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  1. Hi, all, happy Monday! I've got another week packed with meetings - this time in the daytime, though, thank goodness. People in from out of town, so catered lunches and dinners out. Already scoping out restaurant menus. And luckily, most of the lunch caterers have salad boxes as well as sandwich boxes. Jenny and Ombud, I do meal prep, too, at least when I'm being good. This week it was a cut-up rotisserie chicken, some tahini sauce (basically hummus without the beans), lots of cut-up veggies, and my smoothie ingredients in the freezer and ready to go. Oh, and hard boiled eggs, can't do without those. I've got walnuts and pepitas in my bag for snacks during the all-day meetings, plus my water bottle. I have a hard time cooking for just me, but I am trying to retrain myself - buying less at the grocery store and going more often. Some success so far. Jenny, that's a great idea about using the pickup so you stick to your grocery list!
  2. Great loss, cruise42!!!! 😊 I had a NSV yesterday - had ordered two tank dresses online, following their sizing guidelines, but have to send them back - too big!!!
  3. I really envy you all with cruises coming up in the summer and fall. December seems such a long way away for mine!! But I will have a loooonng international flight, and I need to fit in that airline seat better. Good motivation. Jenny, congrats on your initial loss on keto. When you say you are under 30 grams of carb, do you mean total or net (subtracting fiber)? Just curious - I'm not on keto but am trying to limit carbs. Mine are about 65-ish per day, but I get at least 25 grams of fiber. That seems to be about as low as I'm comfortable with. And when I get back to the gym, which I hope to do next week, I expect I will have a few extra pre-workout. Diana and pacruiser, don't sweat the small gains. It's a marathon, right? Jan, congrats, and have a great time in Iowa! I'm excited for the weekend, and stocking up on good stuff to eat. Nothing big planned this time, so should be able to stay on track!
  4. Hi, everybody! My first update, and I'm happy to say I'm down one pound since joining last Friday. (Down 7 pounds since I started back in earnest on June 1!) Belle, thanks for the food for thought - I don't have a lot planned this summer, but a few weekends will need some vigilance. 4th of July my sister and BIL are coming down, and I'll have to really watch the snacks. Also going to Biltmore in August, again with my sister, for a concert and weekend visit. I think I'm done with night-time meetings this week. No more coffee, and hope to get my sleep back on track. Hope everyone has a great week! Andrea
  5. Hang in there, Ombud! Ice cream is tough to resist! Today coffee is my downfall. Not so much in calories, just the overall effect. But tomorrow is another day.
  6. Thanks, cruisestitch! I was hoping that "rule" on the website just meant you can't turn it in mid-cruise and get your money back. We really just don't even come close to getting our money's worth on that first night. Not that we really do overall, it's more about the convenience. But every little bit helps.
  7. I tried to search this question but didn't see the topic come up. In the past I have purchased a drinks package on day 2, and had the price prorated for 6 days rather than 7. In fact, the bartenders were actively selling it. Does Celebrity still allow that? I noticed in the fine print on their website, "packages are sold on a per cruise basis, are not sold on a per day or any other basis..." so wondering if that unofficial policy was shut down. Thanks for any advice!
  8. Belle, hope your week is getting better. I was missing my Dad too Sunday - the holidays and birthdays are always a melancholy time. But that's how we honor them. I'm doing okay on my plan this week, but my challenge is night-time meetings. I'm working on a project where a ton of people are in a room in Hong Kong (12 hours ahead of East Coast), but some of us have to dial in from the States. So I work all day (leave a little early), get home and fix dinner, then get back on the phone for these calls and hang on as long as I can. It wrecks my sleep and makes me more likely to cheat (I had two cups of coffee today - not a big deal, but I usually have just one a week). The meetings go through Thursday night. Oy. Trying to hang in there. Hope everyone else is having a great week! Andrea
  9. Is this open to new posters? I'm just starting out (since June 1) on a low carb (not Keto levels) plan, and saw some initial success. Hope to continue, and it would be nice to check weekly and share successes and stumbles. I'm Andrea, 54, cruising next in December (my first river cruise), and I need to lose about 65 pounds overall (not expecting to by December, of course). I have another cruise booked next June for my son's graduation, and I would so love to be at a healthy weight by then! I started the month doing Dr. Mark Hyman's 10-day Detox diet - with no sugar or sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine, starchy veggies, grains, beans or dairy. Lost 4 pounds, 2 inches from my waist and 1 inch each from hips and thighs. The diet was great for taming the sugar cravings, and I certainly want to continue that, but it has so many restrictions. This week I'm adding back in a little dairy (cheese, cream or full-fat yogurt - not much in any given day). I tend to end up with 50-60% fat and usually under 20% carbs. Average 1,500 calories or so per day. Anyway, I hope to join in and add to the community of support!
  10. Lois, that sounds awesome. I've never been to Venice. I may have to look for a last-minute deal this summer - I don't care where to! But December is a long way away, and I miss being on a ship!
  11. Wow, Lois, I'm sorry to hear about your issues on Azamara. They've been on my list to try once my son is no longer traveling with me. And he's working now and heading off to college soon, so that time has come. And to all, absolutely not a problem to hijack this thread. I'm still getting a lot out of it. And while the river cruise will be my first solo in about 20 years, it won't be my last - so I'm very interested in learning about how experience solo travelers handle things. Thanks for all the great input. Andrea
  12. Thanks for the responses. I haven't been on any rivers cruises before, so I only mentioned it's a Christmas Markets cruise in case there is a different passenger mix. I absolutely plan to take the included excursions, and it's nice to hear that I won't likely feel the odd one out. Thanks for easing my mind!
  13. Well, we're a quarter of the way through the year, but happy new year! This is my first time checking out this forum. I've booked my first solo cruise for this December (Iconic Christmas Markets on Ama Waterways). Lois, I have followed your posts on Cruise Critic for a while now!
  14. After many years of ocean cruising, I've booked my first river cruise on Ama Waterways, Iconic Christmas Markets this December. I'm a fairly experienced solo traveler, but I gather the experience on a river cruise is unique. In the past I have arranged my own excursions, but this time expect to rely on those planned by Ama. So I think for on-shore activities I'll be fine. More concerned about evenings. I've seen a few reviews mention that many passengers are part of large family or other groups, with not a lot of mingling. I'd hate to be the "lonely single" at dinner every night. I'd appreciate any insights from veterans of river cruising. How do solo travelers fare? Andrea North Carolina
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