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  1. Where can I see some pictures. I can't seem to form a mental picture of how you can see the ocean from the inside balcony. From the picture posted earlier it looks like some cabins have a good view and othere just have a view of other cabins.. Also, as for seeing the aqua show, is it a good view? Can you sit and enjoy it or do you have to stand, lean and squint to see? Is the view the same for all Broadway balconies or do you have to be in certain one to see the ocean and show. Thanks!
  2. Update. I booked today. I did have to put down a 250 deposit for the 3rd child who doesn't have a cruise credit. I didn't press the issue to try to have it waived as I was expecting to have to pay it. One thing was interesting. Online I only had the option for a balcony guarantee. Its the Oasis so there are inside and ocean view balconies. Online I could not specify which I would get as a guarantee. On the phone I had the option to take an Ocean View balcony guarantee. Didn't realize the options were different when calling vs booking online. Now let's just hope we sail
  3. Thank you! I wonder if this is an area where having a TA is advantageous.
  4. Thank you. So in your experience Royal will allow a FCC for a kid sailing free with the KSF promotion? I've read about people being unable to use it in this situations. And if I cancel BEFORE final payment, my FCCs will be resissured? Is that correct? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks! That was my thought too. I always do refundable deposits but since I'm paying with FCC for deposit, I feel like there in no downside to non-refundable deposit. If I understand correctly I can cancel up to 48 hours before sailing and get a FCC. If I cancel before final payment I would get my FCC deposit back (even though I booked a non refundable deposit) as another FCC because of the modified cancelation policy. The only downside I see is that I may be out of $250 cash. If I get that back as a FCC I will not be able to use it once the deposit policy changes back because we always sai
  6. @Ourusualbeach So I'm thinking of booking Sep 2021. It does have the KSF offer. My understanding is that I can now use my FCC for the deposit. Its me and 2 children. I have a FCC for 600(me) and 300(daughter). I'm Assuming that even though this amount will cover the 750 deposit I won't be able to use it for the 2nd child and I will still have to put down a 250 deposit for her. Does that sound right? Or would I be able to use the FCC to cover the deposit for all 3? Thanks in advance for any insight you have.
  7. It may take time for there to be doses for everyone and the first doses would go to those at high risk of death and 1st responders I would think. So when/if cruising resumes it might not be feasible to require everyone to have a vaccine if there aren't enough doeses yet.
  8. Ok sign me up! After all this quarantine eating, I need a weight loss cruise.
  9. So you are saying occupancy will be worse than 9/11? Thats what I would imagine because those who are not afraid of the virus will be afraid for their jobs. If you're unemployed you're less likely to cruise. If you are employed, you don't want to risk losing your job if the trip ends in a 14 day quarantine. I think cruise lines have an incentive to make sure things go well to avoid bad press. But this could also make them try to hide illness or engage in some other type of cover-up to avoid making headlines. Of course coverups are always eventually uncovered and make headlines anyway.
  10. Update: So, I did receive the refund of my $750 deposit today. Looks like lots of people got their refunds today. Glad I didn't need to do a dispute. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be anxious about a refund but in the case I was afraid they would go bankrupt and I would not get it. Glad this is over.
  11. This is probably a question for another thread, but why did they let everyone board to begin with?
  12. I think @derfp is saying that what was signed on the ship does not contain these terms. I would think that what derfp signed overrides the policy on the website unless what derfp signed said refer to website x for full terms and conditions.
  13. I'm glad you shared this experience. So many defend Royal and cruise lines by saying you should have read the terms. In this case they are changing the terms. The terms said that the $200 was non needfor. They want to change it now and claim its $500. Do you still have a copy if what you originally signed?
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