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  1. I'll be on Summit Oct 30th, can't wait, and your report is making it harder than ever! I'm glad to hear Silent Disco is still happening!
  2. Thanks so much for the detailed descriptions!
  3. Could you share some details on your Viator excursions? Which sights on which Islands? Anything a newbie to Greece should know about them? (planning for Edge Italy, Greece and Turkey next year) - thanks!!
  4. Thank you all for the suggestions - this is great information! I will be looking to our roll call to see if others are interested in joining, and I do remember seeing some mention on these boards about tour guides who use the tram to get to Sultanahmet - I definitely don't want to spend my time waiting in traffic. And absolutely not interested in carpet shops or obligatory lunch as part of a tour. @cruisemom42, you had me at kofte! I'll definitely consider that place. I was thinking my dining on those days would be street food, but getting off my feet in a cafe is probably a good idea. Well, you all have given me plenty to think about over the next year, LOL. I'm so looking forward to this trip! Thanks again!
  5. I'll be in Istanbul next year on a Celebrity cruise - the ship docs at 11 am Saturday and departs at 1 pm Sunday. This will be my first time in Istanbul, so I want to see the "must-see" sites - Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, maybe Topkapi palace. I've read many threads on here suggesting this should be easy to do on my own, without a tour. But I'm looking for advice around timing. Which places would be best to cover early in the morning - putting them on the second day's itinerary? On day 1 if I'm starting mid-day, is everything going to be super crowded (relative to early morning or late afternoon)? I'd like to get the most out of my time there, and don't mind paying for a tour if that will help me do that. Thanks in advance!! Andrea
  6. SOOOO looking forward to my sea days (only 2 😞) on our upcoming Alaska cruise! Morning walk around the track top-side, breakfast on the balcony, second breakfast outside the OVC, bloody mary-fueled trivia or other morning activities, spend a little time in the solarium, Aspen coffee drink either top-side looking at glaciers or in Cafe al Bacio, attending Brent Nixon presentations, post-day-drinking nap on the balcony, then enjoy dinner and the evening activities! 95 days til we leave!!!!
  7. I posted a review of my December cruise on AmaWaterways Iconic Christmas Markets cruise on AmaLea (Budapest to Nuremberg). What a wonderful trip! Happy to answer any questions (as so many on these boards have done for me)! https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=673665
  8. Looking for info from anyone who has used the Ama Waterways app to send e-postcards. The app says to load in all your email addresses before departing. So far, so good. My question is, once you're on board, can you choose to send a postcard to only one person on your list, or does the app always send to the entire list? I realize this seems like a dumb question, but there are people who have told me, "send me a picture!" who I know don't want to see one from every port! I don't want to add people to my list only to have them flag my emails as spam. Ah, first world problems. But, if anyone has a quick answer, it would be most appreciated! Leaving in 2 days, can't wait!!!!! Andrea
  9. Arriving one day prior to cruise departing Budapest (transfers already purchased). Departure day and following day are Budapest excursions. Should $100 worth be enough, assuming purchases by credit card wherever possible? The remainder of the cruise is in Euroland, also assuming purchases by card whenever possible - thinking $300 worth. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks for any feedback - I'm 20 days away from my cruise - so excited!!
  10. Hi, everyone! I cannot believe it's October already - sure doesn't feel like it here in NC. 99 degrees yesterday. 99 - what the heck?! I am still at my recent high of 215. I don't know what to say, but, I am determined to get myself back on track! I've not been tracking on MFP, so got back to that today. And I've started back on checking my blood sugar daily. Constant struggle. But I've still got two months till my cruise, and that should be enough time to drop a few pounds. Online check-in is done. Now just need to plan for what to wear, and what I'm going to pack it all in. Belle, hope you're having a great time on your cruise! I love the part of your poem about candy and cakes - don't make! My sister and I have canceled our usual cookie-baking weekend in early December (mostly due to scheduling, but I think it might be time to retire that tradition). Jan, congratulations to your daughter, and to you for not gaining through all the celebrations. Ilovecruisingtoo, I'm right there with you on finding the determination - we can do this!! When is your cruise? I leave Dec. 4th for mine. pacruise804, great loss! And congratulations to your son on his first goal! winewanderer, hope you're having a great week katmu, congrats on a great loss!!
  11. Hi, everyone, opening the thread for us this week, minus Belle's fun poem! Hope everyone is having a great week! Andrea
  12. Great info on this thread - thanks, thunter1224, for starting it! I'll be on AmaLea a couple months after you, so my research is a little behind yours. I'm in "aquarium class" too (avoiding a single supplement), and I was prepared to just consider it an inside cabin. Good to know there may be some sort of view.
  13. Hey, everybody, Sorry I missed Thursday's weigh-in. I was same as last week (which had a gain). And today I'm up still from that. Back to where I was back when I started a month ago. I have lost and gained the same ten pounds about 4 times this year, I think! Anyway, I don't want to bring everybody down with my frustration. Just really having trouble sticking with anything. Work has me so busy and stressed I just don't have motivation for anything else. I just don't know what to do to get my head right. I took a tumble in the yard Friday night - got tangled up in my dog's leash, trying to guide the neighbor's dog back to his house. The playing puppies took me down! Pulled something in my calf and have been hobbling all weekend. But it's been getting better - almost back to normal on our walk this morning. It's always something! Congrats to all who had losses this week. Jasonmom, hope you get the answers you are looking for on the keto diet. Robincruiser, congratulations on paying off the mortgage! That's such a big accomplishment! Belle, hope you are enjoying your cruise!
  14. @Belle, I love these weekly threads, and all the support and friendship I find here! I bet many of us just go through some cycles of checking in more often, then get busy with life and don't come on as much. I always like to hear what is working for others, even if I'm not following the same plan. (I go by Andrea, but I'll certainly answer to Andy here, since that's my screen name - I set it up a long time ago when I was more vigilant about protecting my identity online - nowadays I don't worry so much about it.) @winewanderer, wow, Diana, that Panama Canal cruise sounds wonderful. Hope you have a great time in Tahoe, too. Cleaning out my kitchen today and prepping for a busy week. Cauliflower soup, hard boiled eggs, lots of veggie choices, rotisserie chicken, smoothie ingredients. The usual. Hope everyone's having a good weekend. Andrea
  15. @Belle, wow, 2 month-long cruises before the end of the year! My longest has been 12 days. I fantasize about having enough time off to be able to do longer ones. That's a few years away for me. Have a great time! I've got my Christmas Markets cruise in early December, and I'll be away about 10 days for that (7 on the cruise itself). But before that I have a business trip to India scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving. That should be pretty exciting too! It's going to be a busy holiday season!
  16. Hi, everybody, sorry I didn't make it on Thursday. I had a horrible week, up FIVE pounds. And I can't say I don't know how it happened, I know exactly how it did. Still on a bit of a spiral and trying to turn it around this weekend. No, not trying. I WILL turn it around! Congrats, Jan, winewanderer, pacruise804 and JennyB - great losses, all. Belle and bolt, we're all in it for the long haul, so be happy your gains were small compared to some! 😳 My 14-week (now 13-week) goals get me to my cruise on December 4, and I think my goal for the rest of the season will be just to maintain whatever loss I've achieved by then - I'd better amend that goal to 190 - that's 20 pounds. I am not doing great on the cardio, but I'll keep trying until I get the habit going again. I always feel better when I'm doing some exercise beyond walking - although I'm still committed to walking 200 miles each month. I just barely made it for August - 200.65 - whew!
  17. Wanted to share my little weekend project - sprucing up the patio - new plants, re-painted the furniture, added some lighting. Let's see if I can get the picture to load:
  18. @Belle, Happy Birthday!! I'm not going to say "belated" as I presume we're celebrating all month! Bring on the dancing men! Jo, congrats on your loss (not "only" .8 pounds - .8 pounds!!!!!!). I bet you could easily lose 5-6 pounds before your cruise. 7 weeks to go! Well, it's Monday, and time for my next weekly focus (13 weeks to go for my cruise) - this week it's "up the Cardio". My aim is to get 30-45 minutes of cardio at least 5 days this week. And I'd better get on it, because I was bad this weekend! Scale is way up from last Thursday's weigh-in. Hopefully I'll pull off a small loss or at least no gain by this Thursday. Hope everyone is having a great holiday!
  19. @Jasonmom, wow, 5.6 is awesome! @CarolinaGirl2010, I'd call no gain a win for sure, especially while your foot is hurting. @Jan_In_Maine, sometimes that scale has a mind of its own - you've got the right mindset, though, not to beat yourself up over a few pounds when you know you're in a healthy range. @JennyB1977, I saw your 90 days on MFP - that's awesome! @winewanderer, welcome back! 4 pounds on a 2-week cruise is not bad at all. Hope you had a great time! @RobinCruiser, great loss! I know what you mean about travel challenges. @pacruise804, great job! Happy birthday to your daughter. @bolt, great loss again, and great trend over 4 weeks! and @nyer, CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your goal!!!! To Jasonmom's question about dieting while on a cruise - I always get on the ship with good intentions, but by the second night I have given in to many temptations. But I do think by going in with an intention (that's my by-word for the week) of being healthier, my splurges are less "splurgy" than they used to be. And I don't get the drinks package any more. Then I'm more deliberate about what I drink - it's too easy with the package to over-indulge to try to get your money's worth. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and nobody is in Dorian's path this week. @CarolinaGirl2010, are you on the coast? I see some models show it coming up the coast to SC.
  20. Okay, I just popped back to last Thursday's thread, and if I didn't miss anything, we lost a net 16.6 pounds last week! I counted 12 check-ins. That's nothing to sneeze at! Okay, better get ready for work. Have a great day, all!
  21. Lovely poem, Belle! I'm so excited for a little cool weather (although in North Carolina, we call this "false fall", because we haven't seen the end of summer yet). It was 61 degrees out when I took my dog for her walk this morning. Heavenly! Holidays for my family start in October with my son's birthday - he'll be 18 this year! 😲 Then it's right on into Halloween, fall 5K runs (well, walks for me), Thanksgiving, CRUISE, Christmas and then my birthday. The calendar is about to heat up!! My momentum seems to be going still. I'm down two pounds to 205. Hoping to keep the focus through this long weekend. I don't have any plans, so I will try to direct myself to healthy things. @JessandLevi, I bet even with your husband home for the weekend you'll find you don't fall off the wagon too much. Just being aware will keep you somewhat in check. And a little splurge is not a bad thing. Kudos for doing the IF. I may try that at some point, when my usual routine isn't giving me any results. Okay, we're down 4 pounds so far - let's see how well the group does this week!
  22. @Belle, you have inspired me to be creative. I needed something to help me stick to this long term by focusing on one little thing each week. And since my cruise is just over 14 weeks away, I wanted to tie it to that. My cruise on AmaWaterways is called "Iconic Christmas Markets". I'm so excited for it - my first river cruise, my first time to these countries, and my first solo cruise in a long, long time. With some abbreviating, I can get "Iconic Xmas Mkts" down to 14 letters. So here's my 14-week plan: set an Intention up the Cardio Overcome obstacles Nix nighttime eating Improve one thing Change up the routine eXamine what's working Make workouts a priority Add some yoga take the Stairs adjust Marco percentages Keep up the momentum minimize Travel Pitfalls Sail through Thanksgiving By the way, Belle, I don't know how you come up with all those poems each week. This took me forever to come up with, and it doesn't even rhyme. LOL. This week is about setting an Intention every day. Today my Intention was to be present in each moment - not multi-tasking, not thinking of the next thing coming up. I think I did pretty well (not perfect). That's not an easy one for me. I'll set a new one tomorrow when I wake up.
  23. My weekend was so-so foodwise. Was really good Saturday after a splurge Friday night, and good all day yesterday til falling for the call of Cheez-its while watching TV last night. Boo! Scale down, up, down, up. @Jasonmom, I'm like you, I can't NOT weigh when I'm trying to lose. But like you said, just hoping it's net down on Thursday. Doing well today, and kept my evening snack to 1 ounce of cheese. Watching American Ninja Warrior and pacing the floor while I watch. Well, except for this break to update my spreadsheets and post here. Last week of August. Can't believe how it flies by.
  24. Jan, your daughter sounds amazing! Good for her losing those 30#, and I know she'll continue on to her goal. Best wishes for her and her hubbie-to-be!! I just got online to plug in my food from last night - had friends over - play date for our dogs, wine and cheese for us. I did my best to only put out low-carb options with lots of veggies (plus some plain crackers which I tried to avoid). We had a nice picnic-style dinner while the dogs played. My friends recently got engaged so it was nice to catch up and hear the proposal story. Back to my normal eating plan today, starting off with some scrambled eggs (with a tiny bit of salami from last night) and avocado!
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