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  1. We never bought insurance. Always passed it up. Then a few years ago, the night before our Disney cruise, my daughter wound up in the emergency room with a strangulated hernia that required immediate surgery. She did not have insurance. :( My poor grandson woke up so excited the next morning thinking he was going on his Disney cruise only to find out, not only was he not going, but his mom was in the hospital. You can bet we buy insurnace now. To the OP, I hope your little one is completely better now.
  2. Anyone have information on shuttle services from South Jersey to NYC termianl? There will be 15 to 16 people and we were thinking it may be cheaper to rent a shuttle bus than pay for parking for x amount of cars. I just don't know where to look for one. Thank you.
  3. Besides the MDR and the specialty restaurants are there other choices for dinner on the first night onboard? Such as, Johnny Rocket's, sandwich places, or a pizza place?
  4. Can you buy cans of soda at the bar? I don't like fountain soda.
  5. Is the soda package for fountain sodas only? I don't mind paying for a soda package if it's cans. I hate fountain soda.
  6. Thanks. I'll try there. It's the only question I have. Shows you where my priorities lie, huh?
  7. I am a diet coke junkie but I hate fountain soda. If I purchase the soda package will I be able to get cans or is it just fountain soda that's available? Thanks in advanced!
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