2. Enough to almost cover our trip, leave the package unopened, won’t be able to pack it better. And add in the stuff on the last legs and toss after worn. That way I don’t end up washing and keep wearing...Socks and underwear we always over pack anyway...
  24. So my compulsive planner trait kicked night before last and I checked the status on hotels opening their booking systems up for July 2021 cruise...Scored! Got the Hyatt downtown Miami in mid-July for150 pn can cancel if I get the preferred hotel, and preferred only because it is closer to port and I want to hopefully see the ship in the morning. Won’t be able to from the Hyatt I don’t think. Oh and shore excursions are being added to our cruise..up to 105 already at 387 days. Now we start thinking about what we are going to do. I think I have 3 of the 4 ports figured out.
  25. we dont typically do the specialty restaurants, but we put the daily and any port/excursion tickets up on the walls with bulldog clip magnets. That's how we keep track of the days...the dailies..we also buy magnets in ports for souvenirs...so we have plenty. anything that we need, goes on the wall with the magnet.
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